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Personally I believe that Sasquatch/Bigfoot is an elemental being, from the lower astral dimensions of the Earth. These beings can enter our physical dimension and leave physical evidence, such as footprints. The reason why I believe it belongs to this class of beings is that it displays the typical characteristics of elemental beings. It suddenly appears in a region and then disappears. Some Bigfoot has been seen with glowing eyes. It can disappear into thin air.

The information presented here is from people who are convinced that Bigfoot is a physical, humanoid, or hominid being. In reality there are way to many Bigfoot sightings, all over the world, and in every state of the USA, even in populated areas, for Bigfoot to be physical. If this was the case, it would need a lot of food (because of its size, and they supposedly have families). There is just no place for them in our populated world to live undetected, aside from the sightings). Bigfoot have been shot, but they are unaffected by bullets and disappear.

Is it possible that some remaining hominids are still living in extremely remote regions, like Siberia? Yes, but not in well developed countries where Bigfoot is seen the most.

In this article I will use the term Bigfoot for the appearance of a hominid, or human-like being, that goes under many other names, like Sasquatch, Yeti, the abominable snowman, Yowi… The mainstream media treats this subject with ridicule, like so many other phenomena that have been outlawed by the established order. However for anyone looking into the subject seriously, he will find that that Bigfoot has been seen and still been seen by numerous people all over the world. Not only that, but several people have claimed to have been in contact with Bigfoot for a number of years. Jack Lapseritis is one of the very few people who have collected much information from people who have had contact with Bigfoot, by which a very interesting picture emerges about who Bigfoot is. Because of his lifetime interest in Bigfoot, and his contacts with these people, he began to have ever increasing contact with Bigfoot himself. The following is based on information from him and other people who have had and/or are still having contact with Bigfoot. Some of the information was given by Bigfoot himself to those people. I highly recommend reading the books at the end of this article, and watch the video's on YouTube!

The Earth has known and still knows other intelligent, humanoid beings that have lived and are still living around us. That might surprise you because you were taught to believe by the authorities that Humans are the only intelligent species not only on this planet, but even in the entire universe. This is of course ridiculous for anyone who is in touch with Reality, and humans are certainly not the most intelligent species.
So, who is Bigfoot? Bigfoot was brought to Earth by extraterrestrials many millions of years ago, during the time of the dinosaurs. His task was to take care of the earth, of its life forms, and probably also of the energetic aspects of this planets. Jack Lapseritis: “ The Bigfoot say that this is their planet. It was given to them to populate by the friendly ETs who brought them. The Bigfoot say they are Keepers of Mother Earth. The Starpeople and Bigfoot people have both expressed that they understand and accept all of us are an integral part of the Great Oneness, and like the traditional Amerindian tribes, wish for all world nations to understand and practice basic respect for every living thing in God's Universe.”
Humans were brought here too, but at a much later date. It isn't quite clear but humans might have been genetically modified from or with Bigfoot genes. The extraterrestrials always have been engaged in genetic engineering, so one might expect that this happened on a regular basis. The Earth has seen many different hominid species which suddenly appeared, without any evolutionary traces. Most have disappeared, died out, but Bigfoot is still here.
Bigfoot is not always that big though. There are several species who differ in height, and live in different regions of the Earth. Some are are twelve foot tall, others are a little smaller than humans. Basically there are two species. One is the 'gorilla' type. These are built very robust, with thick bones and big muscles. They have a gorilla type face that is covered with hair, like the rest of the body. Their arms are very long, up to their knees. Despite the animal look of their physical body, they are human-like in regards to their consciousness and intelligence. The other kind has a human face, and are said to be very beautiful. Except for their face, they had hair all over their body too. Their arms are proportion the same as humans. This second type of Bigfoot are called The Ancient Ones. They are very intelligent and wise.
By the way, Bigfoot women and children, and even babies have been seen too.

A Sasquatch with animal face.

Ancient One
An Ancient One, with human face.

There are many different groups, or families of Bigfoot scattered over the planet, living in very remote areas, usually very difficult to reach by humans. But their territory is shrinking by the ever increasing cutting of woods. Chance encounters happen when people are hiking into the woods. Sometimes Bigfoot does not like the occasional visitor to enter in their area (especially hunters), and they will use different tactics to scare them off. They will make strange noises, loud thumping, or even project strong fear towards the trespassers. They might throw rocks, or even tree stumps, but they will never harm anybody. As one person puts it: “The couple claimed they felt an energy projected to them that was clearly from intelligent beings signaling them, to “stay out” of that section of the forest. Though no harm came to them, they were terrified at the time. The distinctly felt an oppressive energy, as if a group of invisible beings were communicating on a level they did not understand.”
They are a people, like us humans, and have families, and feeding grounds, and are thus protective of their own kind. They are very psychic, and they knew well in advance who is coming and what the intentions are of the visitors. “I shouldn't worry so much about someone killing one of the creatures. They are profoundly psychic and difficult to catch off guard. They can easily read your mind and know your every intent.”
In general they don't like people, and who can blame them, knowing how destructive humans are. Bigfoot hunters are of course not welcome at all.

People who have contact with Bigfoot over a long period, say that they the Bigfoot people are gentle beings, intelligent, and will communicate with the right human in a telepathic way. Both Bigfoot and the Ancient Ones have their own languages, and can speak verbally, but prefer to communicate telepathically. They have a personal name like we do, what shows that they are self-aware, and have identity. They understand basic English (from the research in English speaking countries), and some people have received written notes from them (this might be limited to a few Bigfoot who have learned how to write) .
They seem to master very strong psychic abilities. They can project not only thought, but also emotions and even images into the mind of a person. They can astrally project their presence into the house of a person who will then strongly feel their presence, and have telepathic communications. A couple of people had personally witnessed that Bigfoot can levitate objects. Some people have been healed from injuries or serious diseases by Bigfoot; sometimes without asking, sometimes after asking them specifically for healing.
From the stories I have read they seem to be able to also project loud sounds around a person's tent for example, like the sounds of stomping on the ground, or crashing trees, in order the scare the person away. They also seem to be able to conjure up a storm for the same reason.

They also have the rather starling (to humans of course) ability to suddenly appear and disappear, on the spot! For a while this was a true mystery, their tracks on the ground also suddenly stopped where they disappeared into thin air. In the meantime it has become clear that they have the ability to enter another dimension at will. How they do this we don't know. They seem to be able to shift the frequency of their physical body, by which it phases out of this physical dimension, and thus enters another dimensional world that lies 'behind' this one. Apparently in that dimensional world there are also many life forms, plants, animals and even humans. Several people have reported that Bigfoot also uses energy vortexes, or portals, for reasons unknown, and they have been seen entering and exiting them.
Bigfoot can also shift partially, so they become invisible but are still partially in this physically world. In this partial state, they can follow someone around, invisibly, and their movements can be heard and seen. In this partial state, they can walk through walls; and they can sometimes be seen as being transparent, or just the outline of their body. For example, bushes move aside when they step through. When they appear or disappear, their eyes often turn red, probably a characteristic of the shifting frequencies. Being a physical being belonging to this physical Earth, they can not stay too long in that other dimension.
Joan Ocean is absolutely convinced that Bigfoot can teleport or materialize objects. “We were talking about the ability of the Sasquatch to materialize things. For example, our friends, Mike and Susan have found objects such as gemstones placed mysteriously in their house although the doors of their house were locked. They have received many notes and fascinating messages from the Wise Ones written on paper and appearing in their bedroom when they are asleep. Arrowheads have been teleported to them. And often rocks are moved, rearranged, revealing messages, when no one is there besides themselves. Mike has even had feathers appear in his hatband while wearing his hat!” (from her website, see below)

There are several accounts of a direct connection between the Bigfoot people and extraterrestrials. Wherever Bigfoot is, flying saucers are frequently seen. Some people who seen Bigfoot and an ET together, or Bigfoot entering or exiting a flying saucer. People who have contact with Bigfoot often have contact with ETs too. The Ets have explained that they work together with Bigfoot, using Bigfoot as guardians in areas where the ETs are doing work. The ETs move the Bigfoot around the planet. Usually Bigfoot resides deep in the wilderness or underground in tunnels. Probably due to food shortages, the ETs will pick them up and bring them to other locations. Contact between Bigfoot and humans often is initiated by the Bigfoot looking for food and entering farms to pluck apples, or scooping grains from barns, for example. People, to whom this happened, started to put food out for Bigfoot, and slowly a relationship started to happen.

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