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spiritual progress


praying to God

The alchemist is on his knees praying to God, having his arms wide open to receive divine guidance. On the spiritual path one must accept the existence of his own divine essence, and the divine essence in Nature. Without it nothing will work.


praying to God


musical instruments

To the right of the image is a distiller, symbol of Distillation, the major part of the Work, that is constant purification of the mind. On the central table are musical instruments. The Great Work is not about only a meditation process, it is also a life style. Listening to harmonic music elevates the spirits and also harmonizes the inner energies.


While sleeping, watch

The inscription over the open doorway at the far end of the hall reads:

"While sleeping, watch!"

As ordinary people we have a dreamy consciousness in our every day lives. At any moment, one must cultivate a clearer consciousness. Therefore you must constantly watch what you are doing, thinking and feeling. Only then the door to your inner self will open.

You read books to gain knowledge, but intuition and inspiration are equally important.

You have to create your own 'tent', your own sacred space within yourself.

The inscriptions at the tabernacle reads:

"happy the one who follows the advice of the Lord."

"Do not speak of God without enlightenment."

"When we attend strictly to our work, God himself will help us."