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Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You? Additional Stories

This is an addendum to my article of Missing Time: Has It Ever Happened To You? Because I found so many experiences of this phenomenon, I decided to create this additional page, giving you more stories to explore. No you are not alone, plenty of other people have experienced this!

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People's Experiences

1. Missing Memory of Time Passage Only

Inside the House and Unchanged Position

Loss of Time when Standing

Outside of Time

While Walking

In the Woods

2. Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement

Inside a Building and Displaced Inside or Outside

While Walking

While Biking

While Driving a Car

3. Other Features

One or More Days Missing

Initiated by a Sound

With Sighting of UFO/Aliens

1. Missing Memory of Time Passage Only

Inside the House and Unchanged Position

When I was about six or so I went camping. I was in a pop up camper about to go to bed. I sat up looking at the kitchen then blinked and it was instantly daytime, no darkness, I was still sitting up looking at the kitchen in the same exact spot, I freaked out and asked my ant what happened she thought I was crazy so I just shrugged it off this happened to me twice so far. (Reddit)


This happened maybe 2 years ago. I was in my bed and it was night time. Usually I watch the TV and when I feel tired I just turn it off and go to sleep. I turned the TV off, everything was dark. I slept in a fetus position on my left side. I was just staring at the door and suddenly daylight came. As far as I remember I didn't even blink. I was just staring with my eyes wide open. My whole body moved a tiny bit, maybe a centimeter. I know I fell asleep but it's still weird how I did it with my eyes open, something I never did. Keep in mind all of this happened with my eyes open, not even a blink. Not even when daylight came. I saw the whole transition with my eyes wide open. Weird. (Reddit)


So, this is my first post in this sub here. This happened to me years ago, but it's still beyond vivid in my mind, and I can't think of a better sub to post it in. Apologies in advance for formatting- I'm on mobile and it can't be totally helped.

I was around 9 or 10 when it occurred. It was late at night (for a kid), and I was just mulling about in my bed, utterly unable to sleep. To this day I can't remember ever being as unable to drop off as I was then. I tried everything, counting as high as I could, just lying still, and I was getting seriously cranky. So I'm sitting up in bed, and I remember this very clearly too, like this: (half-kneeling, half-sitting) with my hands on my thighs. Anyone who's sat like that for any amount of time knows it's not particularly comfortable, especially for more than a minute or two.

I'm just glancing about, no idea what to do, because I just REALLY have to get to sleep at this point and like I said I was getting pissy. I look over at the digital clock across the room on the floor, and it's 11:23. I would swear on the validity of this memory under oath. I was about to despair, because even though I knew that realistically it had been less than 2 hours since I'd gone to bed, we all have that irrational hope that more time has passed than we thought when we want time to go. Even in my irrational child mind I had the vague sense that the elapsed time on the clock was consistent with my internal clock. And still I was not the least bit sleepy. So I look away from the clock, BLINK ONCE (not even intentionally, just on reflex), look back at the clock. 6:34 AM.

I haven't moved a muscle except my neck (and eyelid of course). This is where how I was sitting comes into play. I hadn't moved that either. I admit, I sat back hard in surprise, and as I straightened my legs there was no sign of soreness or loss of circulation at all, and it felt as if I had just started to sit that way (which I HAD). Even the most comfortable sitting position would cause some soreness if sat in for 7-odd hours, no? Nope. On top of that, when you fall asleep you tend to be slightly lucid, and aware you're asleep (not consciously, but still) or are at least afterwards right? None of that feeling at all. And I didn't feel rested. I was still cranky as I had been 30 seconds (or 7 hours?) ago, now with an added dose of weirded out child feelings.

Five minutes later my mother comes in to get me up for school. I don't tell her at the time, but that afternoon I did and she just dismissed it as me falling asleep without realizing. I reiterated that if I fell asleep then I was sitting up in a position that a yogi would turn up his nose at for spending such a duration of time in. By this point I'm feeling the effects of not sleeping for 24+ hours as well. I fall asleep that night with no issues. Never happened again.

What the hell happened that night?! Some weird temporal jump? It was like someone pressed a "skip scene" button on a cosmic remote and title flashed forwards. Still makes me shake my head in confusion to this day. (Reddit)


When I was about four of five, I had trouble sleeping one evening (I have ADHD so I've always had trouble sleeping, especially when I was younger). I was tossing and turning that evening and I vividly remember it being late at night. One moment, it was pitch black outside and when tossed/turned to the other side, it was suddenly bright and sunny outside, about 8:00 in the morning and I soon heard my mom telling me to get ready for church that morning. I knew that this was something inexplicable and I still have no explanation for it. I was wide awake when this all happened and I know for a fact that I didn't go to sleep during any of this. It's been close to fifteen years since it has happened and this experience has left an impact on me that I can't explain because the event itself was inexplicable. (Reddit)


A couple months back I was feeling sick so I decided to go to bed. I went on my phone for 10 minutes, then turned off the light and tried to fall asleep (BTW I have sleeping problems so it can take me hours to fall asleep.) I closed my eyes for a minute then opened them to get a drink of water, then I did a slow blink (3-5 seconds probably) and it was day. I still remembered what I was thinking about and was still tired enough to go to bed?! BTW I don't have any mental disabilities and have no clue what happened. (Reddit)

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  • Same thing happened to me when I was young!
    For the longest time when I was young I thought the shortest day of the yearís night was only about a minute long because one year on the shortest day of the year I laid down in my bed right next to a giant window could see the moon. I closed my eyes and not even a minute of me being (or at least feeling) fully awake went by before I blinked and the sun was rising. It felt soo real and I was convinced for a full year that the shortest day of the year had basically not night.
    And no I do not live in Alaska or anywhere where that could happen.

  • This has happened to me. Only once, when I was a kid. I was laying in bed and looked at the clock and it must have been around 10/11, I literally blinked, just like you, and when I opened my eyes it was daylight and 6/7am. Just like you, I remembered what I was thinking about and it was like Iíd not even slept, I hadnít moved a muscle. Iíve never forgotten that.

  • This happened to me as a kid too, so I totally understand how this was a weird occurrence and not just 'falling asleep' as these killjoys are all saying.
    In my version I blinked - literally blinked, I wasn't closing my eyes in order to go to sleep - I was hyped up that evening and had complained about not being tired (I was about 10yo, old enough to know when you're not tired but still young enough to have a bedtime). This blink happened as my dad switched off my light and went to bed. Before he'd even fully closed the door, I was opening my eyes - from the exact same position, not having moved a single muscle - to see daylight, my dad walking back through the door, telling me it was time to get up. A full 9 hours had passed but I was still upside-down in my bed, on top of the covers, from where I'd leant over to switch on the lamp at the end of the bed, in the exact same position and not feeling any different physically, as you usually do when you wake up (no heavy eyelids, a need to stretch, tiredness, nothing). By the time the school break came around that morning I was exhausted, as if I still hadn't slept. It freaked me the hell out and I've always wondered if anyone else had experienced it, so I'm super glad to hear your story.


I've recently found out about this sub so I figured I'd share here my story, for which I still don't have an explanation.
Back when I was in middle school, I just couldn't sleep: no matter how hard I tried, how many "tricks" I used, no matter the lighting, it would always take me forever to fall asleep, if at all. Also my mother didn't want me taking meds, as I was a child.
One night, I was laying in bed, staring at the ceiling as usual (at around midnight); I didn't know what to do so I just closed my eyes: as soon as I did so I saw a pair of hands just shaking frenetically in front of me. What I felt like a millisecond later, I opened my eyes, terrified from that sudden "vision" and it was daytime; I didn't feel relaxation or anything: to me, I just blinked. Next thing I heard was my mum telling me I was late for school so it must have been around 8.00am. As it turned out, it really was time for me to go to school, so I went, without telling anyone about what happened.
The next night, I was both tired and scared to close my eyes. As soon as I did though, no strange images appeared but to my surprise I started feeling sleepy and managed to get (for the first time in years) a good night of sleep. From that day, I never had any trouble trying to fall asleep again, managing to do so in 10 minutes or even less.
Even though I always try to find a logical explanation for everything I experience, this is the one event I still, to this day, cannot explain to myself, nor have I found other cases like mine. (Reddit)


This one still freaks me out when I think about it.
Around age 7 I used to sleep in a bunk bed and my mom would put me to bed and wake me up every day. I was excited one night because the following morning we were going to Disneyland, or my grandparentís house, or some such place. I donít remember being particularly tired or out of sorts but hereís what happened:
The very SECOND that my head hit the pillow I was already waking up the following morning. It was like I blinked my eyes and it was the next morning. My mom turned the light on and came storming in to wake me and my brother up. I even said out loud ďWhat happened? I just went to sleep.Ē My brother had no such experience.
No matter how tired you are thereís SOME kind of transition into sleep where you can appreciate the passage of time, but not this time. In fact, I sometimes suspect that my mother pulled some kind of charade and in reality only a microsecond actually did pass before she came back in...but why would she bother putting us to bed just to wake us back up and pretend like a normal night of sleep had happened?
Has anyone else had this bizarre blinking passage of time with no account for where it went? (Reddit)

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I experience this periodically! It's like I'm laying there and suddenly its morning. I don't remember falling asleep or waking up. Like you said, its like I blink and it's morning with absolutely no recollection of any of the regular transitions. It's very freaky and it always throws me off.


Our son was in his crib sleeping. We had been partying all night. It was 6 am. We started fooling around and the next thing we know we both looked at each other and said, "What just happened?" It was 2pm, our son was standing in his crib, not crying or anything. To this day we have no memory of anything, just 8 hours missing from our lives.
The weird part of it was that there was no sense of passing of time or waking up or anything; one moment it was 6 am, the next it was 2pm.
I don't know if it was a glitch in the Matrix, but it was an odd experience that has stuck with both of us all these years. (Reddit)


Thankfully this doesnít happen to me anymore but a couple years ago I was having very strange episodes for about a week or two where hours and hours of time would just disappear. I remember this so vividly and thinking about it still freaks me out. It was always more or less the same and back when I was still in school and living with my parents. It was just me and them and I had my own room where they would only occasionally come check up on me. I had some issues with staying up too late to study a lot throughout my school years (thankfully Iíve fixed that for college now) but these specific events have never happened to me again except in those couple of weeks. So taking one of such days: I was in my room doing my homework at around 10PM thinking Iíll be done in about an hour and go to bed because I didnít have much left. Parents are in the living room watching TV. Iím not very tired and I feel quite normal for a bit. And then things just kind of stop for only a second. I literally close my eyes to blink for one second and the second I open them I feel normal, not tired, not weird, normal. But the second I open I hear my mom saying ďWhy are you still up??Ē and I can tell from behind her through the open door that all the lights are off which means parents have gone to bed. Very confused. I look at the time and itís like 3AM. I know what itís like to take an unintentional nap because it happens but I get a specific feeling of just having woken up even if it was a short sleep and I can always recognise it and know that I had fallen asleep. But this was just me literally closing my eyes for a second being in the exact same position, opening my eyes, staying the same, and not feeling any kind of sleep on me (like teary eyes, muscle aches, fuzzy head, etc). Especially if I had slept that long (5 hours) I would definitely feel it on me but I never did. This happened for a few days and really freaked me out and my parents kept being concerned that Iím randomly up so late. Thankfully it just stopped happening after that and hasnít since. I know a nap when I take one so Iím still weirded out by this. (Reddit)


Well when I was around 13 years old, I used to live on a dairy farm in Maryland. Erie place, not but two neighbors very far away. I would always watch TV sitting on the edge of my bed every night. It was a ritual. I just loved TV before bed. Well while watching Cow & Chicken, the weirdest thing happened to me. On the show cow jumped into the air as this happened, I blinked. As she was landing as my eyes opened my alarm was going off and it was time for school. I felt well rested and literally not groggy at all but left trying to understand what the hell just happened. I'm sure my mom and the rest of the people in the house at the time thought I was full of shit but still till this day that memory doesnít go away. I went to school and continued on through life like nothing happened. Now I am here. (Reddit)


One night when I was 8 or 9, I was being put to bed by my mom. I remember sitting up in my bunk bed, watching my mom say goodnight and then leave down the hall. I had just started adjusting the covers when she came back into my room and told me it was time to get up.
Nothing had changed. About 20 seconds had passed. I thought she was kidding, so I laughed and was like "very funny, I haven't even closed my eyes yet"
Turned out she was telling the truth. It was in fact early morning. I know for sure that I didn't ever lay down. My mom believed that I had just been too tired to remember passing out. I was and am a heavy insomniac and was at the time unmedicated. I just didn't pass out like that.
Some way some how, I just...glitched through that night, completely awake. No memory of any of it. Alien abduction? Matrix? Who knows. (Reddit)


This happened about two months ago now...
I was up late one night, as I often am, and felt the call of nature. I went to the bathroom, sat down, and suddenly felt pretty tired. I'd been alright before I'd gotten up, barely tired at all. My eyes fell closed for just a second before I opened them again. The door to my living room was half-open, so I could see into in, and I saw that the room was starting to get light, the normal pale-grey light that comes in with the sunrise. This was immediately off-putting; when I'd gone to the bathroom it was pitch dark out there.
When I get up in the middle of the night I bring my phone with me because I won't lie, I'm scared of the dark, so I had it with me, and I checked the time. It was past 6 in the morning. I'd gotten up at 1:30 or 3:30. That's another odd thing, I couldn't remember what time I'd gotten up, even then in the moment. I'm great at remembering numbers, including the time (I have grapheme-colour synesthesia, so letters and numbers have distinct colours to me, which means it's much harder for me to confuse strings of numbers, such as the time) and I always take note of what time it is, so it's not normal for me to not know what time I got up. The whole thing was super off-putting. I never went to the bathroom before I lost the time, so I just got up and went back to my room and fell asleep, unnerved.
Before anyone asks, no, I don't think it's aliens, and I don't think I fell asleep. I know what it's like to fall asleep for what feels like a second and it's actually 3 hours later. It felt nothing like that. I didn't feel the normal grogginess and disorientation of waking up. I just opened my eyes. Not to mention my legs weren't numb or anything (I was leaning on them with my arms, so it's likely the circulation would have been cut off) and I didn't feel like I'd been sitting that long. I don't think it was aliens because first off, I don't really believe in alien abduction, and I didn't feel strange or uncomfortable or like anything had been poked or prodded. I hadn't touched any substances that night, and I wasn't sleep deprived or anything.
I can't ever remember losing time before this, at least not when it couldn't easily be explained by "I got distracted by what I was doing and it only felt like a couple minutes." I feel like it's only made weirder by the fact that nothing felt weird. I was only shaken when I actually realized I'd lost time. (Reddit)


This was years ago but traversing this sub sparked this memory. It was just an ordinary day, I had school in the morning then videos games rest of the night. I was in middle school so my life was simple. That night however I layed down in my bed, had some pre-sleep thought. Next thing I remember was closing my eyes and reopening them to day time in less then a second. Went from night to day almost instantly. As soon as I opened my eyes I got up immediately out of shock(?). Then I just went on with the day and didn't go back to bed. (Reddit)


Let me start off with I have insomnia ever since I was a child it has taken me hours to fall asleep. That being said when I was younger till about my teens sometimes when I would lay down to get ready for bed I would stare at my ceiling thinking about my day and I would blink and POOF morning. I would literally be in the same exact position same thought process everything but it would be morning. Anyone else experience this? (Reddit)


I was like 7 or 8, I know I was in 2nd grade. I went to bed normally and I don't remember being very tired. I got into my bed and there was a blue glow on the ceiling from my nightlight, (yes, I was afraid of the dark in 2nd grade). I closed my eyes for a split second, and when I opened them again, the ceiling was white. I looked out the window and it was the morning. This was around 8 hours of sleep, all in one blink. Has anyone else had this happen? (Reddit)


Don't remember the date or specific time but there was a time recently where I was sitting in my room. I remember I was sitting on my bed reading a book. It was afternoon, so maybe about 2 PM. The book I was reading wasn't particularly long yet I remember sitting down and reading, maybe, a chapter of it. The next thing I know, my sister is calling me down for dinner. Well, I looked at the clock and it was close to 7 pm. I don't remember anything about that book I read, don't remember anything between starting the book and getting yelled at by my sister. (Reddit)


When I was around 6 years old, I would spend every day at my aunt's house. She picked me up from school and my mom would pick me up from her house after work. Well one night I happened to be having a sleep-over there, and I remember laying on an air mattress to sleep in the computer room. 5 seconds with my eyes closed and I open them to daylight.
'How is it morning?' I thought to myself. I frantically ran around the entire house waking my cousins and aunt saying 'it's already morning, it's already morning!!'. I was given the most confused looks ever. As a kid you kinda just brush it off but not a day goes by where I don't think about it. (Reddit)

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  • This happened to me at 5/6 years old. I laid in bed and was looking at the light coming from my door because my parents were still awake and had their lights on. I blinked and my dad opened the door and said itís time for school. I was so confused because I just took a long blink and was still in the same position. It was one of those things that happened once and the memory burned into my brain of how strange that sensation was.

  • It happened to me a couple times when I was a child. One of those times my mom was the one who woke me up and I remember being really confused and telling her that I just blinked, that I didn't slept. She just laughed and told me that it was morning already. I was confused but I wasn't tired at all so I assume that I just past out really fast.

  • When I was about the same age, my mom traveled and I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor in our new house with my sister and dad in the same room. I remember lying down and opening my eyes again 5 seconds later and my mom was there in the morning.


I was 10 years old, living in Perth, Australia. It was night, and I had been put to bed. I was lying on the top bunk of my bunk bed that I shared with my younger brother, but he wasn't there at the time. The room lights were off. I had rolled on to my stomach, and was holding the curtain open with one hand, looking outside. It was dark, and I could see the street from my window.
I blinked.
It was broad daylight.
My arm and body were in the exact same position, holding the curtain. I hadn't moved from the top bunk. I was not groggy or sleepy as though I had just woken up. There was nothing to indicate I had done anything except blink, or that any significant amount of time had passed. The blink itself was sudden and involuntary, as though I had been surprised by something, but the rest of my body did not move.
The difference in lighting outside could not have been more apparent. It was not twilight, or dawn, or any other time of day. It had gone from twinkling stars to blue sky in an instant.
In retrospect, I should have checked a clock. Or observed if the streetlights had been turned off (hard to tell if they're on during daylight). I'm pretty sure this happened on a weekend, which is why my brother was at a friend's house, and my parents hadn't woken me up for school. Slightly stunned, I just got up like it was a normal day -- because that's exactly what it looked like.
I will never forget just how sudden and complete the transition was. (Reddit)


About a year ago I was staying at my in-laws. Sometimes on the nights my sister in law and I would stay up chatting after everyone else had gone to sleep. I remember checking the time and saying to her Ďoh itís nearly 1:30 am letís go to bed in a minuteí, and then I left the living room to put my mug in the sink and came back. When I came back into the room my SIL sat in the same position and place as when I had walked out the room, she was still on her phone. As I walked back in the room I noticed it was getting light outside. I was shocked as when I walked out it was pitch black and had only put my mug in the sink and said this to my SIL who despite sitting there hadnít even noticed it was light as she was on her phone. When we checked the time it was past 5 am but she swore I had only been out the room for a minute at max if that, and I didnít feel like Iíd been out of the room for nearly 4 hours. To this day neither have us have any explanation for what happened. (Reddit)


As a child growing up I had always had intense Dťjŗ vu and such. Just odd things that have happened that I can't explain. But one thing that has only happened to me twice before today, has always stood out from the rest. A gap in time?
So I live in California. Just to set the time frame, it was 5 o'clock PM. I was playing ps4 and then took to Netflix. I was laying on my bed relaxing. Most times when I am still I fidget a little, (just cause I'm not moving?). So I'll usually rub my thumb and index finger in circles.
Anyways, while watching Netflix and laying on my side, I was rubbing my fingers like I sometimes do, and I blink. What to me seemed to be your regular blink, something happened. When I opened my eyes it was dark outside. I then checked the time and its 1 am, (30 mins ago). My psy had gone into rest mode and my phone had lost significant battery level, which was an obvious indicator that I may have fallen asleep.
Here's the odd part. I usually move a lot in my sleep, waking up with all the sheets messed up and always waking in a different position than when I fell asleep. The sheets were not disturbed and I was still laying on my side in the same position. And the part that confuses me the most is that when I had opened my eyes I was still rubbing my two fingers together. Now I cannot prove that I don't do this in my sleep but it seems highly unlikely for me to do so, especially in a rem cycle. (Reddit)


This is something that happened to me when I was 8 years old (Iím 31 now) and it has haunted me over all these years. I couldnít sleep one night, so I was just staring out the window watching a lightning storm and cuddling my cat. I had been watching it for a while and all of a sudden there was a bright flash of lighting and as the brightness went away it was suddenly daytime. I was extremely confused and actually pretty scared so I ran downstairs to tell my parents what happened and they just thought I must have fallen asleep. I vividly remember being fully awake and watching the storm in awe. I know it was around 2 in the morning and then all of a sudden it was 8 AM and sunny out. I have no explanation for this, I know I didnít fall asleep. Now that there is this forum to reach out to many people, has this happened to anyone else?! Iím a logical/scientific person and this just bothers me and freaks me out. (Reddit)


I must have been around eight years old when this happened. I was trying to fall asleep but I couldnít. I was really energetic and not at all tired. It was probably like 9:00 pm and I was pulling my covers over my head and putting them back down again over and over. The thing is, when I pushed my covers down for the last time it was morning. I mean sun fully up. I wasnít even tired. (Reddit)


This isnít a throwaway account or whatever, I just donít do much lol. Anyway, this first story is me at my grandmas. I was probably around 6? 5? I was sleeping out in the living room with my sister, she was asleep, and I was watching TV. It was around 11pm, so I decided to turn the TV off and go to bed. So I closed my eyes, then about a second later, I heard voices. It was 7am, and my dad and grandma weíre sitting on the couch. (Reddit)

Loss of Time when Standing

When I was maybe 4 or 5, I remember just getting into bed. I literally blinked, then realized I forgot my pajamas. I went to my mother's room, where I kept my clothes, and grabbed my pajamas. My mom looked at me, confused, and asked what I was doing. When I told her, she said that it was morning. I was so confused. But I looked outside, and sure enough. It was morning. This is also the only perfectly clear memory I have from that long ago. (Reddit)

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I had the same thing at the same age. I went to bed fully awake, felt like I just blinked and suddenly my mom was standing in my room, saying that I should get up, because it's 10 in the morning, which was very strange. At this time I usually was awake at 6-7 o clock in the morning. To this moment I read your story, I simply brushed it off to be an weird illusion or an very good sleep. But I've never heard from others, that had the same story.

Three years ago I was alone for about two weeks because my parents went on a holiday. It was hot summer day and I woke up late around 1pm. My brother was also out of town so I was all alone. I went to bathroom and ate breakfast and decided to pick up trash around the house and throw it away. So I took garbage and went to the trashcan that is located at the end of my street about 50 meters from my house. It was hot and sunny outside (I remember because I hate great heat). Then I came back through my garden and opened my house window door, and when I stepped in my house and turned around to close the door I saw through the window door that it was dark outside. It looked like night fell in an instant. I paused in confusion. I didn't know how to explain what happened. I went to my room to check time on my phone and it was 9pm. Somehow time skipped for 8 hours in an instant and I felt fucked up totally. I called my brother to see if he maybe came by in that time period but he was still out of town. I didn't chat nor I communicated with a single person. I felt terrified. I wasn't hungry or thirty either. My parents haven't called me yet to check on me which was weird.
I wasn't doing any drugs at that time nor I drank alcohol.
The creepy thing was when I turned around to see darkness, I didn't change location, I just realized that it was dark outside. (Reddit)


This is something that's freaked me out for my entire life. I'm not sure what to call it other than just disappearing. No one really believes me when I tell them. (Sorry for formatting, I'm on mobile)
The first time it happened, I was in preschool. I was a teacher's pet and clung to my teachers side all the time. We went on a field trip to this building that had a lot of different areas to explore and play in. The preschool classes were split in to groups to go around and play in each different area. My group was supposed to go from the statues, to the library, to the foam pit, to the playground. Each group went into this rotation, just starting at a different point, so that once one group left another was ready to come in behind them.
My class went to the statues first. It was just a room with a bunch of art and statues in it and we were walked in a single file line behind the teacher to see everything. Being the teacher's pet, I was right behind my teacher holding her hand as she lead us. We got to this dog statue, I looked up at it, and all of a sudden no one was with me anymore. My entire class was gone. I didn't know what to do, so I went to find another teacher. She told me that my group was already on the playground, I lost over an hour of time. I was scolded by my teacher for running off.
The only problem is I was in the EXACT same position when I realized no one was there. I hadn't moved at all. Why did my teacher not realize she let go of my hand? Why did all the kids behind me just walk around me? Why did the other classes that came in not notice me? I was staring at a dog statue for over an hour and have no recollection of it, meanwhile my teacher couldn't find me.
The second time it happened, I was 16. My mom had taken me and my younger sister shopping for clothes and we were all looking through the clearance rack. We were all on the same aisle. We were talking and I noticed a cute shirt. I grabbed it off the rack and looked at it for a second. Decided it was cute, wanted to show my mom. I turned around and said, "Hey, look at thi-". My mom was nowhere to be found. Neither was my sister. The only person in this aisle was an older lady, who seemed extremely confused.
The store was set up so that you could clearly see over the racks, so they weren't one aisle over or anything. They weren't anywhere near me. I went walking through the store and found them at the checkout. 20 minutes had passed and they had no idea where i had went. They said they assumed I walked off to look at something.
I think about these experiences often, trying to make sense of them. How do I lose that much time? How does no one notice me? Where do I go? (Reddit)


[Here is another child that disappears and appears at the exact same location:]

Ok so Iím new to this thread so I really donít know if other people have posted about this ďglitchĒ, but I just find it really creepy. Here it is:
When I was a child, I used to go with my grandma to this huge supermarket (donít remember its name) that had a mini Coffee Shop and a Bar. I would usually go to the family-friendly bar and just sit there and watch TV while my grandma was shopping. The thing is that one day, as soon as I got to the supermarket I went straight to the bar as usual, only that this time there was no one, not even the bartender (probably in the bathroom or something). When I sat in the middle of the bar table, I realized that the TV was streaming a live soccer game, so I decided to get comfortable in the high chair and watch it. After a while, I clearly remember that all of the sudden my focus was completely on the TV, to the point where everything else on my POV went black. I kind of zoned out and just concentrated on the soccer game... Just when match had ended, I kind of ďzoomed back into realityĒ and immediately I started being aware of my surroundings. The creepy thing is that, as soon as I got out of the big chair, when I turned around I was completely shocked by the scenario that was going on. There were around 10 cops next to my grandma who was crying, because I apparently VANISHED COMPLETELY from the supermarket. Since I was only child, I was totally confused rather than scared of what just happened. I started to explain to my grandma that I had been in the bar the whole time, and that I didnít even move for a second. To this date, Iím still creeped out about what happened at that supermarket and why did I vanished as soon as I ďzoomed out of realityĒ while I was watching the soccer game.
Iím currently 17 years old, and I was around 8 when that happened, so I clearly remember everything of that day and how I felt. Have any of you experienced that before? Could there be an explanation? (Reddit)


...The final incident occurred at the same apartment. I was in the bathroom kneeling in front of the tub washing my hair under the tap. I should say that I have always been very good about "time". I knew I had a certain amount of time to do my hair, get to work, etc.
I found myself holding my head under the tap and wondering how long I'd been there. Washing my hair took about 3 minutes and when I finally got up and looked at the clock in my kitchen it was 60 minutes later. I was actually going to be late for work.
At first I thought I may have passed out, but that doesn't explain why I was still kneeling in front of the tub, exactly as I'd been when I started. Then I wondered if the alarm clock in the bedroom had been wrong, but I checked that and it was ok. (Reddit)


It was an ordinary morning. I used to get up a 4 am everyday to get ready for work, by 6 I had to be out of the house. I woke up with more energy than usual, keep in mind that I don't use any type of drugs nor vitamins, I woke up cheery as well. Got out of bed and headed downstairs to shower. On my way down I double checked my phone's time as well and the clock on my dads phone, only two or three minutes had passed. I turned on the boiler and played some music while I was in there. By the time the 4th song had ended I was already out of the shower (I measure how long I am in the shower with music), all of this should've taken no more than 15 minutes as they were fairly short songs. I expected it to be around 4:20 by the time I went back upstairs, however, when I checked the clock, I was already 6:30. I bolted upstairs to check other clocks and it was the same, 6:30. I couldn't understand how it had happened, but in a span of 15 minutes I lost 2 hours. (Reddit)


[The following is a really strange case, because the child was physically not there at the spot where he had his missing memory. There are actually more stories like this in which a child disappears, parents and other people frantically looking for him, and then the child is found at the exact same spot where it disappeared.]

Imagine 1984. Eastern Europe. Romania, to be exact. I'm 4 years old, and am on a vacation with my grandparents to improve my health.
I disappeared into thin air for 5 hours and, obviously, I reappeared. It's hard to be precise about this, because I remember what happened so clearly, that after 34 years I can't stop thinking about it.
I'm trying to make sense of this, but so far... You're guess is as good as mine.
So, the 80ies. Eastern Europe. To be precise in Romania, in the northern Carpathian mountains. Early summer. I think it was May or June.
As a kid, I was always sick, usually with some respiratory infections, so my grandparents thought it a good idea to take me to the mountains, for my health. Back then nobody had heard of allergies. My grandparents took me on vacation, to a little mountain village and resort called Vatra Dornei.
In that time, it was a sweet, and cosy place, in a woodsy, elevated area. The hotel, we stayed in, was in the middle of a park, morphing into the woods around. I remember, lots of squirrels lived in the park surrounding the hotel. The animals were used to people feeding them. It was a major attraction. You could buy walnuts in the hotel, and bang them together, and the squirrels came racing down the trees to snatch the nuts out of your palm, or just eat them then and there. They weren't shy.
The village was further down a slope, and stretched along a main road, and train tracks. There were several tiny shops, a restaurant and a coffee/pastry shop. The train station was tiny, but it was the heart of that village. The main road then split to a U-bent "Y" shape, over a narrow concrete bridge. The side road ran with the broad creek on one side, and a woodsy rocky slope, with only one row of civilian houses on the other side. And that was it. That was the village, as far as I remember.
The water in the creek was low, and had a blueish-green, and it was a hot and cloudless day, maybe a bit muggy. A fairly pleasant day, birds chirped, the creek whispered, there was warm sweet scented wind rustling the lush green trees. It was nearly noon, when my grandparents and me were on our way to the into a boutique of sorts.
For some unknown reason (I really donít know why I got so weirded out by that shop), I didnít want in. I told my grandparents, that I didnít want to, but they tried to drag me along.
"Iím a dog now. Dogs arenít allowed inside.ď I grabbed a light pole in front of the shop and hooked my arms around it. Like children tend to, I was serious about it, and demonstrated with stubbornly clinging to it, hiding my face from grandma and grandpa. I remembered my gran losing it, and just telling me: "Fine! Dogs stay where you leave them." I simply nodded, happy to have gotten my will. I barked, panted and looked around, scratched my ear with a pretended paw. Then it went fuzzy.
Suddenly, I focused into consciousness (I donít know how else to describe a slowly growing sense of re-cognition, like waking up, or wiping off your dirty glasses, and suddenly seeing properly? I hope that makes... sense?), walking down the side road, the bridge now in my back, the river to my right, the rocky slope to my left, with the woods looming over the street.
The shop was over 500 meters behind me. I was suddenly aware that there were no people. At all. I felt it: a hollow, empty feeling of loneliness. I was truly alone. Then I noticed, it was silent. There was no sound whatsoever. The river, the wind, the birds - all gone from the sound sphere. I couldn't even hear myself. I walked in absolute silence. I suspected that all movement around me had stopped. My mind was working miraculously effortless and crystal-clear. Even at that age, I marveled at that. Since then I never reached that level of clearness and concentrated logic, and that is a remarkable thing.
I made several paces on the pavement, and I looked at my feet. I noted that I was throwing out six long shadows into every direction, I was the center of a shadowstar. I asked myself where the light was coming from. So many shadows werenít normal, I knew that. I tilted my head to look up. In the sky, there was no sun, no moon, no light source whatsoever. It was strangely dim though.
I was in a most remarkable place. Nowadays I named that place either behind the curtains or hallway to reality.
Right as I started to fully realize the strangeness of the situation, I focused again into holding the pole. I felt dazed. For me, this all situation took only five minutes.
My grandpa grabbed me by the shoulders, frantically asking me, where I had been. Why did I wonder off? Confused I told him: ĄI was right here. I was a doggy. I waited for you to come out again.ď
Then he scooped me up and yelled, that he has found me.
About ten people, including people from the shop, from the hotel and the train station gathered around. Everybody was relieved, they talked to grandma and grandpa. As my grandpa told them what I told him, they shake their heads. Grandmaís eyes fogged up.
Then I was told, that they formed a search party to find me. I was nowhere. Nobody saw me. Nobody found me, only when I was back from that placeÖ
I got really sick afterwards. Three days of fever and diarrhea, the doctors told my grandparents, that I had food poisoning. We all ate the same, but I was the only one getting ill.
After that we left the resort and I never got back to that place. My parents werenít told the story right away (only several months later), which I thought weird, but my grandparents probably had their reasons.
Some years ago, I talked to my grandma about the incident. Her version: she told me, that she recruited all the people around town, looking for me. She tore through the whole village, my grandpa walking the length of the creek, the hotel, the park, the woods. They looked everywhere possible for 5 hours. She thought, people looked in every house, and stopped a train to look for me. I was gone, until grandpa found me in the same place, they saw me the last time. First, they didn't want to believe me, that I was there, and waited. I told them what happened, and never changed my story. A day later, I got really sick, and grandpa ran with me in his arms to the doctors. I seemingly lost consciousness from the high fever. ( that was news to me)
This whole thing is bugging me. I don't really know what to make of it. The memories about it are still clear and impressive, I trust the sensory perceptions of that event. (Reddit)


[Here is another case in which the child disappears for hours, From the child's point of view she was in the bathroom , then in the clouds, then sleeping in the bedroom.]

The following story happened to me when I was four years old and I have no recollection of it. I only know what my family has told me.

When I was a kid my dad worked in Mexico and would visit us about once a month. We lived in a small town in south Texas. One day before picking him up at the bus station, my mom told my siblings and I to use the bathroom at home so we wouldn't have to use them at the bus station.

My brother and sister said they saw me walk into the bathroom, but they never saw me walk out. My mom opened the door to check on me and I was gone. With the lay out of our apartment, it would be impossible for me to walk out without anyone noticing.

My mom started panicking and called my grandpa who was a police officer at the time. Within an hour multiple police officers and neighbors were searching for me at our apartment complex with no luck. Three hours later, my godmother found me in my bedroom sound asleep on my bed. The weird thing is that there were multiple people searching inside the apartment as well, and they hadn't found me anywhere inside.

It gets weirder. When they asked me where I was, four year old me said I was in the sky making clouds with a duck using a machine that had a crank that you would spin on one side, and then clouds would come out the other side. I also kept saying that I would see a red light on the TV screen for a few weeks.

I didn't fully believe this story growing up until I was visiting my grandma in Mexico City years later, and she confirmed it saying that my mom had called her crying right after it happened.

My family likes to joke that I was abducted by aliens then returned home after a few hours. This all happened thirty one years ago, and I still have no memories of it at all. (Reddit)

A comment on this post:

I was watching fish in a large tank in my aunt's kitchen once when I was maybe 6 years old. My dad couldn't find me. They yelled and searched the house. Then, the neighborhood. They found me in the same spot when they came back. They were FREAKED. I only remember watching the fish - none of the yelling or people in the room.


So I really wanna know if this has ever happens to anyone before. It was pretty strange and it happened on a work day. I was figuring the angles for some ridge caps on the roof. I had another worker with me when this happened, so I know I wasn't just tripping or something. I just cut an angle for one of the caps and was about to go on the back on the roof. I asked the dude I was working with what time it was, he showed me his phone it said 10:56. I was like okay cool and went up on the roof and he followed. I get up there and put the cap down, look at it for a second and light a cigarette. I take two measurements, figure an angle real quick, make a couple marks, and start heading for the ladder. I flick my cig which burnt all the way down and head down the ladder to make a cut. This whole time maybe 10 minutes passed by if even. Right before I make my cut I ask my co-worker what time it is. He kinda laughs and starts to say "u just ask me ..." Then I see a look of pure confusion. "Its 11:53" he said still looking puzzled. I look at his phone in pure disbelief sure enough a hour passed by. But it's super weird cause it's literally impossible for an hour to pass by like that. For one I smoked a full cigarette in an hour? Don't think so. Also I saw his phone before we went up and after we both knew what time it was. We even asked the election what time it was to make sure his phone was right.. Which it was. And the last weird thing is that he has 3 missed calls from our boss but we didn't hear his phone ring and he had it turned up an in his pocket. I don't know I know there's probably a logical explanation but this was just really. Anyways anyone ever experience anything like this? (Reddit)


[This story is told by his friend, but from his point of view, he was in the bathroom and the next moment in the closet.]

Similar experience but with my grown friend! It was roughly 4-5 years ago and four of us were at my friend K's house. We were being dumb teenagers and came to the conclusion her house was haunted, and proceeded to do "cleansing rituals" which were basically boiling spices and burning candles, weird kids I know. After a while we realized J was missing, and we weren't sure how long he'd been gone. We assumed maybe he was in the bathroom so we left it alone, but after 10 minutes or so we went to check and found the only bathroom empty.
We all got a bit worried and started checking the entire house, closets, under beds, sofas, cupboards, ANYWHERE he could've gone. We thought maybe he had gone home? I ran over to his house (he was about 5 minutes walking from K's house) to find he wasn't there, or anywhere along the way.
I go back to K's house and we look for him again, about 45 minutes has passed now. We talk and try to figure out what to do, when K goes to the bathroom and finds J coming out of a closet we checked twice. He was disoriented and nauseous and didn't want to talk but the next day he was fine. He doesn't remember a thing.
Still not entirely sure what happened or where he went :/ and yes we checked the floor and behind clothes in the closets , so he couldn't have just hid to scare us.


Outside of Time?

I must admit, this happened years ago but I still remember it perfectly.
Since I was a child, I've not slept well. I've tried sleeping masks, shutting off electronic devices, white noise apps etc. I always wake up after only a couple hours sleep, not feeling well rested.
But one night I was packing with my mum to go to the airport. We had to wake up at 9am so I went to bed at one. I put on the radio to help me sleep as usual, my mum said goodnight and shut off my lights. I put on my sleeping mask closed my eyes for about 3 seconds while listening to the music.
I then felt a warmth in my body, where it felt going up to my brain and almost felt like my thoughts are clearer. I chose to ignore it and continued listening to the music, trying to get to sleep - still feeling a little weird.
My mum then called me from the other room, so I took off my blindfold (after what must've been 10 seconds of having it on) to see what she wanted, and I looked outside my window to see broad daylight! I also felt completely well rested. And thee same part of the same song was still playing, as if no time had passed at all.
My mum came into the room to wake me up and saw me startled, so she asked me what's wrong. I verified the time (9am to the dot) on her phone. She didn't believe me when I told her I experienced no time passing since she shut off my lights.
I remembered this memory after years, when I woke up to go to an airport again. Had to post it here. (Reddit)

While Walking

I used to work at a coffee shop. I opened the shop and worked from 5am-10:30am. I watch the clock like a hawk to get off and left at 10:30 on the dot. I only lived 5 minutes away, so I went home, let my dog out and took a piss in my own bathroom real quick before I went out to the store. It could have only been 10:45 am at the latest at the time I left my house for the store.
When I got to the store I checked my phone and it was 3:32 pm. About 5 hours of my life had just disappeared. I double checked that I was reading that right, and I was. I assumed my phone was wrong so I didnít think anything of it. Got my shit and went home. The clock on the microwave read 3:48. I couldnít believe it so I checked my laptop, stove and iPad and it was 3:48. I was getting a bit freaked out and called a friend to ask them what time they had, and they confirmed it was (by that time) 3:50-something pm.
I told my friend what happened and they thought maybe I misremembered what time I had worked... but I had opened the store at 5 am alone, starting all the coffee and tea, those arenít normal tasks you can mix up with the tasks you do on another shift. I then texted a coworker to send me a photo of our schedule, and it confirmed I had worked from 5am-10:30am.
Is there a term for this specific phenomenon or losing large chunks of time? Itís so strange and unnerving, I wonder about where I was or where the rest of the world was during those lost 5 hours. I wonder if anyone else lost the same 5 hours I did. (Reddit)

I was just reminded of this bizarre incident that happened about two years ago. My friend and I were living in an apartment in a large complex. Every night, I'd take my dog outside before bed; the building was almost totally surrounded by an open lawn, so I just did a single lap around the building as she did her business. The area was open, well-lit, and I was never further than 20 feet from the exterior wall of our building. The walk only took about 7 minutes at dog-stop-and-sniff speed; you could sprint it in less than a minute.
One night, right after we finished watching a TV show (so we knew the exact time) I went out to walk the dog, and everything was completely normal. No delay, no unexpected hiccups, exactly the same as every other night. But when I walked back in, I took one look at my friend and realized something was terribly wrong.
He was in an absolute panic. Where minutes earlier he'd been lounging in his pajamas, he was now fully dressed (complete with shoes) and was so drenched in sweat his shirt was pasted to his back. His eyes were wild and he looked like he'd been crying; this is a huge 6'4" guy, typically unafraid of anything, and he looked scared out of his mind. He ran over, picked me up off my feet in a bear hug, and half-screamed/half-sobbed, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?"
He frantically explained that I'd been gone for 45 minutes. After the first 15, he'd gotten dressed and gone looking. He lapped the building multiple times, never seeing me. He spent 20 minutes running around searching before going back home to get help. I'd taken my phone with me and he didn't have one, so I could see that he had several browser pages open trying to find a way to call 911 over the internet (but fortunately hadn't been successful). I pulled my phone out of my pocket and showed him that it had, in fact, only been 7 minutes. He was stunned, but insisted that he had watched every clock in the room as 45 excruciating minutes ticked by, though now all of them reflected the correct time.
None of it made any sense. There was absolutely no way that he would have had the time to wait, get concerned, get dressed, go outside, search around, give up, and come back all before I made it back home 7 minutes later. Even if he had, he could not possibly have missed me (or vice versa) when lapping the building; there is absolutely nowhere to hide. At the very least, my dog would have noticed him running around even if we somehow didn't see each other. (And I've known him for nearly 20 years and he's not an actor or prankster; whatever happened, there's not a doubt in my mind he was absolutely honest.) (Reddit)


I was walking my dog one afternoon, and I decided to go through an alley (I pass there sometimes, but usually not with my dog) and when I got out of the alley, I found myself on a different block, which was not connected in any way to the alley. I was spooked, so I didn't go back through the alley, and just went the long way back. A couple of days later I went through the same alley, and I got to the normal exit. Very eerie... (Reddit)


I was walking around Las Vegas with my friend and as we were talking as we were navigating the maze of a casino. Then, the next thing I remember we were in a completely different part of the hotel (went from the casino to the mall) I asked my friend if he has a big gap in his memory and he said yeah wtf. As we were going over the story we have 2 gaps in the same place. Once when we were walking through the casino and we ended up in the mall and once after we were in the mall and tried to find our way out. (Reddit)


[The following is not exactly walking, but skateboarding. This story is interesting because the person was just outside the building and was there when looked for.]

This happened when I was about 14years old and itís something Iíve never been able to explain and my Dad flat out refuses to believe me.
On this evening my Dad had a meeting at our local bar/club type deal. My older brother was going to be gone for the night so my Dad gave me the option to either go with him (we were both members at the club) or stay home by myself. Not really wanting to be home alone I opted to go along. My Dad would always buy me as many sodas/snacks Iíd ask for so it was a win win. I decided to take along my skateboard because not to far from the building there was a small incline with the sidewalk and I thought if I got bored I could go out and skate down the small hill (if you stepped out the building you can see the hill). So we get there and I get settled in with my soda and snack while my Dad is attending his meeting. About an hour in, I finished my chips and soda and get pretty bored, so I go find my Dad and tell him Iím going to go skate up and down the hill a bit, he said fine just to check in with him from time to time. So I go do my own thing skating up and down the hill. About half an hour passes and I go back in to check in with my Dad and ask for another soda. My Dad thanks me for checking in, buys me another soda and tells me his meeting will be wrapping up in an hour or so. I let him know I am going back to skateboard the hill I check the time before I head back out it was 8:30 (this will be important here in a minute). I skate up and down the hill for a bit again before I figure my Dads meeting is about over and I head in. I walk in to everyone stopped and looked at me, before I see my Dad rushing toward me. Dad: ďWHERE IN THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?!Ē Me: ďI been skating up and down the hill like I told you Dad.Ē Dad: ďI went out there and hollered for you half an hour ago and didnít see you anywhereĒ (Remember I said you can see the hill if you step out of the building and my Dad has a voice that you can not mistake and definitely not not hear think Sam Elliottís voice.) Me: ďHalf an hour ago? Dad itís only been half an hour since I last came in to check in with you. (Looks at clock and sees its 9:30 not 9:00) Dad: ďIíve walked up and down that hill and hollered your name so stop lying and you need to call your brother because heís worried about you and heís on his way to come look for you. I was about to call the Damn police ďSarahĒ (not my real name).
There is no way in this world that 1.) I would not have heard my Dad call my name trust me. 2.) If they did walk up and down the hill they would have found me because on everything I was there. 3.) how did I lose half an hour chunk of time because I looked before I walked out and the clock said 8:30 and the building had a clock on the outside and I SWEAR it was 9:00 when I went to walk back in. It would not have took me more then 2 minutes to walk back inside thatís how close it was. (Reddit)


I was hiking with a friend one day and we climbed up a small hill off the trail for a scenic view. Half an hour later we start hiking back down and suddenly we find ourselves as if we backtracked and going up the same hill again. There was NO way this could've happened. I've hiked there before and I'm pretty familiar with the trails. There was no way we could've even walked down and back up to the same spot where we where within a minute. We both looked at each other wondering how the heck did we end up here again? Has that happened to anyone else before? It was as if we entered a wormhole that backtracked us, walking that spot all over again. (Reddit)

In the Woods

This is the first time I have ever told this story to anyone other than a few of my close friends. I would just like to hear if anyone has experienced anything similar.
I found some photos for proof, and may be able to track more down when I go home for the holidays.
I grew up in a rural community in Southern Ontario, it was one of those places where everyone wears camo and when deer hunting opens everything becomes deserted. As a kid I spent the majority of my time in my forest playing alone, as my sisters werenít too fond of leaving the house and my closest friend lived a few kilometers away. My favourite pastime was finding anything I could hit things with (stick, axe, hockeystick) and just run around the woods for hours practicing my combat skills against defenceless trees. Everyday my bus would drop me off around 2:55pm, giving me lots of time to defeat my wooden enemies before my parents returned around 5:30pm, and once it was summer, I was out there from the moment I woke up. But I was always sure to be back, and in the house before my parents got back (so they couldnít catch me messing about with a splitting axe). This was my nightly routine from about age 9-13.
By around age 13, the act started to get boring; I knew my forest like the back of my hand, and finally had worked hard enough to buy an Xbox. One summer day, the internet went out ruining my game of Medal of Honor, so I decided to do the one thing I had done a million times before and go get lost in my forest. It was probably around 10-10:30am, so I knew I had plenty of time before my dad came home.
This being Southern Ontario, the only thing that I was remotely scared of were fishers. Combined with the fact that I was no longer interested in fighting the trees, I only brought with me my fancy pocket knife I had kidnapped from my fatherís police cruiser. I ran into my forest, up the main path and over a ridge I had scaled many times before. I was gone probably 20 minutes when things started to feel strange. For some odd reason, I felt as though I was being watched. I had never seen anyone but my neighbour in my forest before, so I immediately tossed the idea aside thinking that I was just being overreactive.
I kept run/walking for about another 10 minutes when the feeling started to get much stronger. I suddenly felt as though I was somewhere I shouldnít be; as though the branches overhead started to get thicker and everything got much darker and much quieter. Occasionally, I would hear this strange sound. It wasnít like any animal I had heard before, but more like the bell on a bike with an odd echo to it (almost like a metallic cricket). I decided that I should probably head home and checked the time on my phone: 11:00am. It was then that I realized I had no idea where I was. Keep in mind that I knew every inch of this forest, from the roads that boarder 3 sides to the lake that borders the other, I had hiked every inch of it numerous times before. Yet, I had no idea where I was.
And then things started to get stranger. I looked down around my feet and saw a bunch of metal buckets and various metal tools. This is when I heard a voice. It seemed like a child calling for me by name. The voice was light and seemed to flow effortlessly on the wind. In my panic, I assumed it was one of my sisters calling for me to come home, so naturally I called my sisters name back. When I got no response, I took my phone out and tried calling; but this being the middle of nowhere on the Canadian Shield, I had no service. I looked around and out of the corner of my eye saw something dart behind a tree. I looked around me and saw laying in the ground among the buckets a rusted red bicycle, like one from the 50s you see in anti-nuke posters. And the bike seemed to be in the one part of the forest that light was shining through, kind of staging it. I quickly opened my camera and took a photo, thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me.
And then I heard it again. But this time the child sounded like they were almost singing my name, breaking it up at the syllables. I started to quickly walk away, hoping that I would end up anywhere but this area. But the voice seemed to follow me and I kept seeing glimpses of something running behind the trees keeping pace with me. So naturally, I started running as fast as I could. I ran as quickly as my legs could manage, not caring for the branches that would whip me in the face and eyes. After about 15 minutes of running, things started to look familiar. I ran down a massive hill and the trees started to become more open and brighter. I slowed down and started to walk, too terrified to check behind me. Once the feeling of impending doom settled, I finally mustered the strength to turn around. The moment I turned around is a moment I will never ever forget. I turned behind me and through the trees saw my house; as if I had been running away from it the entire time. Thinking that I mustíve just gotten turned around, and absolutely hating the idea of running back into the forest, I walked towards the house. As I was probably 100m from my house, I heard a spinechilling shriek come from the forest behind me, similar to the sound of a mountain lion screaming or raccoons fighting but it was far louder and seemed to be coming from not just one place, but almost many places at once.
I sprinted the final steps to my house and did not turn back. As soon as I entered the house I came face to face with my father, who was sitting at the kitchen table. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was 4:45pm. I have no idea what happened in the 5 hours between the time the photo was taken and the time I got home. All I remember is the 30 minutes it took me to get in, and around 20 minutes it took me to get out. I went right to my room and stared at the photo on my phone, assuring myself that it had happened, and I had seen what I had seen.
This was almost 5 years ago, and I still find myself looking at the photo to show myself it happened, and I didnít just go mad. After that day, I decided that I would not venture out into the forest alone and started a new character on Skyrim to assure that I wouldnít want to go outside even if the internet was down. My parents moved out of that house this past summer and into the city. I still love going outside, and even found myself working in isolation camps in the middle of the Rockies this past summer, yet I cannot go alone or outside the calling range of a friend. I have no idea what occurred that summer day, nothing paranormal has ever happened to me before or since that date. (Reddit)


I was on a field trip to our local park. Our teacher decided to let us go on one of the trails. This trail had a larger trail and a smaller trail inside it's loop. The smaller trail had a slimy stinky pond inside it. The small trail was just a circular area surrounding the pond. But the pond had an area that went under a little bridge walkway. On one side of the bridge was the pond, on the other was a flowing tiny creek.

My friend and I decided to just take the small trail and stop at the bridge and wait and then go back to the bus..cause we didn't feel like walking that day. So that is what we did. I remember it being shaded by the trees except for the little bridge so my friend laid down on the bridge in the only sunny spot...facing the larger trail.

You could see the smaller trail from the larger trail. I thought I saw a crawdad...loved those things and decided I was going to go into the little creek and grab it. I remember thinking that it was convenient that there was stone steps down into the creek. I walked down them and thought nothing of it.

I remember standing in the creek and looking down it. I remember saying to my friend along the lines of something doesn't look right in this creek. Look at it, it just seems to go on for a long time..but it shoudn't. I mean it should end at the parking lot. The parking lot was in front of the trail right outside the tree line.

I remember nothing some point my shoe was Untied and I stooped down to tie it and my stomach growled. I said to my friend.. we need to get back..I stepped up the rocks out of the creek and onto the bridge. My friend said yeah and I remember me being afraid. I was like its spooky here, it seems so late lets hurry and go. She agreed, got up and we ran towards the entrance.

Our teacher, our classmates and our bus was gone. But the cops, the fireman, the principal and our parents were all there. They were getting ready to drag the pond. We had been gone for around 4 hours. Numerous people walked both trails and walked over that little bridge..they said.

They were mad because they said we could not have been where we said we were. They were mad cause they thought we were hiding and not coming when they screamed our names. But we weren't lying. My friend and I became distance. We never ever talked about it... not once. (Reddit)


[This is a longer story but very interesting, and similar to what I found is one of the reasons of people going missing.]

I grew up in Vietnam. my family is very affluent so we had just 10 acres of land all to ourselves, no one else really lived here except a house here and there. our closest neighbors were 3 miles away. Our territory wasnít gated except for a smallish brick wall and we had a ton of street dogs that we adopted that kind of roamed around.
I was under strict instructions to NEVER go anywhere past these certain trees that were marked and once sunset started I couldnít go past the west territory. Now I want to say that in Vietnam, people are very superstitious. It is not so much whether you believe in ghosts/spirits/the paranormal or not but whether they can harm you.
Whenever I walked past these trees the dogs would furiously bark and a few would drag me back by my shirt or even go bark at my familyís workers and kind of ďtellĒ on me. I always assumed that it was because I was very young so they didnít want me to wander off and get lost. When I was 13 I became more and more interested. My family went to a funeral while the workers still worked and my grandmother watched me.
My grandmother was a very old woman, I was a very sneaky child. I obviously snuck off and while I was wandering through the woods, I explored, saw pythons, lizards, water moniters, and monkeys. Hereís the weird thing. I felt like the whole time these animals were like kind of leading me to something if that makes sense. I distinctly remember the first animal that I saw was a huge dragonfly. It lead me past the marked trees on the east side of my territory and then I saw frog that had really weird texture to it, very rough kind of lizard like.
I felt like I was in a trance like state and animal transformed into another animal and I began to come to the realization that these werenít different animals but the same one transforming. I didnít see it transform but it could be a moniter lizard and then it would go past a rock and the next animal would be a huge python.
I should also mention that all my dogs (we had about 20 of them at that time) were fiercely protective of me and trailed me like shadows. All the workers always said that wherever I walked a hoard of dogs would follow and when I slept around night they all slept directly outside my window. However, less and less dogs followed me as I got deeper into the woods. By the time I saw the lizard moniter Iím pretty sure only a handful were still me. Most stayed back after the first few trees.
I realized it was getting really dark but the sky looked weird for some reason. I stopped following the ďanimalĒ which was a monkey at this point and just turned back. Getting back was a lot more difficult than getting there. When I was following the creature I felt like the woods were just kind of opening up a trail for me. Like I didnít trip on any shrubs or vines and nothing really blocked my way. The way going back I was convinced the woods completely changed.
I wasnít really scared just a little cold since I believed I didnít even wander off that far. Eventually I heard some dogs barking and followed and I could see my house. Everyone was frantic when I came back, they had about 100 people searching for me (family and our workers) and a few more people like extended family of workers that owed favors to my family.
Apparently I had been missing for three days and the husband of one of my aunts workers went in after me and heís been missing since then. I got really scared and told my family what happened and they were white in the face. We drove to a very popular Buddhist temple and we got blessed and the monks told my family what they believed happened while I stood outside eavesdropping with my older cousin.
Our family has a problem with people going missing. My grandmother's brother said he felt like he was being guided with a hand on his back and he was stuck between two rocks. His old black dog found him which is a common belief in Vietnam that all black dogs are very powerful and can scare spirits away which explains why my uncle always picked all black dogs.
My grandmas first son was playing in a creek while she traveled a little more downstream to do laundry and she said it seemed like someone pushed him in and held his head down and as she tried to run to him, something in the water wrapped around her foot. A villager nearby ran down to save him.
The monks gave me a Buddha necklace they blessed and I still wear that necklace today. The man that went missing who was looking for me was never found although my mom told me they did. I believe my aunt paid the wife a large sum of money and bought them a house far away and still sends money regularly.
A few days after this the workers started chopping down trees and a fence was built around the east side of our territory and we started a karaoke bar that now resides there.
What do I believe happened? I have many theories but I think the spirits are upset that my grandmother came into their land and built over it. Before my family cut down trees and built our house there, no one lived there. I think they were upset we were disturbing their peace and quiet.
I still donít like going hiking to this day. when I do itís never a very far hike and I donít let my dog off leash because Iím terrified.

... I thought I was gone for only a few hours. I wasnít hungry or thirsty at all and it seemed like nothing changed. I also want to mention that the sky did not go from light to dark to light to dark like it should have if it was three days. I left home at noon and came back at night. (Reddit)


I don't know if this was a glitch or just my mind being weird, but here it goes.

Some years ago, when I was around 18 or 19, me and some friends were hanging around town when we decided to go to one of the guy's home to watch a movie or so. I have not been there before but it was about a 20 minute walk from where I parked my car near the city center.

So we went to his home, watched a few movies, drank some beers, nothing too special yet. At some point, around 1 am or so, I began to feel tired and most of my friends had already fallen asleep. I remember sitting on the computer chair watching the movie on the screen, having my feet put up on a small table, which was surprisingly comfortable so I must have fallen asleep as well although I don't really remember doing so.

The next thing I remember is me walking down the road towards the city center in the middle of the night. I was confused because I didn't remember anything that happened in the time gap between 1 am and 4 am, which was about the time my phone said. I was fully dressed, with neatly tied shoes and all, had all my stuff with me, including a backpack with all the things in it.I took out of there earlier. Nothing was missing. I have absolutely no memory of waking up in the chair, getting up, packing all my stuff, putting on my shoes and jacket, looking for keys, going out of the house or strolling down the road or anything else.

I knew where I was heading to from the moment my mind became clear though. I kind of "woke up" thinking about going to my car which is weird because I don't remember even making that decision. Also, I don't really know that area of town that well to remember all the way to my car when I'm half asleep but I was on the right way. And again, I have no memory of how I got there or what happened, my mind kind of popped into consciousness while I was already acting like I was awake for at least 20 minutes.

What was also weird is, that the time felt kind of odd. To me, my last memory of sitting in the chair around 1am felt like it was maybe 30 minutes ago, but it must have clearly been more like 3 hours, although it didn't feel like that at all.

Of course I have considered the possibility of sleep walking, but never, in my entire life before or after that night, have I ever experienced sleep walking or anything else you would not consider normal sleep behaviour. Neither had my family. I don't think it was because of the alcohol either, because I only drank 3 beers which was already a while back. And apparently my friends didn't even wake up when I was leaving which is also weird considering the noises I must have made.

To this day, I can't really explain what happened, and it feels kind of weird thinking about it. Does any of you have an explanation or maybe similar experiences? (Reddit)


2. Missing Memory of Time Passage and Spatial Displacement

Inside a Building and Displaced Inside or Outside

This might sound pretty lame in all its simplicity, but even after six years I wonder what really happened that day.
It was a sunny day. (Maybe 12 PM.) I was alone at my house, spending time online and doing just normal everyday-stuff.
Next thing I know, I wake up in my own bed and it's dark outside. It's late at night. I have absolutely no memory of how/why I was in my bed and where did all those hours go.
I was completely sober, and I have no medical issues. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before or after this.
I guess I could've taken a nap without realising it, but I think I would remember that. It was just a normal day and then it was night, like somebody pressed the fast-forward button. (Reddit)


I've never told this story to anyone, not my husband, not anyone, neither have I posted it anywhere. Mostly because I know (think I know) that the majority of people will likely think I'm mad and then by extension and the circumstances the missing time surrounds, probably think me negligent.
When this day does pop into my mind, I'll google it away, looking for an explanation or similar stories - but today, here I am, presenting to you Reddit, my missing time experience.
To date I'm a mom of 4, all 7 and under, but back in 2013 we just had the 2 kids. Our eldest was 1 1/2 and our then youngest was about 3 months old. When it was just the 2 of them I was more meticulous when it came to routine, with timed naps/feeds/meal/snack times, my eldest was (still is) high maintenance and my then youngest had colic and reflux and was quite a sick baby (vomiting lots) so routine was essential especially when I was on my own with them during the day. Since then and the addition of two more kids we now live with organised chaos.
That morning was average, nothing much stands out but come the time for the kids joint nap time is where we lose our time. I had just put the toddler and baby down for their naps, the toddler in her cot in her room and the baby down in his bassinet in the lounge room.
We used to live in a two bedroom apartment with an open living room and kitchen area. I stood in the kitchen feeling quite impressed with my self looking forward to the hour/hour and a half I was going to get to myself.
Next thing, I'm sat on the edge of the lounge feeling suddenly off really odd.
I pick up my phone to message my husband - and it's 3pm.
I don't remember anything. Not even going to the lounge.
I've lost four hours.
I remember my heart beating so fast, I'm full of panic, the kids, I check the baby, he's still asleep, hasn't moved, check the toddler, she's asleep hasn't moved.
I stood in the kitchen heart still racing, I remember feeling sick a feeling of dread hanging on me. I also remember wondering what to do next, make lunch? Its 3pm! I'm completely shook how did so much time pass? What did I do in all that time? How did the kids not wake? Neither sleep more than an hour a time unless it's night. My first logical thought was to wake the kids, all the time I'm trying to work out what the hell just happened.
Every time this day does come back to me I am constantly filled with the same feeling, it's dread. I feel sick.
It has never happened again. I have no medical issues. don't do drugs, rarely drink.
I know for a fact it was after 11 as that was the first joint toddler/baby nap my first free time for the day. That's four bloody hours. To this day I still can't fathom how this could have happened.
I do have a horrid image in my head of me just standing there for four hours while my kids sleep on, horrifying, shit of nightmares.
It feels as though time continued without us. Almost like the kids and I just didn't exist for those four hours. It's like we were gone from time, or time was just gone. I don't feel like we were elsewhere, abducted, spirited away. I feel more like we were nowhere. That's when I feel dread, like I have to stop thinking about it. (Reddit)


I have a memory of something weird happening when I was younger, maybe when I was around 6-8 years old. It was night, around 8 pm, and my family and I had just gotten home from the mall. I remember being excited because my parents bought me some toys. As I was about to unpack, we all heard an urgent series of knocks on the door. I know for sure that all of us heard it because we all reacted to it. I got up to open the door and this is when the weird stuff happened. All I can remember seeing is a bright sunset. Orange sky with a dark purple outline, bright sun setting on the horizon like what you would see on a beach. This is weird because we kind of live in a valley and so a sunset on a flat horizon is a little hard to see, plus our doorway is facing east. After this, I remember opening my eyes, laying on my stomach, and waking up wearing my usual sleepwear. I asked my mother about this when I got up but I don't remember what she told me. (Reddit)


While Walking

I'm 17 years old and this happened when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was walking from my dads house to my moms (they are divorced, but lived close so I could walk back and fourth) when I took a short cut down a dirt hill and I remember looking up at sky and it was still light out. It was summer times so it's light outside until about 22:00 and it was about 19:00 so it was still plenty off light. Well I was walking down the dirt road looking up at the sky when I hear a sudden boom. Not like an explosion, but kinda weird like everything vibrated, but very loudly. Almost like something in a movie. In just a second the bright sky I was looking up at turned dark, not pitch black but still pretty dark. I remember being really confused, but I have never told this to anyone before. If your wondering what time it was when I got home I honestly can't remember, but I wish I could. (Reddit)


This happened in 2011, I was 13. I was home, watching movies on my laptop. It was around 9 PM-ish. My mom told me to take out the trash. I went to throw trash outside. It usually takes a minute or two as the garbage bins were right in front of my house. There were guys outside chilling and smoking in the streets not to far from the garbage bins. I knew them as most of them were my neighbors. I threw the trash in bins. Headed back home to find out my mom angrily standing near my room. The conversation goes as follows Me: Mom, what's wrong? Mom: Why did it take you 2 god damn hours to put out the trash??
Me: What? Mom: You have been gone for 2 hours. Where have you been? Me: 2 hours? Mom, it's only been a couple minutes. She storms off angrily into her room. I went inside my room, confused. I look at my laptop to check the time. And it's really fucking 11:13 PM. I checked my phone, wall clock even googled the time. It was really 11:13 PM. I hurriedly went outside to find the street empty. There was no one. The next day I asked them if they saw me throwing the trash. They said they remember seeing me throw the trash and head back home. I don't even fucking know where did I spend 2 hours. I have never been diagnosed with any severe mental illness. (Reddit)


This experience has always annoyed me and I still donít really know what to make of it.
A few years ago my then boyfriend and I were out on a small hike. It was a really simple path with only two trails. Iíll try to explain them in the most concise way possible, but Iím terrible at describing things.
The main path started at the parking lot, went in a straight line, and hit a dead end when it reached water. The second trail extended off from the main trail, on the right hand side, and ended at a dead end, where it also reached water. Essentially the two paths made a sideways T. Either path you took - you had to turn around and walk the exact same way you came.
We started from the parking lot and walked halfway down the main path. After about five minutes, we reached the halfway point, took the right onto the second path, went to the water, and talked for a little while.
We headed back down this path, reached the main path, and decided we just wanted to go back to the car and get our waters. We took a left back onto the main path - coming the exact way we had originally.
We walked for what felt like forever - it was surely longer than the original five minutes it took us to get to the smaller path. We both stopped and started discussing how we should be at the car already and considered the idea that we might be lost. I pulled out my phone and googled a map of the park - it was exactly how I described, all dead ends. Without straying from the path, there was literally no way of getting lost. The path was very clear, and very well maintained. We were definitely still on it.
We figured we were probably just tired and dehydrated, so it felt much longer than it was. We kept walking in the same direction. After a little while longer we saw the smaller path up ahead, to our left... the same path we had just taken a left to get out of.
It literally made no sense whatsoever. There was absolutely no plausible way we could have walked in a complete circle. Either we would have had to walk out in the water, or would have passed the parking lot. We felt a little unsettled and vaguely joked that it was a ~glitch~.
We kept walking in the same direction and ended up at the car, just as we should have the first time. We even stopped to check the wooden map in the parking lot - still the same T shaped, dead end paths.
We brought it up a few times throughout our relationship and how weird it was, but could never figure out how in the world our five minute walk turned into us walking for almost an hour in a circle.
It was ~5 minutes for each path... ten at the absolute most. Which is why we were so confused at how long it had been. (Reddit)


While Biking

One day, 5 or 6 years ago, I was bike riding with my dad. I was riding my bike, turned onto a street, and suddenly did not see my dad anywhere. I waited for at least 5 minutes, confused and scared. I tried to remember how I got to this street, but I had no memory except when I started bike riding. I rode home and called my dad, who was in a place at least 2 or 3 miles away from where I was.
I'm assuming that I rode my bike on autopilot and did not look where my dad was going, but I doubt it, due to the fact that I couldn't remember the time period between me leaving my house and me realizing that something was wrong. (Reddit)


While Driving a Car

Arriving Sooner than Possible

I have a time slip for you. I have NEVER wrote this before here or anywhere else.
I live in Southern Missouri. I live EXACTLY 3 Hours from Memphis, Tennessee. Several years ago I had a meeting to attend in Memphis. I left my home 3 hours and 30 minutes before the meeting was to take place. I was driving on I55 South with a bunch of cars around me. As we passed the Dyersberg Tennessee exit they just seemed to all poof. Nothing around me clear road. I remember the cars passing the exit with me, but where did they go?
That's the end of the strangeness tho. Next second I can remember, I'm at the meeting site. Only problem is it's still 2 hours before the meeting! I left with enough time to get to the meeting with about 30 minutes to spare. So I arrived at the meeting site in 1 hour and 30 minutes! I would have had to drove there at around 120 Miles Per Hour to get there in that time! I tend to drive the speed limit. If I do speed it's only by a few miles per hour over the posted Speed Limit. I would never drive several hundred miles at over 100 MPH!
I still can't figure it out! Where did all those cars go? How did I get over 200 miles in an hour and a half? It just doesn't make any sense! Drive home was normal. Took 3 hours to get home. (Above Top Secret)


Arriving Later than Normal

So a little back story. I was living in Germany with my now ex boyfriend and I had to do 3 presentations a day for my job. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening, every day for two weeks (it was a sort of punishment from my job). I'm the type of person who gets out of bed once my alarm goes off because I hate the sound of it going off.
So we woke up one morning at 0430 for the presentation and got ready to leave which only took about 10 minutes. We got in the car and drove down the street for about two minutes when he looked at the clock and its was already almost 0700. We checked our phones to see if it was the wrong time on the cars clock and even checked to see if there was a daylight savings time but there was nothing. We were both so sketched out about it and to this day never figured out where the heck that time went. (Reddit)


Suddenly Somewhere Else

So one night after getting off work around 10 pm. I was driving to a friend's house that was located the next town over. So it was going to take me about 30-45 minutes to get there. So I would have been arriving around 10:50 - 11pm at latest. Iíve drove there plenty of times in the middle of the day and late at night. So I knew the directions by heart.
Well this one night in 2015 something new and very different happened to me while in route to my friends house.
I was driving and by this time I had made it into the woodsy part of my route (About 15 minutes left of my journey before I would have reached my location) Iíve drove this way hundreds of time so obviously it was nothing new. I remember glancing at my radio to check the time & This is where it gets really weird and really hard to explain because this is the part where I donít know what exactly had happened.
I checked the time and blinked and all of a sudden Iím at a dead end staring at one of those road signs with the arrows pointing left and right indicating that you have to choose a side because you canít go forward anymore. My car was in park and my radio which was on earlier was now off and my hazards were on.
I literally had no idea 1.) where I was 2.) how I had just gotten there 3.) how much time had passed.
Because even though it felt like just 1 second ago I was looking at my radio to see the time. It was obvious that much time had passed since that moment. Because my clock was showing me that the time was now 11:15pm. When I swore just a second ago when I had went to check it the time was 10:30pm
I was so confused as to what the fuck just happened. I donít know how I got to where I was without any memory of doing so. I donít even know where the hell I was either which was the really weird thing.
I donít know how my car got into park, how my hazards turned on...literally anything.
The weirdest part was because I wasnít sure exactly where I was or how I got there I figured Iíd GPS my location to my friends house. My GPS showed me that I had somehow made a giant circle, at some point I drove by my friend's house and ended up where I was.
I was spooked. Because even though I was driving through a woodsy area at night. I had done it so many times previously and nothing ever happened. No weird encounters, no weird sightings and certainly no weird driving experiences. I also found out while trying to reroute to my location that at some point I had got off the main road and went down a side road.
Something I would never do at night especially by myself in the woods of all places.
Maybe someone here will have an explanation or even better a similar experience! Please tell me what you think.
If helps knowing where this took place. It happened in Florida. (Reddit)


I was with my bf, I was driving West on a large well known (to those in our city) road. We drove past another well known and well used road and after about 5 minutes of driving, we are suddenly at the same road we just passed. Except now we are on a different street a few miles South of where we were (still driving West). We both were just like WTF just happened? We also noticed it is now almost an hour later. The next day we tried it again to see if we somehow missed something (we were also South of an expressway that we didnít remember crossing and it would have been difficult not to notice passing this expressway) nothing bizarre happened this time.
This happened a couple of days ago, I looked at a map to see if maybe the road we were driving on circles around or something and drove the route again to see if we somehow just got turned around. No, the road we were on goes straight West and I didnít turn onto a different street or anything. We canít explain it and it kinda freaked us out. It was also a bit annoying because now we were now miles away from where we were trying to drive to and the gas gauge showed the we lost about 40 miles (car has regular gas gauge and will show about how many miles we have left with the amount of gas that is in the tank).
Edit: Forgot to add; where we ended up was maybe 5 miles at the most from the last place we remembered being before realizing we were in a different area. No way we wouldíve used about 40 miles up of gas. (Reddit)


I am so scared over this I still canít sleep.
I decided to do lyft as a side hustle and around 4:00 am this morning it was time for me to take people to work and for them to start their day. A side note: I never believed this whole matrix thing or parallel universe but this is mildly alarming to me.
I took these passengers to Phoenix and we were saying how I could literally just finish up after that ride and go home since I lived just 5 minutes west of them. I dropped them off I vividly remember looking at my compass on the digital screen of my car and proceeded west on the road Iíve taken literally hundreds of times. I can see the highrises and sky scrapers. The city I love so much and I remember admiring it because the city looked so pretty under the cold dark November sky. I was with cars following light traffic, a white Nissan was in front of me.
I took a glance at my speed to make sure I was following the speed limit and I shit you not when I looked up less than a second later I was in a rural part where Scottsdale meets Mesa. No buildings. No houses. No street lights or cars it was a desolate space with NO BODY. I was so so caught off guard I looked at my compass and I was driving east and I tried to logically debunk it but I couldnít. I then had to look up directions for my home because I had no idea where I was. I remember feeling this vibe and the closest thing I can describe it was of pending doom, I did not feel comfortable at all. Hereís where it gets freaky: when going west I go on Thomas and I was on Thomas because my passengers were on Thomas. But when I looked up I was then on McDowell and Pima. Pima and McDowell is 20 minutes from where I live. How did I get 20 minutes away in a nano second in the opposite direction on a different road. I found a freeway and it took the full 20 minutes to be where I was before that freaky shift.
I am so confused and I donít know what it means. I ended lyft early today and I still am so shaken up. Has anyone experienced this? What does it mean? (Reddit)


My friend Steve came to town (Chico, CA) for New Years (he lives two hours south of where I live). It was New Years Eve, so we went out to dinner. During dinner, he was telling me about an amazing pillow he'd bought at the Bed, Bath and Beyond near where he lives and said he wanted to take me to Bed, Bath and Beyond after dinner to buy me one of those fabulous pillows. So I agreed. It being winter, it was already dark outside and it was five minutes before 6:00 PM. The store manager informed us as we walked into the store that we had 5 minutes since it was New Years Eve, they would be closing at 6:00 PM. We quickly scurried to look through the pillows, not finding the one Steve wanted to purchase.
We heard the announcement that the store was closing and to please exit the store. The store manager had to unlock the door to let us out, as it was exactly 6:00 PM. We'd parked near the store entrance and as we got into the car, Steve saw a Krispy Kreme donut shop across the street and suggested we go there to get some donuts. We turned out of the Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot and the first sign we saw said 'Chico: 15 Miles.' What!!?? I live in Chico. We are in Chico. So how did we get 15 miles away in a matter of 3 to 5 seconds from driving out of that parking lot?? We were speechless, shocked and Steve was actually frightened. We kept driving, heading to my house. We arrived at my house at 6:45 PM, 45 minutes after leaving Bed, Bath and Beyond but the drive is only about a 10 minutes to my house. We talked about it with my family and Steve called his family as soon as we got to my house to share our strange and unexplained experience with them. We're still both stumped as to what happened. There's no way we could have driven 15 miles in the opposite direction of my house in a matter of a few seconds, so what happened to us?Ē (Phantom and Monsters)


Just No Memory

I carpool with one of my coworkers. I usually drive as her husband works shifts and she can only have their car on odd days.

The other day, I turned into my street only to realize I had no memory of the trip from work. I couldnít recall traffic, conversations with my coworker or even dropping her off at her house. It felt like I got into the car at work and teleported to the street where I live. Complete blank.

Iíve never experienced such total autopilot before or after that day. (Reddit)


Well, you see this one time my brother and I were driving home. We had just got done hanging out with a couple of friends about 40 minutes away and we decided it was getting late and we should go home. We were just driving listening to music and all of a sudden we were in a town very close to our house, which was on the outskirts. Only 15 minutes had passed, it was like an instant warp through time, exactly how you think it would be, but I have no clue how to explain this phenomenon. Imagine your mind goes blank for one second and you come back into reality only to be 3 minutes from your house and cutting the travel time from 40 to 20 or so minutes. My brother had similarly experienced it as well, not remembering driving at all and not remembering passing any popular landmarks along the way home. Very bizarre experience and from that point my mind has always been curious. (Reddit)


[The following account is quite different as it involved a near-accident. Clearly some intervention happened by someone who can manipulate reality.]

This is something that happened to me years ago, but I only realised it might have been a true glitch earlier today when I was talking about it with some friends.

I was 16 and the first of my friends had just passed her driving test, so a bunch of us piled into her car, which was this old beat up Fiat Stylo, and went driving aimlessly as teenagers do. We live in arse-end of nowhere in Yorkshire, so it's lots of narrow winding roads bordered by hedgerows which aren't very well lit. We were just cruising around, music blaring, thinking we're cool as hell. Suddenly, there was a huge fucking 4x4 Land Rover came speeding round a corner far too fast, going the other direction to us, and heading straight for us. We were in a Stylo. This other car was huge. It would have totally crushed us. I remember my friend saying "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit", another of them screaming at her to hit the breaks, and I closed my eyes and braced myself for impact.

Except there was no impact. The car never hit us. When I opened my eyes (had them shut for maybe 15 seconds), we were on a completely different stretch of road, everyone was acting like nothing had just happened, and it was about half an hour after I thought the near-crash had happened. At the time, I was fucking terrified, but I didn't say anything. You see, I've got a pretty severe case of bipolar, and I have psychotic symptoms - including hallucinations - occasionally if I'm not treating it. This was pre-diagnosis, and only shortly after I'd started having hallucinations. I knew something pretty screwy was going on with me, and I didn't want my friends to think I was fucking crazy, so I never said anything, just pretended I was tired and wanted to go home.

Fast forward to this morning. I met up with three of the other people who were in the car that night, including the driver, for breakfast. We got onto the topic of dreams, and this one guy goes "you know the freakiest dream I've ever had was in the back of [driver]'s car"...and proceeded to explain the event, exactly as I remembered it. Obviously, I got freaked out and I told him that I had experienced the same thing but thought it was a hallucination so I never said anything. The girl who wasn't the driver, who had been high as hell that night, said she remembered it too but thought she was tripping. Kicker was the driver, who was clearly neither intoxicated or asleep, and who doesn't experience hallucinations, quietly said that she also experienced it, but didn't say anything for fear of having her license taken away. I'm kinda freaking out about this - I've had some weird hallucinations, but knowing that this probably was not one of them is definitely the strangest thing that I've ever experienced, and I really can't come up with a rational explanation for it. (Reddit)


Back in about 2013 I was in college, one weekend I was driving back up to campus which is 2 hours north of my hometown. Thereís a specific exit that I always took that is about halfway through the trip. So I was driving and I wasnít distracted at all, not tired, was just listening to the radio as usual. Looking at the road ahead, plenty of other drivers around me, when suddenly I blink and look around. My mind thinks, ďwhere am I?Ē Nothing around me looked familiar and I knew I wasn't on the usual path. Without remembering the last 30 minutes or so of my trip, Iím very confused and pull up my phone gps to discover I was well past the exit. I was sure I hadnít missed the exit and I hadnít been distracted but then again, I didnít have any recollection of the most recent part of my trip. It was unsettling and I couldnít get it off my mind as I carefully drove the rest of my trip back to campus along the rest of my normal route (once I was able to find my way back to it). Every now and then I think about it and tell someone the story and it still makes me shiver. Not at all sure what happened. Obviously I did not deviate from the road or cause any accidents. Was in one place in one moment, then the next I was 30 minutes down the highway (a part I had never before driven on) going too far north when I needed to go northeast. (Reddit)


So this happened about 4-5 years ago. It was Sunday and we (my whole family) were returning from our grandparent's house (they live about 1-2 hours of driving away). It was about 6 PM and there were no cars on the road, which was weird as it was quite a busy highway. When we went in to the tunnel next thing we know we were past our exit about 10 KM down the road, but no problem we just turned around and went home. When we came home we were home quicker than normal (not missing our exit). Next day on Monday there was a talk show on the radio
and one of the hosts mentions how similar thing happened to him in an area close to us (he drove from one city to the other city without him even knowing it). I still have no idea how it happened. (Reddit)


I had a really similar incident happen about 15 years back. Was in my early 20's driving back through a dark canyon late at night with my dad and uncle. We had been in a different city for a boxing match for my dad's birthday and were getting back home late.

Around 10 PM we called my mom telling her we were headed into the canyon, which had no reception. The canyon takes about 30 minutes to drive, maybe 45 if you're behind slow traffic. This late at night it was empty. We drove and we chatted and fell into this odd daze. I recall just see the road appear from out in front of our headlines, with the same curves passing, almost like in a dream like state.

Then at some point I snapped out and looked down at the clock. It was nearly midnight and we were still in the canyon. I mentioned it to my dad and uncle and we all got a bit creeped out. We stopped talking and paid more attention to the road. We finally exited and got home around midnight. My mom was still up and was getting a bit panicked at not reaching us.

We still have no idea what happened to this day, or where those 1.5 hours went. (Reddit, comment on post)


A few years ago I was winding down at night when an old friend reached out to me on fb messenger to tell me that he had been admitted to the hospital for complications with a medication that had slowed down his heart significantly. I expressed concern, and asked a few questions, and he assured me that he was generally alright, mostly bored and craving a burger. Once I realized he wasn't joking, but rather, not-so-subtley hinting, and even specified In-N-Out as the best late night option, I offered to pick one up for him and pay him a visit.
**I think it important to mention that while kind acts of service are certainly one of my "love languages" if you will, I. Love. Bed. So it is rare that I get out of bed-mode unless absolutely necessary. And delivering a burger to someone who I care for, but who isn't really in my innermost circle, at midnight no less, is highly unusual in itself. And yet I happily and willingly got dressed and set out for what I assumed would be a quick jaunt, a good deed, and probably a few yummy nightfries.
I don't live far from the In-N-Out, probably less than 2 miles. And the hospital is just a few miles away as well, off a main street in downtown. I order the food, and despite being fairly certain I knew the fastest route, I pulled up the hospital address into gps, and proceeded on my way.
**Also important to note, I have lived in my city for 11 years at this point, am more-than-familiar with commuting in this area, and I am a proficient navigator. I mostly use gps in town to test my knowledge of quickest routes, get traffic updates, and play the "beat the gps ETA" game. It's the little things that bring me joy.
Here is where it gets bizarre, and also where the details get hazy...
I drive. And I drive some more. And I continue to drive. I recall very little more than a blissful night drive, just me and the road, no traffic at all, as I made my way up into the winding, tree covered hills, with only one fleeting intermittent amused thought of, "well this is an inconvenient location for an emergency room. The ambulances would have a tough go at these narrow curves, I'm sure." And I drove on, smiling, enjoying the unexpected luxury of breathing in the fragrance of redwood trees. I followed the GPS voice's guidance from one small secluded street after another, until I heard "you have arrived".
At this point I stopped to take in my surroundings, grateful to no longer be navigating the ever winding roads in nearly pitch darkness. I looked to my left, and saw only a large home that was by no means a hospital. The street was a dead end/cul de sac, and it was so very dark. I sat in my car in a dazed state of confusion for a moment. It was like waking up from a nap after the sunset, a bit disorienting, though physically relaxed... And then rather suddenly every cell of my body was alert, and I realized the absurdity of this situation. I was in the middle of nowhere, nearly an hour later, and had no idea when I veered so off path, and more importantly, how I didn't realize sooner. I mean, I could not believe I had so blindly followed bad directions. Most strange, in retrospect, is how easy-breezy I handled the whole thing, never once getting irritated, frustrated, scared, but rather joyfully accepting the oddness of it all. Not exactly in character for this Virgo.
I looked at my phone again and verified that had typed the hospital correctly. No typos, but I my best rationalization was that perhaps a doctor's personal address had been listed by mistake. I had no rational explanation for my failure to notice that I was miles away from the city center. I had a hearty laugh at my own expense, took a screenshot, texted a friend, and located the correct address and proceeded to drive back into civilization.
As I reached the hospital driveway entrance I noticed several flashing lights. I assumed it was an ambulance pulling into the ER, but as I got closer I saw police and paramedics in the street. Closer still, I saw debris spread out across several lanes, and what looked to be at least 3 totaled vehicles. As I waited to see if I would be directed away or allowed to enter the driveway, I got close enough to see blood on the street, and I asked a paramedic what happened. He told be that just an hour ago or so a very gnarly accident had occurred wherein multiple people were critically injured. I wondered aloud whether or not they had been rushing to get to the hospital when it happened, and said a little prayer for the folks involved. He allowed me to pass over the mostly cleared pavement to the entrance, and as I did I was suddenly covered in goose bumps and flooded with gratitude for having narrowly missed being involved in that catastrophe.
I still have no idea what exactly happened that night. I know my friend got a cold burger, I got a good story and possibly a second chance at life. (Reddit)


3. Other Features

One or More Days Missing

[The following story is interesting, because the loss of memory was initiated by a flash of light. A flash of light is often the sign of an intrusion of dimension a beings into our physical world. Sometimes it is also used to bring a person into a trance, after which he is manipulated. it seems that this was the case. Although his consciousness was suspended, he acted seemingly normal for three days until he regained consciousness. I suspect that some entities can temporarily take over a human body.]

Almost 3 days of lost time.
When I was 17 I went to a concert to see the Australian Pink Floyd cover band and laser light show with my Uncle. (In USA) It was a HUGE party. We were out late and it was a thing where you camp and watch other bands all night long. While at the stage, I felt a burning sensation on my foot. (The area around the stage was sand) I looked down and realized I had stepped on a 40 oz. Beer bottle. It had cut through my shoe and was bleeding profusely. I definitely should have gotten stitches, but I was young and wanted to stay. So I left the stage area and was walking back toward the tent areas. It was a fairly long walk. I tried to take a shortcut through a wooded area. I remember getting my ankle tangled in a ball of discarded barbed wire. (I still have the scars from both things) Then I remember a bright light flash. It was completely dark and the last thing I remember was a flash of light so bright.
I ended up waking up 2 1/2 days later. The crazy thing, when I woke up... I was walking down the street talking to someone. I have no memory of the time between. I have no flashes, nothing at all. I just came to mid conversation with a friend. It still remains the craziest, scariest, weirdest, thing that has ever happened in my life. I was not drunk or on drugs. I was dead sober. Unless someone poisoned me, but when I went and asked my uncle he said I was gone for a couple of hours that night, but I was just fine afterward. He said my foot and ankle were wrapped nicely when I came back. So I was only missing for a few hours, but I was acting fine when I returned. I had even dealt with my parents after I came home. No one saw anything off about me. Yet I remember nothing but apparently functioned fine the entire time. Still feels like all my breath gets sucked out when I think about that and it's been 18 years. (Reddit)


Initiated by a Sound

So I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling pretty energized. You know when you wake up randomly but you feel energized right? So Iím curious and check my phone. Itís 2:53. It like okay, time to go back to sleep. Right after this I start hearing this almost electrical humming, pulsating and getting louder, but itís not getting too loud. I sit there for what felt like only a minute, as I try to think about what was causing the noise as it was something I hadnít heard before. So I close my eyes and keep listening, trying to drown out whatever it was. It doesnít go away at all as I sit there for like two minutes. I check my phone again as itís preventing me from sleeping and it suddenly just stops. I check my phone and itís 3:29. What felt like only 3 minutes ended up being 36 minutes. I was fully awake and conscious about the amount of time I spent listening to that sound and I wasnít really tired. Idk how I most so fast into the future while being so awake. (Reddit)


With Night Sky Lighting Up

[I only found one example of this, but it is nevertheless important, because it shows a connection with the two phenomena. The whole night sky suddenly becoming bright as day, is another of these weird phenomena, or experiences people have; and happens more than is reported.].

I'd like to explain an event that happened to my friend and myself while at night fishing in Wisconsin. Late in the spring of 1992 friend and I decided to go night fishing on a backwater lake of the Wisconsin river in Grant Colorado, Wisconsin. We arrived before sundown, so we collected firewood in the daylight. The bigger the fire, the better the light to see our rod tips, so we always like to have a good blaze going. In the summer we didn't even need the fire for heat. We didn't light it until around 9:30 p.m., as we sat on the bank and the fire started to burn down. I decided I'll stoke it up because the light was fading from my fishing rod in front of me. It's now about 11:30 pm. Fire stoked, I sit and continue fishing with my buddy. About five minutes pass by as we sit on the bank and I'm liking the orange glow from the fire on my fishing pole. I can see it fairly well. In an instant night turned into daylight everywhere, that I could see for as far as I could see. That's freaking bizarre. Everywhere that I could see for as far as I can see bright daylight. It was unbelievable. I turned to my buddy and told him ďHey, in all seriousness, it has been good knowing you and having you as friend. I'm just saying, because a nuke is the only explanation I'd come up with and we just haven't felt the shock wave. Yet good knowing you bud.Ē It lasted what seemed 90 seconds without any source just daytime. After the light went out we returned to nightfall. I decided to turn the radio on in the truck to see if there was any news on a nuclear attack I noticed the fire was nearly out, but it couldn't be. I just stoked it ten minutes ago. I looked at the clock in the truck. It is nearly three a.m. We had lost over three hours of time. We both had the exact same thing happen. I'll never understand it. I'm still totally confused on this one. I would truly be interested in hearing about anyone else having experience like this. (Youtube)


With Sighting of UFO/Aliens

[A flash of light is often indicative of the presence of UFOs, so I put the following account under this heading.]

About 15 years ago I worked nights driving a truck. I had the same route, and finished the same time every night. This one night, as I was driving down a long stretch of road, there was an immense flash of white light. At first I thought it must be lightning, but it was a perfectly clear night without any clouds. Then I thought maybe it was a speed camera, but I know there isn't one there, and they don't use mobile ones at night. As I kept thinking about it, I realized that had the light came from behind me, there would have been a shadow, and in my mental image there wasn't, so it must have come from above. Cutting to the end, I arrived back at my depot 45 minutes later than I should have, with no explanation as to where the time had gone. (Reddit)


[Another flash of light:]

...Anyway, the moon was shining brightly and while we were walking in a well used snowmobile trail that led to the main road when I saw a flash of light, I thought it was just me so I told my dad's stepdad's daughter that I saw a flash of light and she said, "Me too." When we got to my grandma's house my dad's adopted sister asked us why we took so long, it took half an hour longer than it should have to get us over there. We didn't know how to explain it and so I shrugged it off Ö (Above Top Secret)


[The triangle this person saw probably was a black triangular UFO:]

When I was like 12 my cousins used to live across the street for me. So every weekend we would walk over to their house and have a campfire or something of the sort. So one night we left really early like 10pm (we usually stay like until 1 or 2) because my dad has to wake up at 4am for work the next day. I remember it being that early because my brothers and I were complaining about how it was only 10. So we said our goodbyes to our cousins and walked home. Right as we got into our front yard I was compelled to look at the sky, which I did. And when I looked up it was an incredibly starry night. (Where I live itís like a small city/town so we get pretty moderate light pollution and canít really see mass amounts of stars) And I noticed this triangle of nothingness in the sky, like it was the most black nothingness Iíve ever seen. It almost hurt to look at it was so black. And I stared at it for a second, then the edges of it glowed purple/blue and got super bright and all of the sudden it shot away leaving a purple streak in the sky. Then for some reason I looked at my watch and it read 1am and I was like no way thatís not right, so I pulled out my iPod and it too read 1am. And I also noticed that my parents werenít outside anymore. So I went inside and everyone was asleep and all the lights were off, and all the clocks said 1 am and it felt like it was 10 pm seconds ago. So I go to bed and after that I didnít look into the night sky for a solid 7 more months. (Reddit)

When I was 24, living in Tucson, AZ, I had something unexplainable happen. I just seen this sub for the first time and always wanted to put this out, so here it is.

I was working construction in Arizona. It was fall and about 70 degrees at night time. My buddy and I had just got done working on a multi family development outside Yuma, on the way to Tucson. We parked the pick-up off a dirt road, on a ridge overlooking the desert floor. We had to be about 15 minutes from interstate 8.

We both cracked a beer (donít drink and drive kids) and watched for the imminent and beautiful Arizona sunset. All of a sudden, about 2-4 miles in the distance, I saw a cylindrical structure (maybe vehicle) appear on the desert floor. We both saw this and didnít say much beside ďwhat the f*ck is thatĒ.

The thing, imagine a giant bullet sitting upright, illuminated with a very bright light. A spiral walkway appeared and ran down the object from the top. We began to see numerous, small outlines walking down the ramp I assume to be humans.

We were both speechless. It happen so fast. Only about 45-60 seconds had taken place. Staring at these figures walking down the ramp, they all stopped abruptly, and disappeared.

This is the last thing we both remember. What I can only describe as similar to getting knocked out in a fight, I just ceased being conscious.

I awoke at about 6:30 in the morning, sitting in my car, with buddy in shotgun, 90 miles away in Tucson, a block from my drive way.

We both never talk about it because no one would believe my story. But that was the only thing that has happened in my life that I canít explain and had lead me to be much more open minded. (Reddit)

The loss of time thing happened to me once. I was on the phone with my girfriend at the time and she asked me to come out to her house. She lived about 10 minutes outside of the town I lived in. So as soon as I hung up with her I jumped into the car and left to her house. I remember being on the highway about 2 miles from her house, I looked up in the sky to see a very bright light which descended on the vehicle. Next thing I know Iím pulling up to her house and when she came to the car she asked, ďwhat took you so long to get here?Ē I said, ďI came straight hereĒ and she said, ďIt took you at least 45 minutes to get here.Ē Till this day I canít remember what happened after the light came down on the car. All I remember was pulling up to her house and thinking to myself, ďthat was weird.Ē (Phantom and Monsters)

Not my story but my brothers. He used to live in Washington state and was making a rather long drive back to his house with his girlfriend (they had just gone camping. Which they did a lot so this wasnít like a knew thing for them). It was like 1 am and they were the only ones on this back road. No other cars around them or going the other way. All of a sudden it looks like a bright light is right up on the back of their truck. Not like headlights. It was one super bright light. Next thing they both remember, it was 3 am. And they were on a completely different road going the opposite direction they had originally been driving. They told me they donít remember anything and it was like time just skipped. I donít think it was necessarily a glitch in the system but Needless to say. His girlfriend and I both think it was aliens. He denies this completely but I think heís just to scared to admit it. (Reddit)

My grandfather told me the story about how he was driving west to east along an empty stretch of road in southern South Dakota. He stopped at a stop sign at an intersection with nothing in sight: no buildings and no other vehicles. Then there was a bright light that hit him. He looked up and saw a bunch of blinking lights.
Next thing he knew, he was at the counter of a diner about an hour down the road. It was about 6 hours later and he had no idea what had happened. He asked the person at the diner when he came in and the guy told him he came in about 10 min ago and just started drinking coffee without talking much. My grandpa told him what had happened and the guy said something like, "Yep, that's happens around here sometimes."
Nothing weird ever happened to him again. He avoided that area for the rest of his life. He said he doesn't believe in aliens and doesn't know what happened, but I had a suspicion he thought he had been abducted and just never accepted it. He told me never to tell this story to other people, but he died years ago and most of the people who knew him are dead, so I figured it was OK. (Phantom and Monsters)


This was a few years ago, but it's really stuck with me just for how strange it was. And I'm hoping this is the proper place to put it, as my encounter was with a humanoid being.
Anyway...I was heading out of my house at around 6 am. It was summer, so I took my walks at sunrise to avoid the daytime heat. I had done this many times, and had my walk down to a science. Just my muscle memory could get me through.
So, shortly after leaving my home, I'm heading up this road toward the highway. I lived behind a school, so I was very aware of the roads and vehicles, even if I was distracted by something else. Which I was. As I walked down this road, I was going through playlists on my MP3 player. I was almost right on the first intersecting road by time I found what I wanted to listen to and looked up.
Everything was normal, and there were no cars to be seen, which made sense as it was a Saturday morning. So, I continued up toward the highway where there was a sidewalk.
But about three intersections from the highway, I noticed a shadow on the School Zone sign ahead of me. Figuring it was mine, I just kept walking. I was only two intersections away when a disturbing thought hit me. I was walking east. There was no way that shadow belonged to me, and since there was absolutely no one around, there was no way on Earth that that shadow was really a shadow.
And as if it could read my thoughts and sudden fear, a figure stepped out into the intersection right behind the school. And the only thing I can figure it was was a Grey alien. It had all the features: spindly limbs, enormous head, gigantic black eyes, and barely a nose, ears, or lips to speak of.
For anyone else, this would have been time to panic and run, but my military training kicked in. I didn't know what it was. I didn't know what it wanted. But I knew it had no place this close to my home and my children.
So, I charged at it, hoping at the very least to run it off, or better still, find some way to capture it. Of course, under both of those desires, I wanted to kill it. To this day, I don't know why I wanted to kill it. Maybe it was part of my training that had stuck into my brain, or maybe it was because this being was undoubtedly a threat, at least in my mind. I don't think aliens come all the way to our neck of the intergalactic woods just to hide behind signs. There was something going on here, and I had to fix it.
The next thing I know, I'm standing in the intersection. The creature was gone. Naturally, I was confused. The sun was higher than it should have been, and a quick glance at my MP3 player showed that I'd missed at least ten songs. By my best guess, I was missing nearly half an hour of time. Now, scared and disoriented, I turned back and walked home. It was already getting hot, and heatstroke was not going to help me sort out everything than had just happened.
I haven't told this story to anyone other than my parents and a single friend. We all agree that this was something strange, and that whatever it was, it was definitely not right. Even now, years later, I wonder what I really saw. Was it really an alien? Did I honestly try to capture and kill an actual extraterrestrial? I don't have those answers. And that scares me.
But one thing is, I don't think I got abducted. I don't have weird dreams, and I couldn't find any mysterious marks anywhere on my body. The only thing that I can't explain is a painful feeling in my upper left arm. It feels like there is something in there, but X-Rays have shown nothing. Could it be that I was tagged by this creature the same way we tag animals for study? Another question I can't answer, and that scares the daylights out of me. This pain has not gone away, but I have become accustomed to it. Maybe one day, I'll be able to get better scans of my arm and see if maybe a different machine could see what the X-Rays couldn't. (Phantom and Monsters)