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Glowing body at night

For years I would wake up at night and my body would be glowing. I would be so warm that I had to remove some if not all the blankets, until I had cooled down enough to go back to sleep. It was also stressful to the body to wake up like that. My sleep was not restful. Looking around the internet, I discovered that a lot of people had this too. No, I am not including women in their menopause. These are not hot-flashes either. I am a man, so this does not apply to me. The so-called 'male menopause' didn't seem to apply to my symptoms either.

Well, finally I figured it out. It completely stopped when I removed the salt from my diet. It was that simple. When I added salt again, my body would be glowing again at night. Even the smallest amount of salt added to my food would do it.

So, if you suffer from a glowing body at night, try to remove salt from your diet.