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Orgonite Power Wands

These are unique items. I have  made only two wands.

Two power wands made of 1" copper tubes filled with orgonite, and a crystal embedded in the orgonite matrix. The wands are 7 1/2" long. From experience we can say that these orgonite wands channel energy very well. They were primarily made for the purpose of healing. Remember, in energy work or magic, what you send out you will eventually receive. Do some good work with them!

Price: $99 each, plus $15 shipping. Only for USA customers.

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 Orgonite Power Wands held in hand

Wand #1

Orgonite Power Wands 1     Orgonite Power Wands 1 detail

Wand #2 sold

Orgonite Power Wands 2     Orgonite Power Wands 2 detail