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New technologies are being developed in the health sector, some high tech, some low tech. Some of these devices have sprung up outside of the established medical industry. One of them is the so-called Zapper. How it works is not quite clear as the medical establishment does not any research in something it cannot make a profit of. Thus we are left with only anecdotal information. But I thought I should mention the Zapper here as it does seem to work, based on the testimonies of people.

 The Zapper was originally made by and used by Hulda Clark, a Physiologist who used the Zapper to cure a wide variety of ailments and diseases. The Zapper is described in her book The Cure for All Diseases (isbn 1-890035-01-7), although I don't think it will cure everything. But her book also contains lots of good advice and remedies to use along with the Zapper. One also needs to pay attention to his life style and the origin of infections, diseases, his toxic environment and so on. In her book she gives complete and clear instructions on how to build a Zapper.

What is the Zapper?

Well it is a very simple electronic device that anyone can make himself for about $ 20- 30, although ready-made ones are also available on the internet. Basically one applies a very small electric current through the body by holding two copper electrodes. The output voltage on the electrodes is about 5 volts and the current is a couple of milliamperes. Because the skin puts up a resistance when electrical current is applied, the Zapper pulses the current, which makes the skin resistance go down. Hulda Clark's zapper is made with a frequency of about 30 Khz, but even very low frequencies, like 5 Hz works. One holds the electrodes for three times 20-30 minutes with 7 minutes of rest in between.
She claims that viruses and bacteria disappear in 3 minutes, tapeworm stages, roundworms in 5 minutes and mites in 7 minutes. Isn't that fast? Also take into account that that the established medical industry does not have anything that can kill viruses! She also says that the current does not reach deep into the eyeball or testicle or bowel contents, nor into gallstones, or into living cells where Herpes virus lies latent or Candida fungus extends its fingers. That is why one needs to zap three times a day for a week or more to get those buggies to. Zapping does not effect good bacteria, and it might be good to take some acidophilus bacteria or yoghurt to fill up the space left by the dead bad bacteria in the intestines. One should also be aware that when all those microbes die in such a short period, the body has to carry them off, and thus one might feel fatigued. The kidneys also will have to work harder. Hulda Clark warns that people who have a pacemaker or are pregnant should not use the Zapper as the effects on these people haven't been explored yet.
The reason for the three 7 minute treatments, is that in the first treatment 'free floating' microbes were killed, but soon after new ones arose. Where did they come from? She concluded that during the first treatment, the parasites (which also died), like worms and mites, had themselves been carriers of microbes, which subsequently were released. To kill those a second treatment is necessary. Just to make sure, a third treatment is applied.

How does it work?

Originally Hulda Clark found that microbes are sending out radio frequencies between 170 and 690 kHz. The human body sends frequencies between 1,520 and 9,460 kHz. At first she tried to find the frequency of the microbes and treat herself with the specific frequencies of those microbes she found in her body. She was using a frequency generator that alternated between positive and negative voltage. But then her son came up with a battery operated frequency generator that killed all parasites at once. The frequency didn't seem to matter. It is the electricity that does the trick. So how does the Zapper actually work. Personally I think that the released electrons (from the Zapper) travel through the body and inactivate the microbes and parasites by interacting with their proteins. Anything that has a "free arm" sticking out like free radicals or chemical toxins, will grab onto our cells and cause damage. That is why ozone and hydrogen peroxide are such good disinfectants. Both products have an extra oxygen that reacts with that "free arm" of harmful substances or pathogens, and make that "free arm" totally inactive. Thus microbes die and toxins become harmless. In more technical terms, all parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged (=shortage of electrons). The zapper introduces negative electrons through the skin and into the body's living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue. Healthy tissue is negatively charged. The Zapper also seems to to inactivate toxins in our body.
Clark is not the only one who used electricity to cure ailments and diseases. In the beginning of the 1900's there were many, many inventions which used electricity in an attempt to improve one's health. Some were weird and bizarre, some were just limited experiments, but some people where able to cure many people with their device. Examples are Lakhovsky and Rife, whose devices are still used today. Information is available on the internet.

The Terminator

the Terminator zapper front

the terminator zapper back

holding the zapper on your arm

One drawback of the Hulda Clark Zapper is that one holds the electrodes in both hands, and thus one has to sit down like this for the entire time. This problem was resolved by Don Croft, a freedom fighter, who made the zapper in a two by three plastic box with two pennies as electrodes only an inch apart. This zapper is usually attached on the arm with an elastic band, with the electrodes (=pennies) touching the skin. It works just the same and one can move around freely while zapping. Croft calls it the Terminator.

I can't claim any miracle cure as I haven't been seriously sick since I got it. But every time when I feel I got a bug, I use it and the symptoms disappear quickly. I also use it as a preventative measure.
This winter (2006-2007) I had a cold, a strong irritation settled itself on my upper right lung. The cold itself was very mild, but the irritation was quite a bother when going to sleep. Although there was no excess mucus, the irritation, or itch, was so strong that my body couldn't help but coughing, coughing, coughing, in spite of a cough suppressant medicine. I was getting quite worried about it, when my intuition told me to place the zapper on my chest directly on that spot, for a couple of hours. I was very surprised that evening, when the irritation/itch was completely gone. I think some nasty microbe had nested itself in that spot, and the zapper had terminated it.
A friend of ours who is bipolar (manic-depressive) swears that it helped her to get out of the depths of her disease and to help her to have a normal life, although still with medicines to manage her mood swings. I have found stories on the internet of people who claim that the Zapper, or Terminator, has cured them of serious viral diseases for which there is otherwise no cure. Like I said before, there is only anecdotal information, but for the small price of it, it is worth while to try it out.

The Ultimate Zapper

the Ultimate Zapper

I have been looking around on the web for the kind of zapper that are being offered. There are many simple zappers around, all based on the Hulda Clark design. You get the usual claims of why this is better than the other one. In my opinion one sticks out: the Ultimate Zapper (  ) .
His inventor, Ken Presner, did a thorough investigation in how the zapper works, and made several improvements. It is basically an improved Hulda Clark zapper. He used it to cure himself from serious diseases. You can read it all on his website. His Ultimate Zapper is more expensive, but in my opinion worthwhile. I definitely feels stronger. It cleared up the remains of my cold very quickly. It also allows to connect one electrode to footpads, and the other to handholds, thereby zapping a large part of the body. Because of its stronger voltage and charge it is supposed to penetrate the body deeper than the other zappers.
I can definitely feel that the Ultimate Zapper is stronger. When holding the bare copper handholds, I can sometimes feel a little stinging sensation. Damp cloth around the handholds is better.
The Ultimate Zapper has definitely helped to get rid of viruses. It has cleared up several problems I was having. But it takes a little time, but improvement is fast. Hulda Clark recommends continuing the treatments in order to prevent re-infection, until the body has repaired the damage. This usually takes three months at the least.

The other day we had a guest we introduced to the Ultimate Zapper. She said she had vaginal yeast, and also had a sore throat. We let her zap, three times seven minutes. A week later we ran into her in town, and she told us that both the vaginal yeast and the sore throat had disappeared.
Around the same time I woke up one morning with a pain low in my throat. The sign of a sore throat, but this time there was also sensitivity going up to my ear. I immediately zapped the entire area, almost every hour that day. The next day it was gone. For me that is remarkable, because sore throats always lasts at least a week, then going over into a cold (coughing) and/or a nose cold. All the herbs I used to take never did much to alleviate these symptoms.
We are also using the zapper to kill the microbes in our mouth, gums and teeth. Holding one electrode in one hand, the electrode we hold against the cheek. Although we didn't mention the zapper to the dentist, he was surprised that we have so little plaque on our teeth. And we don't have cavities.

Where to get one?

In my opinion, the most effective zapper is the Ultimate Zapper; it is available at
You can buy Hulda Clark Zappers on several websites, just do a search for these keywords.
Don Croft's Terminator can be bought at Don Croft's site:  (which also have a lot of testimonials of people who cured themselves with the Terminatior) or at the following site (cheaper): 
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