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Mount Vernon, Ohio, 2018

A news article in, August 10, 2018:


Alien sighting north of Mount Vernon

By Nick Sabo

A report of a tall, brown-skinned creature sighted in Knox County is being investigated by a national UFO group.

Ohio Investigator Ron McGlone, with the Mutual UFO Network, Ohio, said his office received a report of a tall, brown-skinned creature spotted on Ohio 13 “a couple miles” north of Mount Vernon. The sighting, reported by a motorist, occurred July 31.

According to a description provided by the reportee, the creature was bipedal, 7 to 8 feet tall with dark tan to light brown skin and had no body hair. The description states the creature as having a “tall slender body, arms and legs small in diameter, hands and feet looked oversized for its body proportion, small neck with oval elongated head.” The creature’s eyes were black, the reportee said.

The creature came out of a cornfield and crossed the highway “at a tremendous rate of speed,” the reportee said, taking only two or three steps to get across the road.

The reportee said they thought, at first, the creature was a deer, until they realized it was walking upright.

The report was filed through the MUFON website, McGlone said. The reportee, described as a credible witness, has asked to remain anonymous at this time, McGlone said.

McGlone said he interviewed the reportee and obtained a sketch of the creature. He and the reportee walked the area where the sighting occurred, McGlone said, but no corroborating evidence was discovered. McGlone declined to give the exact location of the sighting, out of respect for the landowner.

Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer said his office has not received any reports regarding creature sightings from the same area July 30-31.

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