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Neutralizing The Brown Recluse Spider Bite with Electricity

The other day my wife got bitten by a Brown Recluse spider.

 She didn't feel it when it happened, and noticed it only later on in the day when a dark spot began to appear on her lower leg.

The next day the spot was larger, about two inches (5 cm) in diameter.

She didn't know what it was, so I looked it up on Google Images, and it matched a Brown Recluse spider bite.

We treated the discolored bite area with electric zappers, and after several days it was completely gone. (to see what zappers we used, go to my article of How to Heal Yourself Quickly, Cheaply and Effectively).

Poisonous bites can be successfully treated with electricity. But first a little more about the Brown Recluse spider.

The Brown Recluse is a spider that doesn't make webs, and runs away at the slightest hint of danger. But trapped, it will bite.

The Brown Recluse spider likes to live in dark, undisturbed places inside the house, such as under furniture, inside closets, inside heating vents and conduits, in cracks, and among old books, boxes, toys and clothes or outside under rocks or inside hollow tree trucks. This spider is nocturnal, shy and usually non aggressive. It can live up to six months without food or water, hiding in its lair during the day and roaming about at night.

The Brown Recluse Spider

The Brown Recluse spider has small fangs, so the bite is not that deep, but the venom is is more poisonous than that of a rattle snake. The poison causes the destruction of the cells and tissues of the skin. In other words, these cells and tissues will die off, leaving a hole. This die-off (necrosis) will happen about 1 to 2 weeks after the bite. In general when you leave the bite area alone, it might look worse and worse, and get blistery, but the body will will heal the wound, although it will take a lot of time. And it might look ugly. The resulting wound can take up to several months to heal.

The poison can spread around the area of insertion over the following days to weeks.

In rare cases the poison can cause a lot more havoc when it enters the blood stream: blood disorders, kidney failure, renal failure. It can attack nerves and muscles.


Going to the Doctor

What happens when you go to the doctor for a Brown Recluse spider bite?

Standard treatment consists of antibiotics. Antibiotics? They don't do anything about the poison. Antibiotics are only given to prevent or treat infection. Infection could happen in some bad cases when the necrosis area gets infected by microbes.

There is no commercial anti-venom available in the market. In other words, doctors can't do anything about the venom itself.

If necrosis of the skin and tissues progresses, the doctor can opt for a surgical intervention, to cut out the entire infected area. Not only painful, but this will also leave a deep hole. Not to mention the financial expense.


Rare Cases

Now, don't go looking on Google Images too much. You will find lots of awful pictures of the Brown recluse spider bites, but these are extreme cases. A lot of websites also make you afraid and make you run to the doctor. If you have neglected your bite and the poisons had a chance to create havoc, you will develop symptoms that require medical attention. But severe cases are rare.


So, in general, Brown recluse spider bites are not bad enough to panic, but they might look ugly and take a long time to heal. Unless you use some electricity. Zappers are low voltage (usually 9 or 12 volt) and low amperage, and are quite safe. The low current pulses inactivate the poisons, and the body's healing process carries them off.


Snake Bites

Poisonous snake bites have also been treated with electricity, both with high voltage and low voltage, with low current pulses. There is a lot of controversy in this subject, with successful stories of common people using motors, spark plugs and the like, and laboratory animal experiments that did not result in healing. However there are laboratory studies that showed that electric pulses (of low current) did inactivate the most dangerous poisons. You have to look around on the internet if you are interested in this subject.


Electricity pulses have also been used successfully with bee and scorpions stings, mosquito bites etc.