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Nausea Relief and Brewer's Yeast 

I was very sick for many years. To spare you the details, After one stressful day, something snapped in me and I became nauseous, twenty four hours a day, for many months, after which it came on and off for many years. The doctor couldn't help me, and alternative practitioners neither. After about two years, a friend came by. I told him about my problems, and the extreme tension of my eye muscles I was having at the same time with the nausea. He said that the eye muscle tension was probably the result of a lack of Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). I immediately went to the health food store, got a supply of vitamin B5 and took a large dose. Wonder, oh wonder, after about 2 hours I had become very calm, and my eye muscles had a rest for the first time in those two years. I kept on taking the vitamin B5, but I was still struggling with the nausea. After a couple of years, my friend came by again, and suggested I take brewer's yeast. He explained that when the body is in stress, first it uses up the vitamin B5 and then the other B vitamins. He recommended Twinlab SuperRich Yeast Plus, as it has other vitamins and minerals added to it. One tablespoon in the morning, one in the evening. After two days the nausea was gone and it hasn't come back.
So simple, so effective. My doctor couldn't help me, the neurologist diagnosed me with labyrinthitis, and said to go home as it is incurable. I guess as long as they can't give you a pharmaceutical pill, they can't help you. Alternative health practitioners came up with solutions that didn't work. I have to make an exception for the acupuncturist. Acupuncture works with the entire person, not so much on a specific problem. They try to restore the balance in the body. Acupuncture, together with Chinese herbs, gave me significant improvement and helped me to sleep (my body was creating anxieties due to the physical stress, especially when going to sleep). But after a couple of sessions, I noticed we reached a plateau. It is my opinion that it restored the balance in my body as much as possible. In this regard, it treated only the symptoms, but not the cause, which was a lack of B vitamins.
B Vitamins are necessary for a lot of biological functions, Research has also shown that they are important for our mental and neurological health.