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Aliens and Extraterrestrials

The subject of extraterrestrials, aliens, UFOs or spaceships is very complex. Once you go down the rabbit hole, you find yourself surrounded with various kinds of beings, physical, other-dimensional, craft that use space/time to travel, humanoid beings that live here on Earth, mind manipulation. holograms, illusions etc. Every year we learn a little bit more. I suggest you first read my articles of the Terrestrial Humanoids as I believe these are the primary source for the UFO and ET/alien sightings. The articles below have been written from different perspectives and eventually they may all tie in with each other. The UFO phenomenon is quite a puzzle, but the pieces we have are starting to fit together, but many others are still missing. However the articles will give you an in depth view of what we are dealing with.

The basic idea is that a group of Terrestrial Humanoids is controlling Earth and  humanity. They also have trade agreement under which certain extraterrestrial races can come here and harvest whatever they want. The Terrestrial Humanoids are termed aliens because they are different than us, humans, but they don't come from another planet or galaxy.

The articles represent my own ideas based on the vast amount of information that is out there. If you really want to find out about what is going on, study the subject and form your own opinion.

The Aliens as a Controlling Agency

The Intrusion of the Terrestrial Humanoids: The aliens associated with the UFO phenomenon are not extraterrestrial visitors, but are intelligent species living on this planet Earth.

The Controllers: An overview of the alien races that exert control over the Earth and humanity.

Why The Aliens Are Not Our Best Friends: An exploration into the dark aspects of the aliens who control this planet, and why they are dangerous to humanity.

The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity: An exploration in the experiences of an energy net and its connection to the matrix systems of planet Earth, which have been taken over are controlled by alien beings for the control of the human population on planet Earth.  

The Afterlife: Part of the Illusionary Matrix : The afterlife might not have been what we have been told, and instead it might be manipulated by alien beings who have a vested interest in making human souls return to the physical plane.


The Aliens' Programs

The Alien Business: A series of articles showing that the present extraterrestrial presence is all about the business of mining our own resources, while humanity is subtly but effectively manipulated.

The Danger of Hybrids Among Us: A further exploration of human looking hybrids secretly integrating into our society and their ability to psychically control us.

Hybrids and the Future of Humanity: A look into the intentions of the alien breeding program of hybrids and their plans for the future of mankind.

The Great Play or The Second Coming of Christ: because so many ET channeled messages mention the Return or Second Coming of Christ, I decided to put this article in this section. It is a set of quotes of a book by a Rosicrucian mystic (from the 1950's) who talks about  a future staged event in which a return of Jesus Christ will fool masses of people in an effort to establish a world religion and government. It is interesting to read in the light of what is presently going on in the world.

Other Topics

The Face on Mars: My spiritual experiences in regard to the Face on Mars, and some ruins left on its surface.

The Need for Discrimination in Regards to Extraterrestrials: Discrimination is the basic requirement when exploring the motifs of extraterrestrial groups interacting with humanity.

How Intelligent Beings Travel in the Universe: a way to make a ship and everybody in it mass-less and travel faster than light.

Strange Encounters of the Unusual Kind: Accounts of strange experiences I heard from people. UFOs, strange beings light balls...

Who is Dumping All that Stuff on Our Heads?: An explanation of who is responsible for the strange rains or falls of fish, frogs worms, colored rain, ice and snow, and other materials out of the sky.