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Orgonite and Ghost Busting

Orgonite to Remove Bothersome Ghosts or Spirits in Your Home

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First and for all: by orgonite we mean pieces that are completely filled with metal shavings and/or powders. There are a lot of products on the internet that pretend to be orgonite, often sold under the term orgone products. Pyramids, cones and pendants that are filled crystals, stones, minerals, brightly colored powders, coils, but very little shavings. These products are pretty but do very little if anything at all.

Orgonite transforms negative, stuck energy into positive free-flowing energy. If life energy flows freely, it promotes health; if impeded or blocked, disease sets in. This also applies to energy that is not in living beings. A place where a strong negative emotional event happened, such as a murder, will have the energetic charge imprinted in this environment. Placing an orgonite piece in such a location will transform the negative imprint, which is actually blocked energy. Wilhelm Reich would call it 'armored energy'. That is why it is always good to have some orgonite in your house to clear up any stuck energies which are the result of past negative emotions. If you live in an apartment, negative emotional energies from your neighbors can float through the walls into your apartment.

Over the years I have noticed another effect orgonite has, based on my clients responses: orgonite gets rid of bothersome ghosts. By ghosts, we mean disincarnated spirits, or deceased spirits. Some people who go over to the Other Side, can hang around the earthly plane because they are not aware that they died, or they are stuck in their own negative issues. They can hang around in the house in which they died, but also in other people's houses. Some of them are so wrapped up in their negative emotions, that they are angry at the living people, or just like to harass them. Some are kind of lost, and try to get attention and help. Not all deceased spirits are bad or bothersome. I have heard plenty of stories of people who have a ghost in the house that is not bothersome at all. It just likes to hang out there for whatever reason, but does not harass anyone. There are also non-human spirits that can hang out in houses, and these are usually not pleasant. Occasional visits of non-human entities also happen, like the so-called Gray aliens, who are not extraterrestrials but low-level other-dimensional beings.

Bothersome or negative ghosts, spirits, or entities live on the lowest astral levels. On the astral plane, a soul will hang out where the energies are of the same nature or 'frequency' as his own. So, if your living space contains past or present negative emotional energy or traumatic imprints, then negative spirits will be attracted to such a place. Because orgonite transform these negative energies into positive energies, negative ghosts will not feel comfortable in the now cleared space and will move away.

One of my customers was a psychic lady who had several bothersome spirits dwelling in her house. Some were nastier than others. She had two young sons who had nightmares every single night. A week after she received her orgonite order she wrote to me, explaining that since she had put out the orgonite pieces, the number of spirits in her house had been drastically reduced, and that those who were still there did not bother her. She had put orgonite disks under the pillows of her sons. As soon as the disks were under the pillows, the boys did not have any nightmares anymore.

Adults, but also children from an early age on, can have negative spirits attached to them. Such people have a tendency to mischief or difficult behavior. Orgonite will drive such spirits away, and it will be noticed in the much improved character of the living person.

By the way alcoholics and drug addicts always have negative entities attached.

Spirits are very sensitive to the transforming action of orgonite pieces. As negative spirits do not want to change their negative emotional behavior to which they have been accustomed, they do not want to transform their own negative energy by the orgonite pieces. So they leave the place and don't come back. Those that stay, or still hang around, are spirits that are neutral or positive. 

People have put orgonite in haunted houses, and all ghost activities stop. One orgonite cone, for example, is enough.


I read some interesting stories about the use of orgonite and the presence of spirits on bulletin boards. the following stories come from Warrior Matrix.

"I was recently invited to do a presentation talk about orgonite for a local spiritual circle group. A couple of weeks later I did a stall for one of the members and he came and spoke to me about their experience in a circle using the newly acquired orgonite piece. He admitted that he was skeptical about whether it would have any effect. He is not skeptical anymore but not for the reasons he was possibly thinking. He explained that every time they have done a circle and invited spirit in, something has happened, sometimes they can have a lot of activity other times quiet, but they always get at least 3 so called unexplainable events/things happen. However for the very first ever time (and they've been doing this for years), he said that absolutely no activity occurred whatsoever. He did go on to say there was no positive or negative feel about it either."

It doesn't surprise me that nothing happened. Such spirit circles usually attract low level spirits. The same thing might happen with sťances and channeling, which are usually frequented by low spiritual entities pretending to be deceased family members, highly evolved spirits, masters, or advanced extraterrestrials.

"I gifted a friend and found out long afterward that a young male spirit (which I did not know about at the time) that had been visiting her at night never came again."

Here is a story of a spirit who didn't mind the orgonite:

"Someone I recently met who is incredibly intuitive and aware visited my house for the first time last week. He had no way of knowing about the old woman who had been locked up in a corner of the house by her family after she developed dementia. This family lived here before we did. They built her a little room off the side of the house, with a window., and kept her in there for her own safety while everyone was away at work or school. We were told this when I bought the house. We never felt anything unusual and only gave the story a passing thought-- a story to regale visitors with, nothing more. Since then, we added on to the house, and that add-on includes the space where the old woman had lived until she died.

So this friend walked into the add-on room, which is packed with orgonite--mine and others people's gifts to me. He remarked calmly, "The old lady is in the corner. She says she is waiting for her grandson. She doesn't mind you nice men who live here, because you are loving and kind, but she wants to be left alone. As long as she can stay in her corner, she is fine. But she doesn't know she can go to the light. She's just waiting for her grandson to come and get her." (I think the grandson is/was the man I bought the house from). Apparently my new friend told the old lady she was free to go, and she thanked him and apparently moved on. He told me to place a piece of orgonite in the corner where she had been, and of course I gave him his very own piece.

So I guess not all spirits will move along just because orgonite is present."

The reason why this spirit didn't mind the orgonite is that she was just a neutral presence. She was not caught up in any negative emotional issues. She didn't bother anyone either.

"I lived in a very haunted house several years ago, which led me to orgonite (posted that story before), but long story short, orgonite seems to have made the ghosts leave. The house was seemingly spirit-free after just 1 decent sized piece and a tiny one. The whole area of that town had issues and those issues persisted, but not in my house."

Yes, it doesn't have the be a big piece, although it might take longer.

The following is really interesting because it involves non-human entities who are usually invasive, aggressive and even violent. They can be real other-dimensional beings, but sometimes they are negative thought-forms from the person himself or created by others.

"I was actually dealing with negative entities myself and they stay away now. They would wait till I was in bed and then go at me draining my energy by suffocating me in sleep paralysis and then ripping me from my body violently and attacking. I would wake up feeling like I was beat up. One of them was this tall black shadow like female one and she disappeared. Ever since I started using orgone they haven't come back."

Here is an interesting story about bothersome spirits in a house, a story that is also an example that some spirits move with the living people when they buy a new house (from Friendly Ghosts website):

"In my in-laws old home, my wife's mother had routine harassment from spirits. I went to there home, and in 2 seconds said "Yeah, her name is Margaret Spears".. He dad, a soundly left brain entrenched scientist looked over, and said "Uhh, that's the lady that died in this home 30 years ago. How did you know this?".. I said "Because she is standing right next to you bud, sorry to burst your bubble...".. Needless to say, there was also a gateway in the home, so at some dates, a literal parade of spirits would go through. They eventually packed their bags, and left the home, literally sitting there, empty.. Eventually they sold it someone, at like 80% less than they wanted. They weren't interested in trying my orgonite unfortunately.

So the night before they were moving, she said some of the spirits came in and were carrying suitcases.. She asked me what it meant, and I said "They're packing to come with you."... She was like... Uhhh... What? So in the new home, sure enough, some of them came along for the ride.. Boy my wife's parents weren't happy about that! So I tossed my wife's mother a few pieces of orgonite, and said "Have fun".. She placed them, and presto - no trouble anymore. One day her son came to visit, saw the orgonite and said "That's useless junk, be realistic, anyone that thinks that does anything is a fool. Throw it out.."..(yeah, he's a jerk for sure) So thinking about it, she decided to throw it out! Within about 2-3 nights, the parade of spirits moved back into the home. My wife tells me her mother was out frantically digging in the trash for the pieces, returned them to their spots, and had no more troubles again. Her son is an ass, sorry to say.. He looked over at me one day, and said "You mean to tell me, you actually believe in God and Angels, and that silly bullshit?"... Ugh.. I just walked outside, sat on a lawn chair, and read a book. He's really something else."

From the same website, the following story shows that even on the physical level, when water doesn't flow but stand still, it rots and attract negative energies and entities. Sean Dudley, the owner of the website:

"How is this for an affirmation - A lady called me in a frantic mood, saying they came home from vacation, and found "Strangeness" in their home, disgusting feelings abound.. I discovered a dark force (we'll leave the specific name of it out) in her home, it was in the basement, living in a molded, rotten, sewer/sump hole filled with water. I told the lady to come pick up one of my orgonite pucks, toss it in the water, and don't worry about it. Skeptical, she did it anyway. She said she walked down to the basement, over to the sump, tossed the puck in and heard a manifestation of "Youuuuuuu biiiiiiiiitch!".. No more troubles, tada!"

On another occasion,

"After we got orgonite, I placed a piece about 5 feet from the door. A few nights later my wife woke me up and said a spirit is twirling around by the door, and appeared stuck.. I came in, the spirit goes "This damn orgonite, can't get past it, its sucking me in! Move the thing away!".. I said "Just get out and don't come back!".. It shot out the door angrily... That's when I knew this stuff WORKS! Got a big giggle out of that one.. "

I find this interesting, as orgonite draws in both positive and negative energy from its environment for cleansing, and thus some negative entities who are too weak to resist the pull, might also be sucked in to be cleared of their own negative emotions. I guess, most of them will resist the pull and move away because they do not want to change themselves.

From Your Ghost Stories:

"I am a 39 year old guy and I was haunted by spirits since I was a kid. I have been hit, talked to, kept out of my room, I had one go through me, they tend to come around during sleep paralysis and these types of experiences went on for years. I looked for protection all over the place and tried a lot of things for years and nothing really worked. One day surfing on the net I found out about orgonite and how it helps with ridding yourself and surroundings of negative entities. I researched the science and spiritual side of it and found out how to make it. There are ways to make it strong and I made some strong stuff. I wasn't bothered anymore and gave one to a friend who was also having issues and her issues cleared up. So I know it works!"

An experience posted on the bulletin board Whale. Although the entity is called a demon, it actually was the deceased spirit of a monsignor (=a member of the catholic church)[a hhg is a cone shaped orgonite piece]:

"Below is an email from White Wing, a friend of mine who gifted an hhg and some sage bundles to her friend who was being tormented by a demon.

About two weeks ago a friend who lives in Cullman, AL, drove up for a visit and while he was here he talked about a problem that had begun to plague his family to the point of being unbearable. Apparently his mother was being tormented by a spirit of a deceased former Monsignor from her childhood. The ghost was following his mother around and living in their cabin by the lake. She was being driven half crazy by his constant activity around the house, and the dog was acting scared and sick all the time. The hauntings were getting more and more powerful, and beginning to effect everyone in the family's behavior and causing an escalation in negativity in the whole household. The mother had started to take antidepressants and nothing was working to correct the problem. The mother invited over a psychic friend to chase away the demon, and not only did her efforts fail, but the psychic suddenly started experiencing serious illnesses after her attempt to oust the demon. My friend was at his wit's end, watching his family go to pieces. The mother is also psychic and could see that this was the ghost of her former Monsignor around the house and in the garden.

I gifted my friend with some sacred ceremonial sage bundles and a lovely piece of orgonite that Louis created, along with instructions on how to use the sage to smudge the house and use his intent to charge the orgonite. My friend charged the HHG with the intent to drive away all unhealthy forces and send unconditional love and healing energy to everyone in the family while holding a sacred space in the cabin and around it.

One day when his parents left for a few hours, he smudged the house and buried the HHG in the crawl space under his parent's bedroom. Shortly after he started smudging the house he saw the dog chasing an 'invisible' entity out into the woods. After smudging the whole house and surrounding yard, he sat and did some meditation to see if he could still detect any bad energy left from the entity. He couldn't.

Upon his parents return, he asked his mom to see what she could 'feel' differently about the cabin, and she said she knew that the 'demon' ghost was gone. She then pointed to the floor at a spot directly over where the orgonite was buried, and said, "you put it right there, didn't you?". My friend was overjoyed, because she said she could feel it working, and the little HHG makes everyone's feet tingle upon entering the cabin. In the ensuing weeks, the family has gotten back to normal, the dog is happy and content again, and there have been no more signs or sightings of the demon. Even the psychic lady is no longer having troubles."