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Son Doong Cave, Vietnam, 1992

The following comes a YouTube video channel, called Mission Creep7, which shows a picture of a cave with a reptilian being hiding in the more darkened part of the cave. The channel does not give its source.

The following text is from the video:

Son Doong Cave (Sơn Đoňng Cave) in, Vietnam is the biggest known cave in the world, and is located near the Laos-Vietnam border. After opening to tours in 2013, explorers began reporting mysterious sightings to the local authorities. Visitors claimed to have witnessed reptilian type creatures deep within the caves, and in one instance, an individual went missing, never to be found again." prior to 2013, it was a known fact that for decades, explorers made their way into the cave systems, despite not having formal permissions.

In 1992, a local man named, Ho-Khanh, who had originally discovered the cave, encountered what he described as a 'devil creature'. He described the creature a s having a human body but with the skin and face structure closer to that of a "dragon", or lizard.

He took a single photograph, and unknowingly captured one of these being within the darkened area. He never shared his story or this image until now.

picture of the cave, reptilian is in the back to the right

my own enhancement of the detail of the picture showing the creature: