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Squire Boone Caverns, Indiana, 2015

In May 2015, I received a telephone message from a woman in Muncie, Indiana. She and a companion had witnessed a frightening and unexplained lizard-like humanoid while touring a cavern in Harrison County, Indiana. I conducted two interviews with the witness (who I will refer to a 'GG') and have listed the events described to me. 'GG' is a Dominican national and her English is fair, so it was a bit of a challenge obtaining the information:

 Tuesday, August 26th 2014 2:30 PM during a tour at the Squire Boone Caverns in southern Indiana.

The witness and her friend were with a group from Muncie, IN. The cavern tour was part of the itinerary, after spending the previous day shopping and touring Louisville, Kentucky.

The tour had reached an area with many small underground waterfalls. There were a few large flat rocks on the right side of the waterfalls, including a few overhangs. GG noticed what appeared to be a bright yellow 'eye' shining from under one of the overhangs. She immediately got chills all over her. Her friend asked what she was looking at, so she pointed towards the rocks. She saw the same eye looking back at her. They stood there for about 5 minutes watching the eye as it appeared and disappeared. They were about 30 ft. from the rock. There was movement as well, but very hard to see because the lighting was dim.

 When the tour started to move on, GG looked back in the direction of the eye and saw something exit from under the overhang. She briefly stopped and watched. It crawled out onto the open rock surface then stood up on it's back legs. Almost immediately it scurried away into another crevice in the rock. It looked like a lizard of some kind. It had a short tail and was dark in color. The arms and legs were long, almost human-like. GG thinks it was about 1 1/2 foot in height.

She quickly rejoined the group, but continued to watch behind her. Her friend did not see the lizard, but GG described it to her after they returned to the bus. The friend gave her a Lorazepam pill to help calm her down. GG was shaking badly and others on the bus were noticing her. She did not mention what she saw to the other people in the group.

The next day, GG felt very ill. It may have been from the pill but she thinks something happened to her physically and mentally because of what she saw. GG doesn't think she was supposed to see the lizard being.