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The illumined alchemist

The illumined alchemist, the accomplished adept.

The alchemist depicted with a radiant sun as head.

The sun is the symbol for the third and last phase of the Great Work. But the radiant sun as the head of the alchemist refers to the actual experience of a spiritual light that emerges inside oneself. It is the divine self that shines through and manifests itself.

In the center of the circle is the word Fiat, Latin for "It will be done", a reference to genesis 1:3 ""let there be light".

The banner reads: "The Threefold Work of Nature. It refers to the three stages in the Great Work.

Within the circle are the three realms of nature. In Mineralis we see a hill with the seven planets/ metals. It is said that the metals must be mined from the mountain. The mountain is the self you work on, the metals are different phases in the work.

In Animalis we see a child with an umbilical cord. It is the Philosophical child that needs to be nourished and grows. It signifies a constant spiritual practice that will get better as time goes by.

In Vegetalis we see the threefold flower, usually depicted in the three colors of the three stages of the Work: black, white and red.

Within the great circle three of the four Elements are inscribed: Air, Water and Earth, with the Sun being the fourth Element of Fire.