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1. Our Solar System
in the beginning

In the beginning there was an impulse, which created movement in space, or space in movement. That space is something without boundaries, unlimited, with no directions, no up and down, or left and right. When it started moving, time came into existence.
This space in movement, or movement in space, created sound, and sound condensed to light. With further condensations, caused by friction, more and more dense levels of substance were created, and finally what we know as the physical universe. In esoteric circles these levels of substance are usually called physical, astral and mental worlds or dimensions. Sometimes the astral and mental levels are called spiritual, or etheric, ethereal. These are levels of existence, dimensions or worlds, and they are right here and now, inter-penetrating the physical. It is important to understand that all these levels are always in the here and now but at different frequencies, which makes them imperceptible for a physical being unless he uses his clairvoyant abilities. Think of it as microwaves that go straight through solid objects; they are here and now, but you cannot see them. The subtle levels of substance, or worlds, are like the building blocks for the lower, more dense levels.

cosmic creator spirit

     The forms in the universe, such as galaxies, solar systems, suns and planets, are created, maintained and destroyed by mighty beings, who consists of light and sound, having abstract-like forms. More info about these beings you can find in my light-sound beings articles
The next important thing to consider is this: our solar system is a second generation solar system. That means that it formed out of the dust of previous solar systems which blew up at the end of their lifespan in a supernova explosion. We know this because our solar system contains all known stable elements, including heavy elements which were formed in earlier cosmic processes. Our solar system formed from the gravitational collapse of a giant molecular cloud of dust 4.6 billion years ago. The age of the earth is around 4.5 billion years.
The age of the universe is estimated at 14 billion years. This implies that, before the earth came into existence, roughly 10 billion years had already passed. Can you comprehend this? If you consider that life on Earth quickly developed, about 4 billion years ago, that is, 500 million years after its creation. We may assume that life arouse on other planets 14 billion years ago. Intelligent life developed during these 10 billions of years before our solar system even came into existence.
Considering that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies (based on what the Hubble telescope is able to see), and that there are about a 100 billion stars in a single galaxy, I think it is absolutely safe to say that before our planet came into existence, intelligent life forms were already abundant in the universe. Considering that our own technology has grown so fast in the last 100 years, one may also assume that these intelligent life forms have found a way to travel throughout the universe really fast, even in no time, in vehicles that employ technology that is far ahead of what we can even dream of. Actually they were already visiting our solar system when it was in its early stages.
Very advanced beings, in the spiritual and technological sense, had decided that they would design a planet in such a way as to bear many life forms where incarnating spirits could live in harmony with its surroundings and discover the purpose of life, growing and evolving into fully mature beings. This planet is what we now call Earth. Earth was designed, populated and unfortunately messed up in later times.