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Southern USA, 1950s

My great-aunt related this story to me in the late eighties when my mom and I went to visit her to see how she was doing. She was sitting outside on her farm porch. So we were talking, and she always kept her rifle, her double barrel shotgun next to her, next to her rocking chair. My mother was joking with her about the gun.

She said "Yeah, I always keep my gun with me because something happened way long time back ago. I will you still story, and God is my witness. I swear before God I am not lying. It was back in the fifties. One night, her husband was asleep. They were farmers. The dogs started barking, the pigs started oinking, the cows started mooing. The animals just went crazy on their farm." They had a lot of animals on their farm, not just cows and pigs, they had everything. She said that they all started screaming because there was something going on. She tried her husband to go outside and see what was going on, but he said "No, It's nothing, leave it alone and go to bed. She said "No, there is something going on, the animals are going crazy." So she grabbed her shotgun, and she went out to the porch. She didn't see it immediately, but when she looked toward the barn (and there was a big pond on the side of the barn), she saw a 'frogman' as she called it, coming up from the side of the barn. It was walking toward her. It wasn't that tall. She stood maybe five foot four inches. It was a little bit taller than her. He had webbed hands, and it was walking straight to her. She yelled to it to stop, but it kept walking. She stepped of the porch with her double barrel shotgun and she shot it dead. The blood of the reptilian was green.

Her husband heard the shotgun go off. He came outside. They were elderly at this point. When he stepped of the porch, she said "Look I killed something, I killed something, and it is not human." They walked out there to the side of the barn. She and her husband buried the thing. We asked where was it? She said that they buried it right where they killed it, near the barn. After they buried it, the animals got quiet again. Her husband told her not to tell anybody that story.

A little bit less than a month later, it was nighttime again, they were in their bed. This time, that blue light came over the entire house. They were living at that time in what you call a little bitty shack, in the countryside. They had several hundreds of acres of land. The animals went crazy again. They went out there both with their shotguns and went to the porch. They saw what they call a UFO, a flying saucer.

 It had landed on the ground, beside the pond. It opened up, and they taught they came to kill them because they had killed that thing. They came out of the ship, and they went straight to the mound where they had buried this thing. They put their hands over the ground. This dead frogman thing, that she had killed, came out of the ground. It wasn't alive, it was dead. They took that thing, and they put in on the ship. Then they went over to the pond, and they raised up their hands and a space ship came out of the pond. That pond was bigger than a regular size pond. It was almost the size of a small lake. They looked at them (the great-aunt and her husband) but didn't say or do anything. They went back on the ship and zoomed back into the sky.

That is why she always kept her double barrel shotgun always next to her. Even when she went to the chicken coop, or anywhere else, she always kept her shotgun with her because they might come back.


[It seems that she is describing two spaceships, as one was already next to the pond, and then a second one appeared out of the pond when the beings raised their hands. She might not have remembered the story correctly. Most likely there was only one ship that came out of the pond, landed next to the barn, the beings came out to retrieve the dead one, raised their hands towards the great-aunt and her husband, and then brought the dead being inside the flying saucer.]


Source: YouTube video, Black Women Kills Reptilian in the 1950s in the South, based on a true Story