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the spiritual work of alchemy

This is a clear example of the spiritual work of alchemy.



At the bottom we have Ouroboros, the serpent baiting his own tail. He signifies both the Matter to be worked on, and the cyclic process of purification. The Matter is of course the mind of the alchemist. The dragon here has wings, an allusion to cycle of the Fixed and the Volatile, in other words, continued Distillation, or refining of the mind.

The alchemist in the center has a rosary, a reference to the spiritual aspect of the work, and holding one's attention on the Divine.


lumen naturae

The flame was a well known symbol for the inner light. Lumen Naturae, or the Light of Nature, was a well used term in alchemy to refer to the mind, both inside man, as inside Nature in general.

The alchemist is blindfolded, again a reference to the inner world.

The angel is the spiritual aspects of the alchemist, or his mind again.

When meditating and directing one 's attention to the inner world of the mind, one can come into contact with the many visions and images of the astral world, here called the Phastastic region.

mons magorum invisibilis

Finally, at the top of the picture we have the Invisible Magical Mountain. Invisible, because it is a symbol for the inner world. The grapes on top are a symbol for the spiritual riches that will yours if you are able to reach the top your magical mountain.