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Marietta, Georgia, USA, 2003

Near Dobbins Air Force Base

Reported to BUFO Paranormal and UFO Radio 12-16-03

I e-mailed you before about the draconians. This is what happened a couple days before I emailed you I was hunting down by the creek, camping out there. I started hearing things like birds sounds and then I saw something that I will never forget. It looked almost like a lizard on two feet slighty taller than me, around 7ft tall. The thing started walking my way and I was scared to death. The next morning I went home and  when I got back I found footprints and I realized that  there were more than one of them there. I figured out that they must be coming out of the old talc mines in the area. There were also strange lights in the area I was in. I live 25 miles from Dobbins Air Force Base. The lights were blueish and were hovering over the woods to the north of me. At the time I thought the lights were because of the base, but now I think it was something else.

Mike B.