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The androgyny figure of male-female aspects.

There is also a duality of the bat and the rabbit. The bat is a creature of the air and a symbol of the volatile, that is, when attention is directed to the inner realm of the mind. The rabbit is a creature of the earth and a symbol of the fixed, that is, when attention is directed on the physical world.

The fixed and the volatile are terms often used by alchemists. The matter needs to be volatized and then fixed, in repeated operations. It is a way of saying that one must repeat his meditations, not only refining his awareness (becoming volatile) but this refined awareness must be brought into our everyday consciousness (that is becoming fixed in our everyday life).

The androgyny figure is standing in an entangled mass of birds. Birds signify thoughts. When one starts out with meditation one is confronted with a mass of unruly thoughts.

The three legs probably signify the the three stages of the Great Work.

The eagle is a symbol for mercury after its sublimation. It is an indication that mercury, the mind, has been reduced to its First State, the clear awareness.