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The Rivière-Rouge body, Quebec, Canada

Here is another frozen alien body discovered in the snow in 1992 near the Rivière-Rouge in the province of Quebec, Canada.

The video appeared on YouTube. It shows pictures taken by those who discovered the body.

The alien body was found in a wooded field near a road by three snowmobilers from Quebec. The identity of these people is still unknown. They can be seen in the pictures. At one point they raised the body with a stick and with a wire, probably because they didn't want to touch the body. The next day they returned to the spot but the body was gone. It is speculated that a wild animal had dragged it away. I doubt it. Usually people talk call up their friends or family on the phone to talk about what they have found. This gets immediately intercepted by the intelligence agencies who then dispatch a special team to retrieve the body. As mentioned in the text below, there was (at that time) a military airport (Aéroport international Mont Tremblant- La Macaza) only a couple of kilometers away, what also opens the possibility that it might have run away from that base.

The alien body looks very convincing because of many anatomical details that are visible in the pictures.
We will first look at some still shots from the video.

image head

map showing Riviere Rouge in Quebec, Canada

image body image body
image body image body
image body image body
image body image body


The following information is from the original video on YouTube. As the info is in French, I have translated it into English with Google Translate.

In 1992, while living in Montreal (Quebec/Canada), a friend of my former roommate came to our apartment to show us strange pictures. The latter showed that a small "gray" being of unknown origin - an extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) - and apparently lifeless, had been found by snowmobilers in a field or wooded area not far from the road. We immediately asked this friend where he got these pictures, and he told us that they belonged to his cousin in the Rivière-Rouge region of Annonciation, Quebec. Then, if I remember correctly, he told us that when the body was discovered in the snow, one of the snowmobilers went to get his camera (possibly a 35mm) (note that we cannot see this man in the photos, due - obviously - that he remained the only photographer) as well as other witnesses (obviously the three men that can be seen in the photos); the latter having gone to the place of discovery with a car. In showing us one of the photos in particular, the friend in question had explained to us that the witnesses had to string a cable under the arms of the little "gray" being, so, with the help of a branch, to be able to lift it without touching it (perhaps as a precaution not to leave fingerprints, or for fear of disease?). Intrigued, we immediately asked him what did they do with the body? And he explained to us that "being late, at the end of the evening - and probably unaware of the importance of the thing - the witnesses did not dare to bring the body back with them and, when they returned to the next day, the latter had gone. The witnesses thus supposed that a coyote or other wild animal had probably found the body and had carried it away for a meal". At first glance, this is questionable behavior, but above all, above all, irresponsible. Given that this kind of monumental mistake is often observed among non-scientists, it was not going to surprise us too much. Subsequently, we asked him what would he do with these photos? And he told us that he would try to meet someone from the field of ufology, to try to elucidate this mystery. In short, before he left, I quickly grabbed my video camera and I filmed one by one the photos in question.

A pending story.

A few weeks later, this friend reminded us and told us that he went to show the photos to someone from the field of ufology - if I remember correctly, it was a certain Claude Mac Duff (1946-2001), author of several books on UFOs, including "The trial of flying saucers" (Quebec / America editions, 1975). The latter would have simply told him that it was not the first time he had seen pictures of this kind of "gray" being, and that he therefore advised him not to try to make money with this story, or to waste time broadcasting to the public - where it would be discredited and ridiculed. Surprised by this conclusion, and not wanting to be mistaken for "cranks" or "lights," we simply decided to keep this for ourselves as a sort of secret. Thus, in 1992, as is the case for most witnesses of unexplained phenomena, I also had the fear, if I presented this video to the public, that people end up making fun of us. This video has been sleeping in storage boxes for over 15 years. This story was therefore suspended until October 2008.


Broadcasting the video In October 2008, I finally decided to try my luck to find an answer to this mystery. Not equipped with video transfer devices to put it directly from VHS in electronic file, I had to film this video with my digital camera / video, by capturing the VHS version from my TV screen tube. I then put it online, on the Internet, thanks to the video streaming site "Youtube". Moreover, thanks to this formula, everyone can now remain anonymous and, avoiding the judgment of others, can thus present their testimonies or their discoveries in all peace of mind. To attract attention and facilitate keyword searching, I first titled it as "True Body of an Extraterrestrial in Quebec 1992", and then like this: "Discovering a Body" alien '' gray / Discovery '' short gray body Quebec 1992 ''. The broadcast of this video immediately made the snowball effect on the Internet. And a lot of ufology sites have passionately discussed it.

Lack of interest from investigators

To help the witnesses come forward or the investigators to express their interest, I left the email address at the bottom of the video description on Youtube. Strangely, at the beginning, when the video was published, there was only one Quebec investigator who came forward: a certain Mr. Morin from Ovni Quebec. He also published the details of the case on his website, where I used the pseudonym "Mr. R". In December 2008, a journalist from a regional newspaper in Rivière-Rouge (at the Annunciation) wrote an article about the video. We then communicated together by e-mail, in order to keep in touch in the event that witnesses present on the photos eventually come forward. In January 2009, I tried an approach with another investigator, but the latter, whom I will not name here to harm him, declined any investigation, mainly because the only proof I had was the VHS. By then, in 2013, there was a Mr. Garcia, from Mexico, working for a TV show called "Third Millennium". The latter wanted an interview on Skipe, something that I immediately declined, given the anonymity I wanted to keep. Then I put this case aside, by not going to see my emails, until January 2016. And there, I found that a certain Mr. Vadnais ufology group GARPAN had left a message dating in April 2014. The latter had kindly invited me to communicate with him - something that I had then suspended, given my disinterestedness in the case.

A serious analysis is born in 2016

In January 2016, the original video of 2008 had reached more than 430,000 visitors. And with the other versions (copies) diffused everywhere on the Internet, it would have reached approximately in the few millions of visitors - which is not nothing. On January 15, 2016, a person with the username "newbeat2012" posted an investigation and analysis video titled "Authentic Alien Gray EBE Footage Analyzed Quebec - 1992". The user in question also translated into English my descriptive text. The video shows astonishment of the physiognomic details of the body of the "gray" being found in Rivière-Rouge, revealing various proofs that cast doubt on the fact that it is only a manikin. The anatomical details of the "gray" being were revealed to be very similar to those of a human being. One distinguishes, among others, the impressive details of the eyes, the neck and more especially the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle. The deltoid muscles (shoulders) and the coraco-brachialis muscle are defined with rather bewildering details. The muscles of the legs and other details of the kind do not presume any doubt about the biological quality of the little being "gray". In addition, the analysis shows that the texture and color of the skin has evidence of cold exposure. In all of this, one might be inclined to believe that it is a human corpse. However, the fact that the little "gray" being does not seem to have any apparent sexual or genital organs - not showing at the same time whether it is a male or a female - leads us to doubt whether it's a human being. Other important details like the length of the arms and the fingers reinforce the doubt in this direction. All that remains is the earthly hypothesis of a sort of mutant straight out of a genetic experiment in the laboratory. In short, this is an excellent investigative work. On September 24, 2016, a video titled "Real Alien E.B.E Dead On A Gurney Being Examined And Filmed" was posted on Youtube, by a person with the user name "Conspiracy & Lie Nibiru, UFOs". It showed the head of a little "gray" being strangely like the one found in Rivière-Rouge. However, this video and the user account have been removed from Youtube, for reasons I do not know. Nevertheless, I was able to get the picture of the "gray" being of the video in question before it was deleted.


Detractors lead the world?

Of course, as soon as the video was broadcast, critics immediately jumped at the chance to make fun of it. As we know, there are far too many detractors of unexplained phenomena. And the latter are often armed with eminent diplomas, so that people will be inclined to believe only them, preferring to ridicule the honest witnesses, and this, to sleep better at night. Indeed, as Christian Robert Page, a well-known investigative journalist in Quebec, said when he was talking about a file about an UFO that flew over downtown Montreal in 1990, in her book "Dossiers Mysteries 1" (editions Louise Courteau, 2008): "In similar cases, the media too easily accept the so-called explanations of experts who often do not know anything on the record, but who justify their intervention on behalf of of their diploma (s) "(p.231). However, in the world of investigators in the field of the unexplained (whether they are free or qualified investigators, investigative journalists or even bloggers), there are also a large number of "internal" detractors who, not having too much interest to be interested in certain cases, will simply close files, stating blindly that the lack of source or that the anonymity of the source is by no means worthy of credibility. Thus, as in the case of detractors, people will be as likely to believe only them. Sometimes it is even more harmful, given their affiliation and their interest as an investigator of the unexplained. Let us note here, parenthetically, that there is a serious lack of training in the field of investigators on the unexplained and investigative journalism. As for the field of metaphysical research and development on the unexplained, among several rules to observe, there are three important basic rules: 1) Do not close a folder if it has not even been created ; 2) Do not judge or comment on a case if there has been no investigation by mere personal disinterest or laziness to make one; 3) Do not use one's name or reputation to make one believe that one holds the truth about something that one has not yet and seriously investigated. In sum, what is surprising and disappointing at the same time is that despite the fact that few investigators have tried to know a little more by contacting me, thanks to the email address left available to all, a very large number of investigators gave their opinion here and there about this case ... Is not this something revealing about the lack of seriousness in this area ... No matter the field of interest, before claiming to be a "journalist" or "investigator", every person must have followed a real training - and have succeeded. Anyway, aside from unexplained phenomena, we know in any case that the vast majority of people are not ready to face the possibility of contact with other intelligences. Being the dominant race of the planet, they prefer to make fun of the prospects of existence or contact with extraterrestrial entities or conscious forces invisible to the eye, believing in this way to be able to preserve their small personal security. On this, we can say that it is generally a reaction to fear in front of the unknown. Personal opinion of the case To be honest with you, before the analysis of 2016, every time I watched this video, I thought of the many possibilities explaining the scene in question: Is this a mere model? In the early 90's, was it expensive to make such a well-defined mannequin? Would this be something theatrical, assembled from scratch to impress the gallery? Could it be a failed hoax? Anyway, I was also wondering if around 1990 to 1992, there were UFO witnesses in the area? By the way, would there be a connection with the UFO observed above Place Bonaventure in Montreal for more than three hours on the evening of November 7, 1990? Now, by looking at things differently, a bit like the conspiracy, I even came to wonder if this little "gray" being could come from the former Canadian Forces station La Macaza, a few kilometers from the where he was found. It became a correctional center in 1978, and its sheds and military barracks are still used as warehouses. From 1968 to 1972, the army built the operation site of the 447th anti-aircraft missile squadron, which used the controversial missiles. ICD-10 BOMARC nuclear weapons. Now, by hypothesis, would it be possible for the army to have shot something unidentified, and that the soldiers would have secretly kept in these hangars? Despite this, I am nevertheless convinced of nothing.