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Rebis with male/female head   Rebis with male/female head

Rebis with male/female head.

The three headed dragon is the Matter, but also symbol for the fixed aspect of the work. The blood out of the mouths indicate that he must be killed. The three heads may refer to the three principles of mercury, sulfur and salt, which are actually one and the same substance, like the three heads belong to one and the same body.

The wings of the Rebis refer to the volatile aspect.

The Green Lion behind the Rebis is another symbol the universal Matter, both inside and outside the alchemist..

In laboratory alchemy, a pelican is is a Circulating Vessel, in the shape of a Pelican pecking its own breast with its beak, and thus feeding its young. It has a full body, which narrows towards the neck, and the neck bends round and the mouth goes back into the body. This vessel has a channel at the bottom, by which the liquor is poured in, and then the entrance is hermetically sealed. For hermetic alchemists the pelican symbolizes the continuing distillation of the matter. Only continued practice will bring results.

The three snakes in the chalice represent the three stages of the Great Work, because they are of three colors: black for Nigredo, white for Albedo, and red for Rubedo.

The green serpent is a symbol for the Mercury of the Wise.

The tree with sound is the Golden Tree, symbol for the end of the Great Work.