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Wielkopolska Province, Poland, 2001

 Location. Wielkopolska province, Poland Date: 2001 Time: evening. name of the witness was Marcin Mizera of Poland.

A 23-year old woman was camping in the area and one evening was walking along a forest on a long meadow on her way to her tent when she noticed a bizarre creature standing by a nearby lake. The creature made a movement as if picking something up from the ground. It then apparently heard the witness approach and quickly disappeared from sight. The witness stood literally petrified as she watched the creature standing only 8 meters from her. She feels that the creature was also frightened. She described the creature as resembling a large insect (mantis?). Its face was long and thin, its body very thin and subtle and it was about 1.6m tall. Its skin was gray or beige in color. It also had something resembling long and narrow insect wings. Its eyes were large and dark, insect-like. The eyes terrified the witness. “It gazed at me and I knew that it did not know what it would do. Our encounter had no meaning or aim; it appears to have been a total surprise for both of us.” The witness stated. The witness states that she has witnesses numerous other strange phenomena since that particular encounter. (No details on that yet). (source: