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The Fresno Beings, California

A video showing a pair of strange, little beings was presented by UFO investigator Victor Camacho at the 2008 MUFON Symposium in San Josť (July 2008).

Victor relates the story of someone who was initially frightened at revealing the tape of CCTV footage. Strange, very thin alien-like beings were filmed late at night in the man's garden in California. The dogs were barking and the man woke up. That was when he suddenly says he saw strange creatures moving around his house.  Victor Camacho managed to contact the person and went to see the house where it was filmed (Fresno, California).

Both figures are about 2 to 3 feet tall.

The video is on his YouTube channel: Victor Camacho extraterrestre Fresno

A better, close-up view can be watched here.

The Fresno Beings

If you pay close attention to the video you will notice that these two beings have a head and legs but no torso. In my opinion they are the same beings that contacted an acquaintance of mine, whose account you can read in my article: The Hermits of Hickory Hollow :

one of the Hermits