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Hutton, England, no date

Very briefly, approximately ten years ago, I had worked an evening shift and I was leaving work in Hutton, Preston, Lancashire . I am now retired, but I have never forgotten this incident and what I saw and experienced that night. In keeping with the normal UK winter evening scene it was quiet out and no people were around anywhere, the place was deserted, as it always was outside the normal working hours of 8 am and 6 pm. It was about 8.10 pm and it was a dark winter’s evening. I was alone, exhausted and looking forward to getting home, I got in my car and drove out of the deserted car park.

The place I worked at back then was just off the A49 which is lit by street lamps with houses on one side of the road. The same as any area in most towns all across the UK. An ordinary winters night at the end of a very ordinary day. There was quite a substantial mist formed that evening, which is not uncommon as the area is quite rural and there are lots of surrounding fields, we are in the NW of the UK so its quite normal for us to have fog or mist in winter. I drove out of the car park, stopping at the ‘give way’ sign at the exit, as I was intending to turn right into the next Lane, in order to get home. On looking left, to check the road was clear of cars before pulling out, my attention was caught by a large figure sauntering down the middle of the lane coming towards me.

In short, Debbie, 'It' was a Hideous, Huge, Arrogant, Sneering Upright Reptilian. 'It' was about 8 ft high or more. 'It' was honed to the peak of physical perfection,' It' was very fit, I would even say 'It' was sculpted and lean, not bulked up at all, and 'It' was unmistakably an intensely powerful Predator, I had no doubt about that. 'It' seemed to be male, and had a reptilian face, with scales on 'Its' skin and there seemed to be a definite telepathic element to the whole experience. I could feel 'It' feeding off the sheer terror I was experiencing, and also enjoying it. Once I had managed to get my wits together, which took quite a few seconds, I drove off. I had a clear, uninterrupted view of this creature, for some seconds and my view was aided by the street lamps. I am very definite in what I saw that night. And I would love to find anyone else who has experienced this type of Being here in the UK.