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Mt. Kiera, Australia, 1971

Throughout his life, Danny Enderson of Mt. Kiera, New South Wales, Australia had many strange and unusual experiences. One evening in 1971 while lying in bed, a whirling red light appeared in his bedroom and he found himself being pulled upward into a large room with flashing lights and strange instrument panels. A seven-foot-tall humanoid in a green suit instructed Enderson to sit in a weird chair.

The humanoid placed his hand over Enderson’s eyes, causing pain. “Before long though,” said Enderson, “the pain gave way to a beautiful peaceful feeling and I knew I never wanted to leave that place. A moment later I was back in bed.”

Back at home, Enderson discovered his sense of hearing and touch were now both ultra-sensitive. His face was red and swollen and two hieroglyphic-like marks appeared on his chest.

Following this, Enderson experienced repeated visits with insectoid beings, Bigfoot-like beings and more.

One afternoon, Enderson was watering the plants in his garden when he saw a mantis-type creature exit Sam’s dog-shed, and disappear behind it. Sam was Enderson’s pet dog. He was old and crippled with arthritis, and would yelp with pain if anybody petted him. Enderson was planning on having old Sam put to sleep.

Enderson rushed into the shed to check on Sam. The dog was not only fine, he was healed. “His coat was suddenly glossy and his eyes were brighter than they’d been for years. From that day, the arthritis never troubled Sam.” There was no sign of the mantis being. Enderson feels humbled to be connected to these beings who he says are “full of love and peace.”

Source: Humanoid Encounters: The Others Amongst Us by Albert Rosales: 1970-1974, page 72