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Visions of the Tree of Life

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The Sephiroth of the Tree of Life are basically like archetypal energies underlying the created universe. The universe should not be considered as having being created in some distant past. It is constantly being created and maintained on many different levels. Over many years, when studying the Tree of Life one gains a sense of what the energies of the Sephiroth are about, although filtered through one's own personality, knowledge, wisdom, view and understanding. Everyone's viewpoint is necessarily a limited one. However the personal discovery of the experience is wonderful. There is always more to learn.
I have tried to artistically create a representation of the fundamental energies of the Sephiroth. The following digital collages show how I view the very fundament of each Sephiroth. They can be further extrapolated to arrive at subsequent developments in the different Worlds and within a Sepherah itself. The purpose of these paintings is to give you a visual tool for connecting with the contents of the Sephiroth.
How do you use these visionary images? Although I will give a basic explanation of each Sephirah, the images are for meditation. They need to be looked at, and felt with the heart. When the thought process diminishes and stops, one can connect more directly with the world of energy within the Sphere looked at. It is a question of resonance. When the will is put aside, and one feels what is 'out there' one will attune oneself to these energies and subsequently resonate with them. It is a shifting of consciousness. Where you take it from there is up to you.


Kether: also called the Crown. As a crown sits on the head, Kether connects us with the Divine. It is sometimes considered to be half in the Divine, half within ourselves. It is the very essence of our individual being, pure in energy, unified, the seat of the Divine will, and a creative ocean of nothingness. Nothingness does not mean that there is nothing, but that on this level, there is nothing temporal or created. Kether is the first emanation within ourselves from the Divine source. In the cosmos, it is the very first beginning of all emanation, not somewhere in the past, but in the here and now, always present. It can be seen as a point of light (the letter Yod in the middle) that represent the contraction of the Divine light into a singularity, which then expand into a brilliant light. In Kether lies the entire emanation and creation in potentiality, but not manifested yet.

Chockmah: the first emanation of Kether, receives the light of Kether and passes it on to Binah. Although passive in receiving the light, it is active in the impulse that arises that will result later on in creation. Chockmah is aware of and forms the seed, like a drop of water in the vast ocean; the drop having a certain distinctive quality but still being one with the ocean. Here we find awareness of individuality, and the ability to differentiate.

Binah: receives the seed and harbors it. It is the womb of dynamic potentials derived from the seeds received. The individuality dynamically unfolds, and so does the cosmos at large. Further differentiation into multiple concepts arise, exploring their possibilities, limitations and effects, while still all being in unity.

Daath: nothing mysterious about Daath. Generally considered the Sephirah of Knowledge. Daath is half in the world of emanation, half in the world of creation. It is the will to create based on the Knowledge of the Superior Triad of Kether, Chockmah and Binah. It unifies that Knowledge and pours it out into the the world of darkness where Creation takes place. Thus it is the connection or the bridge between the world of emanation and the world of creation; between the world of unity and the world of division, between the world of clarity and the world of illusion; between the world of the eternal and the world of the temporal.

Chesed: receives the light of the world of emanation, and unfolds the multitude of developed seeds into the myriads of limited units of consciousness within the world of darkness. Sparks of light rush out into the universe now created, eager to expand and develop their potentials. Concretization of archetypical ideas takes place continuously developing in the process of creation. Units of consciousness take on abstract forms resonating to mathematical, light and sound frequencies. here we are on a truly powerful, cosmic creator level. The forms displayed in the cards have been taken from painting of light-sound beings painted by the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos. Most of the light-sound beings he painted were true cosmic creators, in the sense of creating galaxies, stars and so on. You can find more in my articles about these beings.

Geburah: The expansive movement of the initial outpouring of Divine light in the darkness rebounds into a contracting movement, defining, limiting, restricting the flow of energy. Contraction is also a movement of fear, fear of the darkness, fear of survival. However, the pulsation of expansion and contraction leads to a correcting, ordering and organizing dynamic flow of energy.

Tiphareth: The center of the Tree of Life. Shows balance, symmetry, harmony. It is the individual center in our human manifestation, seated in the heart. Although still in an abstract form, it has crystallized into a well defined form, rhythmically pulsing to cosmic laws, while at the same time a direct manifestation of the underlying divinity. The shape in this card comes directly of one of my vision. Although it may look simple, it is of exact proportion that has a lot of information in it. Some of it can be expressed intellectually, but it primarily has to be experienced.

Netzach: individualization of the divine sparks takes further form into the astral realms. No longer abstract, but of particular shapes, they are not fixed, but fluid and change like the waves of the ocean. The archetypical ideas have now manifested themselves into groups of similar ideas. The units of consciousness associated with a particular or specialized idea share their consciousness into a group unit, but also have enough individual consciousness to distinguish themselves. Because they have not individualized enough, they can move in and out of their group mind. Here we find a lot of nature spirits, and the corresponding realm of unbound flowing thought forms and emotions. These energies can be a strong force into breaking down any obstacles and adversity.

Hod: Balancing the unbound emotions and thought forms, the contracting movement in Hod shapes and limits this flow into definite clear forms and formations who take on very individualized and personalized forms, which nevertheless still can change shape if they wish too. They are much more organized and concrete. The concentration of the will here leads to the power of perseverance.

Yesod: called the Foundation of the physical world or universe. It is primarily the place of procreation, not solely in the biological sense, but as the procreative force of the entire universe to generate the multitude of forms and living beings which precipitate out of cosmic energies into more solid forms. It is the ultimate organization of the created energies and forms that will generate the physical world as we know it. it is a growth process. A seed contains information, but is inert without life force. It takes the meeting of life force with the information stored in the seed (like DNA at the bottom of the picture) to procreate a well defined form of, for example, a flower. But the same process happens for all physical matter. Each physical particle has its information nucleus on the energy level which is enlivened by the life force to generate a physical particle.

Malkuth: the physical world/universe as we know it. Malkuth is not so much physicality, it is rather the ultimate crystallization of form. Form as such happens on many levels/worlds. Malkuth the the end of the process of formation. It is the experience of stable, well organized, particular forms, that often is taken for solid, unchangeable, fixed matter or substance. It is however an appearance. Matter and substance is ever changing, is not solid but a wave form, that can be manipulated by the mind for those who have gained the power to do so. The apparent physical matter is constantly maintained by the inflowing energy and information of all the levels of existence above it. This also implies that the human body is only a ever changing form, constantly maintained by the inflow of our divine essence. The girl resting at the bottom of the tree represents the Shekinah, which is 'at rest' in Malkuth.