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The Karaj body, Iran 

On August 11, 2013, an Iranian person contacted the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, USA, by email, trying to sell the tiny body of a humanoid creature.

They posted it on their website as:

Hoax Iranian Humanoid for Sale!

We received these two photos from a gentleman in The Republic of Iran 08.11.13 at 0515 hrs.

Found in the Karaj area of Iran 5 years ago by submitter. More concerned about it's worth than testing it. We will keep all advised on this submission.  After further investigation on our part the submitter of these photos has been peddling this alleged artifact to other organizations for a price. Beware!

with the following two pictures: 

The Karaj humanoid

The Karaj humanoid


It is obvious that the person want to sell something and thus contacted UFO organizations. I can imagine that he wants a really good price for it. But does Butch Witkowski of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania call it a hoax, without even checking it out, or contact somebody who is in a position to to go visit the Iranian person and analyze the body? Are they afraid it might be a genuine humanoid body?

The Before It's News website, on August 14, 2013, posted an email they received from Butch Witkowski: 

Butch Witkowski, Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, forwarded the following email and images that he received 8/11/2013:

 We received these photos from a gentleman in the Republic of Iran this morning at 0512 hrs. Photos attached and email below. He stated in some following emails he is in process of having an MRI and Xrays taken. I’ll keep you advised.


Dear Sir/Madam  

I am an Iranian person, Who found strange dead creature .  

This creature is looklike human, the whole of hight is 7Cm .  

It has very big eyes, yellow skin and bigger head than it`s body .  

The pheenomenal is that the body doesn`t frozen in ccold situation and has not bad smell in warm weather, and not Rotted yet .  

It`s muscles still look stong with short hairs and tooth are looklikes wild animals .  

If you are intrested in, i will send more photos of the above mentioned .  

Youre prompt reply is highly appreciated .  


Hamid G.  


To me it seems odd that a person from Iran would choose the UFORC Pa. state director to send these to of all people.  There are much more high profile people this guy should have thought of to send these to certaintly so that off the bat says to me that this is weird for a different reason.  Im not saying the UFORC guy is faking anything, imsaying the artifact is probably fake but after the ‘Atacama specimen’ reveal, you never know.  -Mort



After that there was no more news about this tiny body. Is happens all to often these these humanoid, or alien bodies, or even a hominid body, gets confiscated by the authorities, to disappear forever.