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Chakra Arcana Tarot Readings

By Carol Herzer © 1996

(This text is also available in PDF format.)


The following text was created in the past to go with an automated free online oracle reading, which is no longer available. These are by no means the only interpretations, infinite more ways of looking are possible, connecting to each new situation and time.

In the readings shown, two chakra cards were randomly selected. If you have a set of the 7 individual chakras cards, spread them on the table face down, select one with your right hand and one with your left hand. The chakra on the right is interpreted as strong. The chakra on the left is the weak one needing more work. The two chakras together are one of the 21 tarot cards known as the major arcana. In this text, there are two readings given for each tarot card, depending on which chakra is on the left and which is on the right. So, for example, there is a reading for the Magician with root chakra on the left and sex chakra on the right. A separate reading is with sex left and root right.


Here is a key showing the basic connections of chakras to the 21 tarot cards:


THE MAGICIAN: 1-2 Root -Sex


THE EMPRESS: 2-3 Sex-Power

THE EMPEROR: 1-4 Root-Heart

THE INITIATE: 2-4 Sex-Heart

THE LOVERS: 3-4 Power-Heart

THE WILL (CHARIOT): 1-5 Root-Throat

JUSTICE: 2-5 Sex-Throat

THE GUIDE (HERMIT) 3-5 Power-Throat

THE WHEEL 4-5 Heart-Throat


THE UNCONSCIOUS 2-6 Sex- Inner Eye


TEMPERANCE 4-6 Heart- Inner Eye

THE TOWER 1-7 Root-Crown

THE STAR 2-7 Sex-Crown

THE MOON 3-7 Power-Crown

THE SUN 4-7 Heart-Crown

AWAKENING 5-7 Throat-Crown

THE UNIVERSE 6-7 Inner Eye-Crown


Root Chakra - The Magician - Sex Chakra


It is time to become more conscious and aware of the power of the mind, of beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, the words you speak, and your creative power. Free yourself from fears that undermine your emotional life and creativity with limited thinking. Be a Magician, know that words have an effect, observe how you are using them to create yourself and your life. What you say often is what you get; dwelling on negative thoughts generates negative results. Discover for yourself who you are and how you want to use your energy. The opinions of others; the family, the tribe, the group, have to be kept in their place, giving support without a price.


Sex Chakra - Magician - Root Chakra


Each one of us is a Magician, or can be. A real Magician knows the destructive effects of inner impurities, lying, dishonor, greed, selfishness, all the abuses of the Sex Chakra energies. Create a truly good inner and outer life by using the power the mind. Most essential is self respect and respect of others, the world and the planet, seeing we are all one. The flow of inspiration and creative energy can be blocked when one forgets that thoughts comes first, and the physical is a reflection of them. Do not dwell in negative emotions, just let them go by, they have their own schedule, but exaggerating and over emphasizing them will prevent their release.



Root Chakra - High Priestess - Power Chakra


The High Priestess is focused, calm, and mysterious; her power is hidden within. Learn when to be like her, quiet and a bit reserved. Overcome fears about security by quietly standing up for yourself, let other people know your limits in a calm way and retreat into your own personal inner space without feeling threatened by a loss of acceptance. The ability to come up for yourself is there if energy is not wasted on stress. Allow your energy to shine through, from a quiet inner place on your own terms.


Power Chakra - The High Priestess - Root Chakra


The High Priestess holds her own, she is grounded and secure and has a clear sense of boundaries. Be sure you do not burn yourself out or sacrifice self respect in the process of creating a secure base for yourself in life. Be strong, at the same time retreat into personal space and privacy when you need it. Allow a sense of quiet and mystery to enter your life and regenerate that inner spark. Learn to use good discrimination and remain quiet about things that are personal, private, or creative projects that are not yet developed. Gain stability as you let the intuitive and receptive side come through.



Sex Chakra - The Empress - Power Chakra


The Empress is the Earth Mother and the spirit of nature. She represents a birth or beginning, and this card can symbolize beauty, art, money, love, mothering, caring, and nurturing, and emotional bonding and security in relationships. Be clear in your relationships about boundaries, needs and expectations. Look for imbalances in your concern with sex, pleasure, money, food, beauty, health, and all sex chakra energies. See how Mother Nature does not forgive ignorance of natural laws, which include truthfulness, balance, and respect of oneself and of others.

Power Chakra - The Empress - Sex Chakra


The Empress card points to Love and a time of birth and new beginnings. She is nurturing, caring, the inner harmony of beauty, the flow of creativity and the life force. Your creative energy will flow better if you clarify your sense of individuality and personal power, your boundaries and a your sense of identity. If there are unhealed broken bonds of love, they need to be healed before you can go on to make a new beginning. The only way to let go is to let go with love, see how you have grown and learned, and move on. Nurture yourself, build up your vitality, respect the physical body and its needs.


Root Chakra - Emperor - Heart Chakra

The Emperor represents the father, leader, boss, or authority figure. It is an aspect of yourself, the part of you that takes control of your life and gets things done. Fears about security and stability can be healed by the power of unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of one’s self and others. Find your own inner authority so you can do your work, achieve, and assert yourself in the world, creating security and stability in your life. See how fears create stress. Acceptance can be found by giving it. Seek forgiveness and acceptance of yourself as well as those who have power in your life.


Heart Chakra - The Emperor - Root Chakra


The Emperor represents authority, the father, security, work and how you create stability and security in your own life. Have fears been used and the heart abused in the process of creating security, or attempting to do so? Can you see the results of an abuse of power and love with sacrifices of the heart unfairly or unwisely made for the sake of security? Heal the heart, remember each one has the spark of the divine within, place love there and it is possible to overcome fear with acceptance. When you love somebody remember you love the spirit, not the ego. Do not hate anyone, remember all anyone really wants is to be loved. We are all one, all connected, a universal family.




Sex Chakra - The Initiate - Heart Chakra


Each one of us is an Initiate, we are all being initiated, learning about Love. Sex and Heart Chakras both tell about aspects of love. Heart is unconditional love, universal, unlimited, seeing the divine spark in each individual. Sex Chakra is more personal, emotional, with pleasure and the physical expression of love. Compassion and forgiveness of the Heart will help overcome blocked Sex Chakra feelings and emotions. We all need to both forgive and be forgiven, look for chances to do this. Sex energy is basically creative energy, here it is healed by unselfish, unconditional love. Love with expectations is not love, it is an attempt at manipulation. Love can not be bought, learn to give love without wanting anything back.


Heart Chakra - The Initiate - Sex Chakra


The Initiate awakens the inner self and helps us learn lessons about love; we are all being initiated in love in this life. All the pleasures of the world, success, money, beauty, art, creativity, glamour, (Sex Chakra energies) mean nothing when the heart is cold and disconnected. Love has two sides, the personal (Sex Chakra) and the universal (Heart Chakra). Is your heart wounded and closed, blocked by fear? Sex without love is nothing, it can become an addiction, but never satisfies. Heal your heart with compassion, forgiveness, sharing, and understanding.




Power Chakra - the Lovers - Heart Chakra

The Lovers card is about choices. If choices are made on the basis of a weak sense of self the heart will suffer. You can give and give, but if there is no self respect the results will not be good. Learn the difference between compassion and getting walked on, do not feel sorry for yourself or others, and do not play the victim game. Pity is not a healthy emotion. Look at how you both make and break attachments, and see if there are unhealed broken links in your life. Heal them in your own mind, with light. The only way to let go is to let go with love, and this means acceptance, with recognition of the opportunity to learn and grow, and make better choices in the future.

Heart Chakra - The Lovers - Power Chakra


The Lovers is a card about choices, bonding and love relationships. A strong emotional connection is not enough by itself to make a love relationship work. The heart needs breathing room, it wants to expand and to be open, to love without boundaries and limitations, and especially without fear and expectations. Love can not be forced. Build strong connections by continually affirming them with the freedom of choice. Be sure your choices are coming from the heart with unconditional love backed up by self respect and enthusiasm. Overcome pain in the heart by being stronger in your self esteem.



Root Chakra - The Will (Chariot) - Throat Chakra


The Chariot is your vehicle, it is your body, your warrior spirit, your will power and your ability to take on challenges. Let your survival based fears about the physical world and security be replaced by acceptance of Divine Will. Look to see the underlying patterns in your life and how you can move ahead, growing from experiences rather than retreating because it did not go the way you wanted. If your personal chariot is cut off from spirit and only driven by material concerns it will go off balance and crash. Commitment in partnership also needs balance and the same trust in a higher will and purpose.


Throat Chakra – The Will (Chariot) - Root Chakra


Think of the Chariot as yourself, moving through life with clarity and harmony. Inner harmony and balance will keep your wagon ( the Chariot) from turning over. Is it overloaded? Is it time to trade in your ego for your higher self and to let divine will and direction guide you? Use your conscience, sense of integrity and honor to keep on track. Find security as you let the higher plan and spirit guide you. Do not dwell on dark and negative thoughts, keep your feet on the ground, at the same time concentrate on harmony and light.




Sex Chakra - Justice - Throat Chakra


The Justice card implies deep, inescapable, karmic situations and involvement. If you are seeking Justice, remember that Divine Will and Law are the true source of Justice, and be prepared to accept it. Focus attention on your own emotions, be sure they are healthy and balanced. Do not try to take Justice into your own hands with negative emotions as the fuel for your fire. Heal relationships as you improve communication about feelings, acknowledging and taking responsibility for the consequences of past choices. Respect others, let go of the fears that lead you to want to control them. Speak only with loving words. Surrender personal will to Divine Will.


Throat Chakra - Justice - Sex Chakra


Do not judge by what you see on the surface, develop inner vision and know that no man can judge another. Remember that negative judgments about others often reflect hidden inner negative judgments about ourselves. Beauty, sexual power, money, material success, all are of no use if there is a lack of conscience, if the ego has brought darkness and forgetfulness of Divine Law, Divine Will and Divine Justice. A person can pretend to be immune to conscience, but true inner justice will always be served.



Power Chakra - The Guide - Throat Chakra


The Hermit is a teacher and a guide, shining the light on the path. Guidance comes from the Throat Chakra and conscience, to find your inner guidance system and to learn about divine will. From this comes knowledge about how to use your personal power in the world and develop your sense of individuality. To find your way at this time listen to your inner voice and your conscience, or ask for help from spirit guides or from physical world persons who are capable teachers and counselors. The Hermit will help you understand the purpose of your life, your individuality, your path. Trade in your ego for your higher self. Look for self understanding, asking "who am I and what am I doing here?".


Throat Chakra - The Guide - Power Chakra


The Hermit is the inner guide and teacher, he can be your guardian angel or a spirit guide, and help is there if you call for it. Do not be afraid to ask for help from the higher self, or for information about the divine plan of your life. The strong Power Chakra with a brightly shining ego self gives energy and enthusiasm, but it can not stand by itself. To function the ego needs clear guidance from the higher self. Seek knowledge, learning, and to expand your horizons, and remember to shine your own light on the world.



Heart Chakra – The Wheel of Fortune - Throat Chakra


Everything is in a state of movement and change, nothing is life is fixed. As the wheel of life turns things are revealed, buried feelings emerge. Do you love your work or put love into it? A closed heart blocks the process of growth. Seek to understand and accept fate and karma, and the power of divine will. Make your heart strong. Know that the Love you put into your work and path in life is more significant than how important that work may be regarded by yourself or by others. Painful emotional memories can be healed by listening to the inner self, by following the heart, by allowing the power of divine will to reveal the direction of your life.


Throat Chakra - The Wheel of Fortune - Heart Chakra


Accept the path that has been chosen for you, and know that whatever your work may be it is more important that you do it with love in your heart. You can not always choose, but be sure that if you allow Divine Will to enter in to your life your path will follow the way of your inner growth. Remember also that the wheel of life is constantly turning, and by moving in harmony with it you will make progress. Going against it you will get your fingers caught in it, and create suffering. The stronger the heart, the more freedom and choice you will find you have.




Root Chakra - Kundalini (Strength) - Inner Eye Chakra

Kundalini is the awakening of the higher mind, the evolution of consciousness and self awareness. Before you can go further you must look within. Be objective and be calm as you open your inner vision. Allow fears about security, survival, acceptance, the physical body and the material world to reveal themselves, but do not let them take over. Find inner strength by becoming the master of physical desires and primal emotional energies. Follow higher intuition and do not just do what your body wants or what your brain tells you to do either. Do not be a slave to your animal nature, use your higher mind to rise above it and keep it in its place so you can benefit from the vital forces within you that are beginning to awaken.


Inner Eye Chakra – Kundalini (Strength) - Root Chakra


Kundalini is the awakening of higher consciousness and self awareness. By itself the brain and the mortal, physical mind will never see truth or find real understanding. Awaken your intuition, take the time needed to step back and look inside for finding the solutions to your problems. Even the strongest physical body is weak in comparison to what can be done with the mind when it is focused on the inner light of love and spirit. Search for inner peace and truth, detach from the outside world for a moment, and know you are strong enough to deal with what life has given, see it as a chance to grow stronger.




Sex Chakra - The Unconscious - Inner Eye Chakra


Hidden, buried feelings and emotions need to be brought into the light. This can be a time of backing off to get a better perspective, or even a complete reversal of how you see yourself and life. Unblock creative energy by opening the mind to intuitive wisdom, truth, and insight. As things are uprooted, your world may seem turned upside down. Quiet the fear driven voices and use this time to separate truth from illusion. Do not live in the past, instead look forward to find meaning and purpose, do not let external forces have any authority over you. Be still and go within.

Inner Eye Chakra - The Unconscious - Sex Chakra


Your inner world is there, even if you ignore it. Worldly success, money, glamour, all of this is worth nothing unless the inner self is awakened. Self doubt, lack of confidence, feeling useless and tired of it all reveals a need for inner growth, and it can turn everything upside down. Untangle blockages in self expression by looking to find the unique insight and wisdom or talents that you have to share with others, and build your personal life up with that. Do not dwell on the negative, instead see how it is pointing the way for you, revealing what you need to work on in yourself. Mastery of one’s self is the goal of life, allow yourself time to just be, take the time you need for self understanding.



Power Chakra - Transformation - Inner Eye Chakra

This card is symbolic of a time of cleansing, release and a powerful transition. In the Tarot it is the Death card, but in reality there is no death, only change. Do not fear letting go of the past and things that are over. Inner vision and awareness can flow into your personality and ego self, but it is not always easy. Fears and holding on to the "smaller I" or sense of ego self needs to be transformed into the greater I or cosmic self. This is a time of letting go of old ideas about yourself, replacing them with a more universal (Inner Eye) vision of your life and reason for being here. Take time out to look at the totality of your life and who you are.


Inner Eye Chakra - Transformation - Power Chakra


In the Tarot this is the Death card, but the message here is that there is no death, only change. This is a time for total transformations, letting go of the past, burning karma in the fire of inner truth, light and love. The strongest individual can go nowhere without inner direction and the ability to act on insight and intuitive wisdom. Break free from other people’s view of you. Overcome fears of looking within, then go for it, get rid of the old self and create a new self that has the power to inspire, and is of strong character. Letting go can have the effect of creating more and better energy, look forward and do not be afraid of making changes.




Heart Chakra - Temperance - Inner Eye Chakra


Look within and make a connection between your heart and your intuitive self. Forgiveness heals the wounded heart, closure of past wounds comes by removing the desire for striking back or for seeing oneself as a victim. Only send out love. Remove blame, self pity or anger, recognize the influence of fear, fear that has it’s origins in the heart and feelings. Defensiveness blocks insight. Detach from the past and review the contents of mind and emotions, live in the present, and become the master of your inner world.

Inner Eye Chakra - Temperance - Heart Chakra


There is a special connection between the Inner Eye and the Heart, universal love and truth, inner vision. Keep the light shining in both your heart and your mind, raise your emotions to the level of universal love and understanding. By opening this inner flow you are transforming your self, balancing the inner world with the heart felt experiences of the everyday world. Take time to step back so you can see where there is confusion, release painful emotional memories with love and thankfulness for the self awareness that has been made possible. Know that you can never be truly alone when you go within to the inner light.




Throat Chakra - Illusion - Inner Eye Chakra

Be responsible for your use of will and power. Speak no words to harm others. Personal power manifests in thoughts and attitudes. Recognize the influence of fear, detach yourself from the belief that success is equal to achieving specific goals. Be in the present, see what is happening and work to separate truth from illusion. Principles can guide you, but they also can be arbitrary and not really relevant. Review the contents of the mind and emotions, remember that mastery of the spirit and inner self is the goal. Recognize fears of truth, realistic judgment, self discipline, and of knowing about one’s shadow or dark side.


Inner Eye Chakra - Illusion - Throat Chakra


In the Tarot this is the Devil, and being lost in illusion. Mistakes can be made in abundance when personal will is disconnected from Divine Will and the inner voice is not heard. Be responsible for the way you use your will power, do not give it away to others, or think you have it all in your own hands either. Look toward the higher will, and see how you can work with what is real and is happening, instead of trying to force things in the way your brain thinks they should go. In this way you will see what is truth and what is illusion, and be able to still the fear driven voices within.



Root Chakra - The Tower - Crown Chakra


The Tower is a card of release and breakthrough that can be dramatic, sudden, shocking, exciting, and unexpected. A lightning bolt of truth is breaking down old beliefs and Spirit is overcoming the limits of the physical world. Holding on to fears and believing the physical world is all there is will block your higher self from breaking through with a release that liberates you from being stuck in patterns that prevent growth. Your spirit is strong, and the connections to it are there if you recognize them. Everything can change quickly, but resistance and holding on makes it harder to move ahead.


Crown Chakra - The Tower - Root Chakra


Let go of rigid thinking and false beliefs, know that spirit creates matter, and the material world is a reflection of it. Transform your life in an instant with love and inner light. The light of spirit is hidden within the physical body, when it is time for it to awaken a bolt of lightning may strike, as the polarities of spirit and matter interact. You can build up material security, but as long as the connection to spirit is buried and contained there is a spiritual crisis and the potential for an explosion that releases it. Instead you can discharge the energy more gradually, make it happen consciously, and be free of disruption, fear and accidents.



Sex chakra - The Star - Crown Chakra


At its best sex energy is a channel for spirit, the life force, creativity. Are your life force energies are blocked by fears that there will not be enough, that you will not get what you need? Love will again flow in a healthy way in your life and you will be able to share love if spirit is allowed to enter. Creative energy is inspired by spirit. Love requires freedom, freedom from fear, from being afraid there will not be enough, or that one will not be able to handle what life brings. Emotional energies and the life force must be allowed to flow so give back some of what has been given, generate abundance by generosity of spirit.

Crown Chakra - The Star - Sex Chakra


The Star card is about the life force, the flow of creative energy in the universe. Love can not be owned; love and freedom are linked together. Freedom is freedom from fear, but fear can only be released by spirit, by trusting in the universe, that there is a purpose and meaning, realizing all your true needs for spiritual growth in this life have been and will continue to be fulfilled. Sex Chakra energies, pleasure, food, money, art, beauty, sex, creativity, are part of the flow of cosmic energy. All forms of creative expression are empty and meaningless without Love. Give back some of what has been given, value your relationships with others and keep the flow of Love and creativity moving in your life.




Power Chakra - The Moon - Crown Chakra


Spirit is strong and can carry you through your shadowed times, past fears and confusion about who you are and where your life is going. The Moon card is a gateway, a threshold experience that leads you to a place where you have to confront fears and attachments, memories of past experiences, even those that go back beyond what the conscious mind can remember. Develop clarity, self respect, and a stronger sense of personal space and identity. Give your fears up to your higher self. Learn from the past but do not live there. Live in spirit. Make the link between the divine spark in yourself (Power Chakra) and spirit (Crown Chakra).


Crown Chakra - The Moon - Power Chakra


The Moon card shows connections that go deep into the past, all of the experiences and feelings that have led to your present state. Your ego is a house that your true self is living in. It is good for it to be strong, with clear mental energy, healthy self esteem, and the ability to make and break attachments, but without the light of spirit it is fragile, unsupported, and even self destructive. The spirit self has brought things from the past that unrecognized can create problems which seem to have no source or reason. Your spiritual crisis that has its roots in emotional attachments that need releasing and is designed to show you what is hidden inside. Do not dwell in fear or anger, let it go and move ahead out of the shadows. Understand that your higher self has an agenda, be strong and find the courage you need to deal with it.



Heart Chakra - Sun - Crown Chakra


The Sun card represents the divine light within, the inner child, an awakened Crown Chakra and spiritual self. If your heart needs healing, look in your heart to your higher self and spirit. Heal with unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. This opens the channels to spirit, to pure inner sunlight and grace. You will receive help as you ask, but fear in the heart must be released, so that the light within can shine out overcoming the darkness of ignorance in the world.


Crown Chakra - The Sun - Heart Chakra


The Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra have a natural strong link to each other. This card is an indication of much inner light, universal love. Is a spiritual crisis blocking you from experiencing it? Let your heart become the home of spirit, casting out all fears, shadows and darkness forever. The greatest work that any one can do is to bring the light of spirit to shine strong and clear in their heart, and to bring it to the world. Without the power of spirit the emotional feelings of the heart can go astray, lost in confusion, self pity, and weakness an ignorance of the meaning and purpose of life on Earth. Spirit can heal all the shadows and pain in the heart, give up your fears to spirit and they will be released.



Throat Chakra - Awakening - Crown Chakra


When spirit has awakened in you everything changes, the whole world is fresh and new, love replaces emptiness, and health replaces sickness. Go beyond what can be seen with the ordinary eyes, look within for a clearer vision of what is possible. Untangle confusion by working hard to develop will, focus, clarity and wisdom, under the direction of the spirit, knowing that spirit overcomes all darkness. The higher self can untangle the blockages in self expression, in communication.


Crown Chakra - Awakening - Throat Chakra


Know that life is eternal, that the divine plan of your life is in place, and all you have left to do is acknowledge it and allow spirit to shine through. There is no death, even though we are not able to see past the limits of the physical world all is revealed when we go in to the inner world of spirit. If you are in the middle of a spiritual crisis, make good use of your time, awaken and jump to the next level. Do not hate anyone. Pain and suffering is the result of denial of spirit and resistance to the flow of life. Discover the healing power of sacred music, mantras, rebirthing, shamanic journeying and deep breathing; focus your mind toward the light of universal love that unites us all.



Inner Eye Chakra - The Universe - Crown Chakra


Your higher self is ready to dance in the light, all the doors are open, but the inner eye must be cleared of any remaining fears, doubts and shadows. Look to understand your life patterns, learn about the cosmic blueprint of your personality determined by the time of your birth. The Universe card says the present time can be a time of fulfillment and the completion of a cycle, you can gain insight about your life’s purpose and meaning. Awaken your light body and higher self and be like the cosmic dancer on the card, a being of light in harmony with all that is. The truth will set you free, truth is that you are a being of light, the physical world is a means of developing and awakening your higher self.

Crown Chakra - The Universe - Inner Eye Chakra


Be like the dancer on the card, transform your body into a light body as you manifest your highest potential with truth, love and inner peace. See the perfection in all that is, trust in the universe and the divine plan for all beings. We all are going to get there, but you can go faster or slower, as you choose. Heal from your spiritual crisis and connect with your higher self by looking within, make changes that need to be made so that in your thoughts, actions, and the words you speak you never harm another, are truthful, without greed, selfishness, anger, or any other destructive energy. Know that you are creating yourself all the time, and that as you change your behavior you create a happier and stronger self. Remember that it is not selfish to do this, but instead it benefits all of mankind.




It is possible to expand upon your reading. Select one more card from the individual seven chakras cards and place it above the tarot card in the spread of three cards you started with, which were two chakras and one tarot card. Then find the combinations of your new chakra plus one of the original two single chakras, For example, using the Magician as the start, with sex chakra left and root chakra to the right. So, if your new card is the Power chakra, find the linkages of it with the first those two chakras you started with. Here the additional tarot card on the right will be root and power, the High Priestess, and she gives more information about the right side and strong side of the reading. The additional tarot card on the left will be the empress, with sex and power chakras, and it gives more information the left side and what needs work.

This is just to get you started. Please use all of your own creativity, intuition and imagination to develop and evolve your own readings.