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Kovashi River being, Sosnovoborsky, Russia 

Sosnovoborsk (Сосновоборском) is a work settlement in Sosnovoborsky District of Penza Oblast, in Western Russia.

The text below is a transcription from a Russian TV station video, now on YouTube.  It shows a strange creature that Tamara, a local resident, and her friend, found when she waded through shallow waters of the Kovashi River in Sosnovoborsky, a town near Leningrad. Tamara, who named the creature Kesha. It was found in 2015.

The remains of the 'animal' are not complete. It shows the had torso and an arm. It is about four centimeters ( 1/2") long.

When you look at pictures below, you can see that the head looks similar to the humanoid Concepcion being from Chili. The form of the skull is the same, and both have a crest on top of the skull.

A biologist, Yegor Zadareev, at the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Biophysics said: "It seems that this body is neither fish nor fowl this creature has a mysterious skull, no neck and wings."

the remains of the Kovashi River being in a box

Fisherman Discovers Unknown Animal

An unknown animal was discovered by a fisherman near Sosnovoborsk. It crawled into the man's gauntlet. Now an organization, which studies strange phenomena, is carrying something to different scientists trying to understand what it is and where it came from. Today, biologist Dariya Sennikova tried to solve this mystery.

When Andrei first saw this, he was extremely surprised, although, he says, he saw everything in his life. An unknown creature in a matchbox, according to a specialist on anomalous phenomena, was handed to him by the Tamara Tamer, for study. They caught this in the river Esaulovka, near Sosnovoborsk. Tamara says she does not know how her relative managed to catch it. He accidentally  crushed the little animal. At first, they say, they thought that Kesha was a mutant of a chick's embryo, because, from their words, just near the place where it was found, there is a poultry farm.

The animal has already been shown to dozens of specialists. But none of them, says the researcher of strange phenomena Andrew, could not determine what it is. It is neither a fish nor a bird because the shape of the skull is strange, there is no beak or fins.

Today we arranged for researchers of strange phenomena to meet with specialists from the Krasnoyarsk Institute of Biophysics. Biologist Yegor Zadereev is skeptical about everything abnormal. However, on the phone he said: "The Sosnovoborskaya find must have relatives from the animal world." But when he glanced at the little animal with his own eyes, he said: "Right now, it is is impossible to determine what it is."

Well, the officials say that they will find out after all what kind of mutant this is. And they are already contacting Moscow geneticists to conduct tests.

Images from the video:

Kovashi being

Kovashi being

Kovashi being