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Honey Grove, Texas, USA, 1984

The following is from a YouTube video on the channel of National Cryptid Society. It shows that there might be a lot more of these sightings that go unreported because the witness does not want to be ridiculed. They certainly don't want fame, and don't talk about it for decades. Such sightings can be regarded as reliable. However what are we dealing with? Are there physical reptilian beings roaming our streets at night? If that is true they must live somewhere nearby. What do they eat? How many are there?

Did she see a dimensional reptilian, that temporarily entered our physical dimension? 

My name is Kelli and Iím the 55-year-old female. In 1984 I lived in a very small town in Texas, called Honey Grove. It didnít have a lot of people in it, probably at the time maybe 1200 to 1400. One night, I had put my two daughters to bed, and I went to sleep.

My dogs went barking ferociously and up against my house I heard twigs breaking. My eldest daughter had a Shetland pony, so in my mind I thought the Shetland had gotten loose. I got up out of bed and I went to the front door. My front door had nine panes of glass in it. Right caddy cornered from me, 25 feet from me was a streetlight, a very bright streetlight. What I saw walking across that street I will never ever forget.

I saw a lizard standing on two feet with his back to me. He had crossed the road. His tail was so long that it was still halfway in the road. He was gray. I could see scales. His arms, for lack of a better word, went between his hip and his knees. He was just nonchalantly walking across the road right under the streetlight. Across the street from me were houses. Behind those houses was a sawmill.

I was in shock. I had never seen or experienced anything like this before my life. My world was black and white with no gray. He never looked my way. I never left the house. It did it put me in shock. I was totally in shock that night. As a matter of fact, I didnít go to sleep for the rest of the night. I just stood there looking out. I was looking at my front door long before and long after he had passed beyond my field of vision.

I didnít tell anybody about the sighting. This is my first time of telling it. I was estranged from my family and I just didnít tell anyone. Honey Grove was a small town, and I did have two small children. I didnít want any type of flack coming towards me or my daughters. So I kept it to myself.

I only saw him that one time. Like I said, he was just nonchalantly walking across the street.

There had been other sightings back then, not of what I saw, but of Bigfoot. A lot of times the guys would go down into the hollow to go hunting. The dogs wouldnít even follow them. They would not go down there, and there would be screams. It almost sounded like a woman in pain. I have heard many rumors about people that have seen Bigfoot in that area along the same timeline.

... It was just like looking at a chameleon, if you would blow it up to 7 feet, and its tail was humongous.