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Retezat Mountains, Romania, no date

The following is the introduction of a Romanian book called versus by Aryan Hava. The story can be found in a loose translation on different websites. I went back to the original text and translated it with Google Translate with a few corrections where necessary.

The introduction to the book was written by Emil Strainu, an army general. After reading Aryan Hava's books "Inuaki, the reptilian inside me" (1 and 2), General Strainu contacted her because he had a mind-blowing story to tell, and she was about to launch her third book on this subject: versus He ended up writing the book's preface. In the introduction he speaks about a good friend of his who had seen two reptilian beings in an early morning in the Retezat Mountains (one of the highest massifs in Romania, being part of the Southern Carpathians.):


Another Kind of Introduction of a Meeting with Another Reality

 I probably would never have written in the style that follows this preface. For over three decades, he has been a UFO researcher (UFO phenomenon), and I am familiar with what is commonly referred to as SETI and CETI theories, contacts, abductions of various sorts, crashes, cosmic wars and more or less planetary catastrophes or catastrophes of civilizations.

I know the works of Aryan Havah and on previous occasions I have expressed my views broadly, so I will not go back to the subject but I will I try to give this preface a note of realism through the hypothetical facts that I am going to describe, in fact I will fit into the theme of the book It all started with a phone call. I want to focus on another point of view related to a possible real fact, but it hard to proof.

In the scope of the facts that I am going to relate to, I would like you to understand that I do not want to be a partisan of any point of view but just an objective narrator of the events described.

It was a July morning, the sun was just up and I could not sleep because of the heat at might. I preferred to surf the Internet until dawn until I was tired and I fell asleep at my desk in front of my computer At some point between 7 – 7.30 o'clock, I was awakened by the cell phone, many calls from the same number. Someone had often called and kept on calling. To understand what I'm going to tell you, the one who called was a friend, a senior officer in the army. He was specialized in “commando troops.” He had been several times through hell in recent years in Iraq and Afghanistan, and had previously had at least five more permanent combat missions through Africa and Latin America. I know him very well, and for me, he is above all the suspicion of inventing the following story. He's more than a fan of science fiction.

In the story, one morning, my friend came from a short seven-day solitary retreat, where he was staying in a tent somewhere in Retezat. When approaching Bucharest, the car signaled to him by a sensor that he had gas for only a few tens of kilometers, so he turned to the nearest gas station. According to the report at 05:00 – 05:10 o'clock, at the gas station there was no one else who was taking gas.

There was only a khaki colored hummer “torcha” with dark windows and with the engine running, but there was nobody else around. After he took gas, he paid for it and headed for his car, a four wheel vehicle, to continue the journey. Then he noticed that the driver door from the Hummer was open, and in the chair was an “individual” with boots on, but he had no clothes. He was completely covered with green scales just like a crocodile and had a head on his head like a lizard creature The individual he noticed did not seem to be bothered with anything. He got out of the car, looked at him, uttered sharp sounds to someone in the car. He seemed irritated, and he got back into the car. My friend looked at him, and he estimated that he was 1.90 to 2.00 meters tall, and that he had yellow eyes with vertical pupils like a cat. Oddly, the car did not have a registration number on either on the front or on the back.

My friend was looking to see if anyone had also witnessed the event but found himself alone in the parking lot of the gas station. He noticed that there was a video camera at the entrance, so he asked the one who was behind the counter if it worked. The clerk responded that the video camera is just for decor! Perplexed, he thought it could be a well-orchestrated joke, and he continued his journey. But things did not stop here.

After a few miles, he saw the same Hummer pulled over to the right with all four open doors. A few meters from the car in the field, there were now two so-called dark-colored individuals who seemed to quarreling or discussing something intensely. One of them seemed to be taller by 10 to 15 centimeters than the other. The other one did not have boots on. His feet resembled that of a lizard when he walked, but he also had a sort of tail! On the highway there were many trucks going by in both directions, whose drivers were shouting but nobody stopped. The two seemed totally unbothered when my buddy photographed them with their cell phone. After a few minutes (3 to 5 minutes) the two men went back into the Hummer. They turned back into the opposite direction away from Bucharest. At great speed they disappeared into traffic what caused a lot of panic and curses of other drivers.

Our friend reviewed the photos of the mobile phone and rushed to Bucharest with the thought of coming to me to advise what we were to do with the amazing photos.

The tragic part of the story is that when I saw the phone, it was clear that 11 photos had been taken, but they all turned out green. The screen was green. No images! I was with him at the phone service company's office whose only answer was that a very bright green light source was photographed! I could not recover anything that was photographed. We were greatly disappointed, but I can tell you that for two weeks I've have listened to the story a dozen times. I have looked for other witnesses, but everything turned out to be a total failure.

My friend is now somewhere in military operations, and probably between two ambushes. He still thinks about the weird encounter, very strange in its own way and without the power to prove it. One thing is for sure, we live in a world that we only believe we know, we have a vague impression that we are its masters. We actually are temporary residents on a planet that has never belonged to us, and on which we do not know what our purpose is. In the software that drives us it would be interesting to know: where is the button “Delete” or at least “On” and “Off” But, dear readers, this account is just the diary of the movie Aryana Havah prepared for you in a book that is particularly exciting and unique in the message that conveys it! Dr. Emil Străinu, Director of the Center for Psychological and Urological Studies


Source: versus by Aryan Hava, also on Scribd