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Abducted by Lizard Beings, no date, no place


The following interview is from Ardy Sixkiller Clarke's book Space Age Indians, 2019, page 150-154:


"Can you tell me what happened that morning when you sct out on your fishing trip?" I asked.
"I set out just as a streak of light could be seen on the horizon, I was traveling east. In the distant sky, I saw a star moving across the sky. I thought it was a satellite at first. Then I saw it getting larger as it moved in a southerly direction. I thought no more of it, because I was taking a left hand turn at about that time heading north to my destination. I kick myself when I think about it. If had paid more attention, I might have outrun them or, at the least, hidden from them."
"How long did you travel before you saw the UFO again?" asked.
"'Me next time I saw it, it looked like the moon. It was a little ball of light. As I gazed at it in disbelief, I saw four smaller spheres come out of the ball of light—one was headed directly at me. Realizing my situation, I kick started my motorcycle and headed off-road to the cover of some trees that ran along the river. Under the cover of the trees, I saw an object hovering over the river that was about forty-feet wide."
"What was the craft doing?"
"At first I thought it was just skimming the river. Then, I saw a whirlwind created in my fishing spot, and it was like a tornado, sucking up the water from the river. I saw two beings, which looked like large lizards, jump into the water once the suction ended. "They were bathing or swimming. I'm not sure."
"Can you describe them?"
"They looked like big lizards and yet they walked like men. They had huge legs and arms and barrel chests. I remember thinking I do not want to get in a fight with them. One swipe from one of their hands would knock me unconscious."
"What about their faces?" I asked.
"Their heads were rounded in the back, reminding me of pictures I'd seen of big monkeys on the NatGeo channel. Their foreheads were high up, but the rest of their faces were flat. Their noses were flat and their mouths were huge. They didn't seem to have ears, but I knew they could hear. When I stepped on a twig, they both turned in my direction. At the same time, the craft began to move upward in my direction. I tried to start my motorcycle, but it wouldn't turn over. I got off and started running. When the craft was over me, I felt its power. I was unable to move."
"What did the two alien creatures do?" I asked.
"They came up to me. One stood on my right side and the other on my left side, and we began moving upward toward the the craft."
"How did you feel?"
"For some strange reason, the fear I felt was gone."
"Did they attempt to communicate with you?"
"Not while we're going into the craft."
"What happened when you entered the spaceship?"
" I was in a large domed room. The feeling had returned to my body. I could walk around, but the two huge creatures stood by the entrance. I knew they were not going to let me go, and then the door opened, and another one, identical to the two, walked into the room.
"What did the third one do?" I asked.
"He approached me and told me through my mind that I had nothing to fear. He also let me know it was useless to resist. The next thing I remember was being placed in a horizontal position on a table that was not there before. When I entered the room there was nothing there, but suddenly a table is there. I looked up into the eyes of this creature, and I felt a stabbing pain in my neck. I had a feeling of being carried to another place on the ship. I didn't struggle, but I had no power to struggle anyway."
"Did you lose consciousness?" I asked.
"For part of the time. I came to a strange room that was probably a laboratory. I was not familiar with the equipment, but then they were aliens. Besides, I had limited knowledge of labs. We had one in a chemistry lab in college, but I dropped the class and had little experience in it."
"What were they doing in the lab?"
"I felt a strange burning in my arm. I looked at it and realized they were taking my blood. I tried to get up, but I couldn't move. I yelled at them but they paid no attention. I gave up and lay there quietly, and at some point I passed out again."
"Do you know how long you were on the craft?" I asked. "About four hours."
"How did you get off the craft?"
"I don't know. My next memory was sitting under a tree by the river. I knew by the movement of the sun it was the around noon. I tried to stand, but I was too weak. I crawled over to my bike, opened the saddlebags, and pulled out a bottle of Gatorade, I drank the whole thing. I threw up violently. After some time passed, I got another bottle and drank it too. This one I kept down, After that, I fell asleep. I woke up in the late afternoon and was able to stand even though I was wobbly. I managed to get on my bike, and it started up immediately."
"Did you continue with your fishing trip?" I asked him.
"No. Once I got my motorcycle started, I came home. The house was empty. I was nauseous and had a severe pain in my stomach that wouldn't go away. Mom was not here. I crawled in bed and slept for fourteen hours."
"Molly tells me you suffer from nightmares," I said.
"The nightmares started shortly after the abduction. I'm always on the ship, and they're experimenting on my body. I see them open my stomach and remove my insides and examine them and reattach them. They seem to be communicating with one another. I wake up covered with a cold sweat."
"Why do you think you are having such dreams?" I asked.
"It scared me to death the first time it happened," his mother interrupted. "I heard him cry out. I ran into his bedroom, and he is sitting in the bed holding his stomach. I shook him and he finally woke up. I was frightened and he was frightened. I went into the kitchen, made hot chocolate, and we sat up the rest of the night talking about his nightmares and his abduction." She walked over to Rambo's side and patted him on the shoulder.
"But it happened again," Rambo said. "The same dream repeatedly. It never stops. I close my eyes and the creatures are there. I can't forget them."
"Well, show her," Molly demanded. He stood and walked toward me. He pulled up his t-shirt. Down the center of his hairless, washboard stomach was a thin white line. "Does that look like a scar to you?" she asked.
There was no question. It was a scar.
"I believe they operated on me and took out my insides," Rambo said, "and in my dreams I relive it. I just want it to stop." "Do your nightmares occur every night?" I asked.
He nodded.