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Bridgewater Triangle, Massachusetts, USA, 2017

Hello, everybody. This is my first post here and I thought I should share this post here. But first, let me provide a bit of a backstory. A couple yards away from my house, Is a woods behind somebody's house. This woods is NOT normal. I believe that there are paranormal creatures lurking throughout there, as well as spirit's. Here's the story: Almost a year ago, me and my three friends were walking around In another neighborhood that is across the woods. Me and my two friends decided to leave but our other friend decided to stay. We got to my house, but something just didn't feel right. We decided to go back to get him and I stayed in the middle of the woods while my other friends were near the end. I had a bad feeling. We heard a loud bang, and a lizard-like creature emerges from the bushes and it started chasing after us, faster than the average human, running on two legs. I looked back, but I didn't see it anymore and that was the last time we ever saw it again. But that's not the last encounter we had there.

...Oh, maybe like 5-7 feet. We only caught a glimpse. It was black-ish-green, had a head like a grey, it was scaly, and thats the one details I know.