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Forth Smith, Arkansas, 2004

Location. Fort Smith, Arkansas
Date: August 4 2004
Time: 2200
An eyewitness, A.T. and his girlfriend were lying on the grass in Kay Rodgers Park when they spotted two strange figures nearby. They saw the figures walk out of the bushes about 10 feet away from where they were sitting. The figures wore gray or off-white tunic-style outfits. They wore shiny bronze or gold medallions on the center of their chest or shoulder. They had (praying) mantis-like heads and made strange clicking sounds. Their eyes would change from blood red to neon green. The witnesses stood up and stared at the humanoids for about 5 to y minutes, and then the humanoids disappeared into a white light. Both humanoids were approximately 7 feet tall, but the one on the left was a few inches short. They appeared from the direction the direction of the Harper Stadium area at an average walking speed.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 9 # 32.