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The Afterlife: Part of the Illusionary Matrix

The Afterlife

You heard it before: people are waking up. Waking up to what exactly? The term often used is 'from the matrix', a reference to the movie The Matrix. The movie not only is about waking up from a matrix of a simulated world created and controlled by an artificial intelligence that harvests energy from human physical bodies, while the minds of the same humans are unknowingly entrapped in an illusionary world. The movie was a wake up call in our world too. People suddenly understood they had been living in an illusionary society, and they started questioning and researching the true nature of what humanity really is, its true history on this planet, the continuous lies they were told by their leaders, and what is really behind the manipulation of humanity and for what reason. Those who dared to take the red pill went down the rabbit hole, deeper and deeper, revealing ever more illusions, lies, and realities we never heard of. Realities which often are very strange indeed but ever more collaborated by others who went down the rabbit hole. Waking up leads to strange places, and difficult paths, often not accepted at all by those around that are still caught up in the Matrix. Those who went into the rabbit hole know that there is no turning around, one has to go further and further, to wherever it leads.


The first thing one becomes aware of, is the deception by our own leaders and media, who prey on the general population for the sake of money and power. This has been going on for millenia. However that is just the surface. Like the lead character in the Matrix (whose name is Neo, a reference to the New Man, the one who has awakened), one soon discovers that there is a much more profound manipulation going on: the manipulation of the human mind, world wide, by a technologically advanced group of alien beings, although they are of a low spiritual level. With their technology they exert control over the natural energy matrixes (or grids) of planet Earth. These energy matrixes tie in directly with our brain, nervous system and thus with our mind, to create a reality on this planet in which we humans can experience and enjoy the physicality of cosmic existence. The planetary energy matrixes are natural and beneficial. However, the alien races on and around this planet have taken control of this matrix and programmed it in such a way that humanity has become ignorant, unaware and caught up in unreal belief systems that create nothing but suffering. The benefits for the alien Controllers (as I named them in my other articles) are manifold. One of the benefits is, like in the movie, the harvest of human emotional, psychic or spiritual energy, by keeping the human race in a perpetual state of fear, confusion, violence and suffering. Some of the alien races need this energy for their own survival as they have become stuck in a truly parasitical behavior. Mankind, being a very young race in the universe, was easy prey. The alien races took control over the Earth and humanity a long time ago, and have been feasting ever since. But that is changing now, because humanity is waking up, and the parasitical alien races are panicking. You can read more in my other articles or on other websites.


As I mentioned, the rabbit hole goes very deep, and I want to touch on a subject that might be way off for many people: the afterlife. What does that have to do with aliens or extraterrestrials? What we call the afterlife is very real. You could call it another dimension, usually it called the astral world. After the body dies, the souls finds itself in this other dimension, the astral world that is tied in with this planet Earth. The astral world is composed on astral matter that is very fluidic. That means that it will shape itself according to one's thoughts. As the mind is very habitual, the souls in the astral world will automatically create an environment that reflects their previous existence on the physical level. Their astral bodies reflect their previous physical bodies, because that is what they have been used to while they were on the physical plane. The soul itself does not have a form, but can take any form it wants in these astral worlds. An unaware person will automatically take on the same form as his previous physical body, but an awakened soul can take any human form it wants, or any other form, even a light sphere.

Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish scientist and mystic from the 17th-18th century reported that one time, when he was on the astral plane, his guide showed him a community of souls who were listening to teachings given by Jesus. His guide explained him that the Jesus present was not the real Jesus, not even a real being, but a form created by the subconscious mind of the group, because these people longed for the appearance of Jesus because of their belief system. They themselves were not consciously aware that this was a created manifestation, They took it for the real Jesus. This shows that on the astral plane one really has to watch out for what is real or what is a created illusion. There are beings on the astral planes, both humans, aliens and otherwise who can appear easily in the form of 'spiritual guides' or gods and goddesses, or historic figures to fool the human souls, for their own purposes, usually to feed of the emotional energy of these human souls.

If you are familiar with the UFO phenomenon and the abductions, you know that it is very common for the both Grays and Reptilians to appear in a projected human form in order to make the abductee to go along with the procedure forced upon him.


All forms on the astral plane are created by the mind, and this is important to understand. The astral worlds themselves can be places where the soul can recover, can reflect, create, enjoy and explore. However, when we listen to those who have been there and told us what is happening in the afterlife (from near-death experiences, astral travelers, from hypnotic sessions), then there is seems to be something wrong. What happens in the afterlife, after one dies, has been know for a long time, but it has always been taken for granted because we didn't know better. But when one starts to question, something doesn't add up. Then one discovers that not only is humanity been heavily manipulated while they are in physical bodies on this planet, but also when they are in their astral bodies between reincarnations. This astral manipulation is also perpetuated by the same alien races. This might seem strange to a lot of people, but one has to understand that most extraterrestrial races fully know that intelligent beings exist in multiple dimensions, and some of the aliens can freely shift from one dimension to another, and work and manipulate the energies in these other dimensions. This is the case on this planet too, where the alien Controllers are using their technology to control the minds of the human souls on the astral plane too, to keep them ignorant and caught up in another illusionary world. The astral world is part of the natural matrix of Earth, and is programmed by the alien Controllers to make human souls believe in a (self-created) heaven and hell, or spirit world, all according to their own belief systems. It is easy to create your own world in the astral planes, and there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is that you are made to believe that your own created heaven is the ultimate goal of your existence, while in reality it is nothing but an illusionary trap.


For centuries we have been hearing the same story of what happens after one dies. Some see a tunnel, some see a brilliant light, sometimes one finds oneself in a park like environment. As most people have no idea what to expect after death, they are often confused (and thus vulnerable). Sometimes dead relatives show up and comfort the person. Sometimes it is a religious figure, or spiritual guides. Some people have suggested that these entities are not what they seem to be and are already engaged in manipulating the recently deceased into the desired direction. This might be true, although I think it is possible that genuine (deceased) relatives might also show up. However I remember from Buddhist teachings warning against the initial appearance of certain light beings, or gods and goddesses, who are not who they pretend to be, and lead the soul astray.

The first requirement on the spiritual path (this is the awakening process), here on the physical earth, but even more so in the astral dimensions, is discernment. One must be able to discern who is friend or foe. Otherwise, life is going to be a rough ride. Thus questioning and discernment should be ever present in the mind of one who truly wants to awaken.


After the initial welcoming into an often beautiful (astral) landscape, the soul becomes accustomed to life in a wonderful environment of often like minded souls. One is called into a building where a council of a handful of spiritual guides is showing him scenes from his past life on Earth, and everything that that he did wrong. Because mankind has been asleep and ignorant for so long, the humans souls take it all for granted, and after a while they go along with another incarnation on Earth in the hope that their pre-programed suffering in this new life will erase their previous wrong doings. Nowadays they call it karma. People often don't question what karma is about.

True spiritual masters, here in the physical or in the spiritual worlds, will never make you feel guilty, tell you what to do, or instruct you to suffer some more. That is exactly what happens with those 'guides' and 'masters' in the astral plane. I am not saying that there are not some genuine guides and masters over there, but they won't be able to reach you if you are in a state of ignorance and pre-programmed belief systems you are not willing to give up. True guides and masters try to put you in touch with your own divine center and culture self- awareness, so you can find your own answers and your own way.

What happens in those 'life reviews' is cunning manipulating of your emotions in order to feel guilty based on your own morals and belief systems. In the universe there no good nor bad. Good and bad are based on conscience. Conscience is a mental construct based on our own personal history of rules of behavior instilled in you by your environment, that is, parents, family, friends, school teachers, government. Then we add to that our own point of view of what we find acceptable or not. It has no bases on anything divine, or cosmic or spiritual laws. The cosmos is neutral in that regards. Anything goes. Yes, there is cause and effect. Whatever we do will result in certain effects that one has to deal with. There is nothing in the universe, nor inside yourself that says that you have to go suffer because of what you did in the past. You might want to rectify something that you are not comfortable with, but there are always ways to do this in a positive way.

The council of the 'spiritual guides' will never openly say that you did something wrong. They know better and they cannot force a soul to incarnate again. They show those scenes of his past life that they know will instill guilt in the soul, so eventually the soul will agree to go back into a physical body to go suffer again in an effort to dissolve his 'sins'. When it is time to incarnate again, we find, yet again, other 'guides' that show the soul a selection of human lives from which he can choose, and then program certain life events that will 'aid' him in learning his lessons.

Shouldn't we ask who are those 'spiritual guides' in the council of life review? Any authority that that makes you feel guilty, and tells you what to do is assuming control over you and makes you subject to their own wishes. Such an authority has their own agenda. Councils are OK when they work for the betterment of other souls or beings, but not if they impose something, even if it is done is a subtle or deceptive way. If you hear the word 'contract' that you have possible agreed to in a distant past, you should cancel it right away, because it is most often a deal in which you were tricked into.

One day, when I was reading hypnotic regressions of the state between lives on Earth, that is, when the soul was going through its process on the astral plane, I came upon a report of soul that reported that the life review council consisted of a group of human guides and an extraterrestrial being. That got me thinking, what is an extraterrestrial doing in a council that deals with human affairs? Or did he forget to cloak himself in a human form? Are all these beings in the life review councils actually alien beings that take on a human form, as some people claim. It would answer a lot of questions about the incongruities of what is going on on the astral plane.


Don't misunderstand me, Earth is a learning school and we can reincarnate here as many times we want for whatever reason we want. The problem is that the soul between life times, is being manipulated into believing that he has done bad things, and that he must suffer again.

Now, ask yourself, if this is karma, if man has to suffer, then those suffering humans, need others who will inflict the suffering on them. For example, if you have to undergo bullying, then there needs to be a bully. So, what truly, enlightened guide or master, would make a soul incarnate and pre-destine him to go bully others. Or to go torture and kill. Or to wage wars, etc. Who makes psychopaths incarnate to make the lives of ordinary people hell on Earth? Then when these psychopaths die, they get the same story in their life reviews, and get send back to undergo suffering this time. And on and on it goes. The suffering of humanity never ends. And,...that is the point. Because all that suffering generates a lots of emotional energy that is harvested by the alien Controllers.


Another question that ought to be asked is why is it, that when a soul reincarnates, he cannot remember his previous lives, nor the periods between lives when he is in the astral world? We hear from those who have been abducted by the Grays, and those who have regular contact with extraterrestrials, that it is common for all these beings to fully remember all their previous lives. It is now suspected that it is the alien Controllers (of planet earth and humanity) who added to their controlling system a feature that would automatically wipe out our memory when incarnating into a new body. This has big consequences, because everything we have learned in previous lives, is not available in the present life, and we have to learn everything all over again. It keeps us in a continuous state of ignorance. It is not a coincidence that the one feature we heard in all the alien abduction stories is that the aliens (in most of the cases) wipe out the memory of the entire abductee process. They are expert at it, and use it all the time. Actually wiping out is not the right term. The memory is still in the energy body of the person, but access to it is blocked. It can be retrieved through hypnosis.

So, now it is time to question what really happens to us in the afterlife. In order to do that, you have to be already awake here on Earth, and cultivate not only your self-awareness, your insight in your own inner divine self, but most importantly you ability to discriminate who you are dealing with in those spiritual or astral worlds. Ask yourself, why would a council of spiritual guides or masters busy themselves with processing the endless stream of deceased souls through life reviews to make them aware of what they might have done wrong. True guides and masters have better things to do. It is the same there as here on Earth. People are conditioned to believe what authorities tell them is good for them. The school and governmental systems are set up for that purpose. In the spiritual arena, churches, priests, and gurus take up that role. People end up not believing in themselves. In certain yoga systems, they will tell you that there is only one Guru, that is your own inner divine self. Listen to that and you know what is true or not. Of course, you can listen to what somebody else tells you, but then go within yourself, and feel if it has any value, if it is based on truth, and let your own inner voice to have the last word.

When it is your time to leave this physical body behind, and experience the astral dimensions, be aware of what you encounter, and question everything. Keep your awareness in your center, and from there feel what the possibilities are for you at that point. Discernment always has been a necessity, now even more than ever before.