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Terragen Landscapes by Dirk Gillabel 

Feel free to download my Terragen images for your desktop.

All images are copyright by Dirk Gillabel

     All images have been made by the program Terragen, a free 3-D landscape rendering program. The original images are 1024 X 768 pixels. Click on the thumbnails to get the 1024 X 768 image. You can then download the image to your computer as a desktop wallpaper. Right click on the image and click "Set as Background".



blue water canyon  canyon sunrise  cliffs  green fjord  ice cap  ice crater  ice shelf

large mountain  misty fjord  morning mist  red glowing canyon  seascape  sunset



central peak  coast cliffs  Cydonia  dark moon  deep blue sky  erosion  fuzzy valley

green cliff island  ice moon  lost planet  midnight sun  mountiain island  mountain rising  pyramid city

red rock planet  rolling hills


Strange Planetscapes:

blade mountains  dinosaur planet  eroded island  green coast line  lava column  lingam  mirror mountains

peak  pointed towers  purple mist planet  steps to the sea  stone circle  water world