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Georgia (?), USA, 1947

Here is my mantis experience--this must have been in about 1947? After I recalled this I was living in Columbus, Georgia and met a guy whose sister around my same age had a similar mantis experience as a child-either people don't tell it or few people experience them?

In 1992 while at a workshop in Orlando I consciously recalled when I was 3 or 4 years old, playing on Indian mound next to our house that was planted in cotton. I had strayed over on the east side where the cotton was way over my head when suddenly a huge green praying mantis insect appeared trying to grab me. I ran screaming up the hill toward the house and as I ran out of the taller cotton I saw a group of greys by a tree over near the road wearing khaki coverall style jumpsuits. They were watching the chase, excitedly chattering to each other, making clicking type sounds. To my right I saw a small shiny saucer shaped craft parked there and a man appeared in the door, apparently in response to my screams. I thought he was a doctor because he had on a white lab coat like doctors wear. He rushed down the steps to rescue me or, so I thought, so I ran to him.....After that my memory is vague, I just have impression of being in a clinical white room where they used one of those probe type instruments on me-yikes, don't even want to remember! I don't recall how I got to the house but must have tried to tell about it.......and why family nicknamed me Bugs?


UFOBC Responds:
Hello K,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. The date goes way back.
Would you be able to provide any drawing of the craft or beings?


Martin Jasek

K. Responds:

Hi Martin, I am poor artist--but the craft was small-20-30' & pn notes what I drew reminds me of a helmet turned upside down & it had slit type portholes. The greys were your typical 3' or so except 4 the surprising attire--khaki coverall type jumpsuits. The 'doctor' was blond, maybe around 30yrs old. As far as i recall the mantis was just like a real one, except standing upright, and huge-about 6' tall with evil face:

Worse than above--rereading old notes & had forgotten that the greys may have had on space helmets? Also, impression that the craft had an antenna on top & it emitted a crackly low-pitched hum & rather than parked on legs actually may have been hovering though had door ramp that 'doctor' ran down--the doctor had on slacks & shirt under white lab coat & I had noted his hair was brown- though in my minds eye seemed blonde & must tell u he seemed very Aryan-like a Nazi Dr. from WWII-don't know why I got that impression.

I had titled my notes:
UFO-Ancients-Doctor-Spaceship on east side of hill
re Ancients-don't know why I used that word?